electrical bonding: Spaghetti Westerns and Spaghetti Electricians. - 07/24/11 08:47 AM
As a Seattle Home Inspector it is very common to find homes prior to the mid sixties that have ungrounded electrical circuits.  Whenever I find three prong type receptacles in homes prior to 1965 I want to verify, if I can, that the circuits are actually grounded.  This is done "visually," because to actually know that something is grounded is a technically complicated procedure---well beyond what can be expected of a home inspector.  Taking off cover plates and seeing a ground wire connected to the receptacle or switch and seeing ground wires connected in the electrical panels in the home is … (23 comments)

electrical bonding: Plastic Fantastic Lover! - 01/16/10 07:16 AM
     I know that you would rather be listening to the Jefferson Airplane than reading this----but oh well.
     Plastic piping in homes is becoming the norm.  It is pretty rare to find new construction with anything other than PEX type plastic pipe----or perhaps CPVC plastic pipe.  I don’t have any heartburn over the use of PEX in homes----in many ways it is a better choice than copper and is certainly cheaper.  As far as installation problems go---they have no more issues than metal types of pipes.  All systems are only as good as the installer doing the work.

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