atlanta inspector: Residential Fire Sprinklers. International Residentail Codes Part 1 - 08/22/10 12:00 PM
The ICC which governs muncicpality codes where trying to push a nation wide code for fire sprinklers in two story residential dwellings. This was shot down. Many states adopted these codes.
In a growing trend that many say will save even more lives than smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, fire sprinklers are now available for residences.
Residential fires destroy an alarming number of lives and property. In 2007 in the U.S., there were 414,000 residential fires that caused:
2,895 fire deaths; 14,000 injuries; and $7.5 billion in property damage. Residential sprinklers, listed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), are now available to homeowners.
The … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: INDOOR AIR QUALITY - 08/16/10 07:40 AM
It's usually considered an advantage to have a tight home; limiting air movement through the building envelope means you don't lose the air you've paid to heat, right?But what about all those sweaty, smelly bodies, human and dog, especially wet dog? Easy answer! Just take a shower/put him out ‘til he's dry, Jeez, some people! But wait... people, showers, dish and clothes washers and cooking put moisture into the air and a number of activities put odors into the air. This means for the home to have clean, comfortable air, stale air must be ventilated to the outside and be replaced with … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Home Deck Are They Safe? - 08/08/10 03:59 PM
DECKS: life expectancy of a deck is 10 to 15 years. Since deck building started about 30 years ago, there are many existing decks that are past their useful life. Deck maintenance is often overlooked as well. Decks are exposed to the elements, which can cause damage. It's important that decks are properly inspected and maintained on a routine basis Connectors and fasteners for deck construction that may meet the requirements of the 2006 International Building Code® and the 2006 International Residential Code.
Section 1604.8.3Deck Code RequirementsWhere supported by attachment to an exterior wall, decks shall be positively anchored to the … (5 comments)

atlanta inspector: Backdrafting Combustible Componets. - 08/06/10 07:02 AM

Backdrafting is the reverse flow of gas in the flues of fuel-fired appliances that results in the intrusion of combustion byproducts into the living space. Many fuel-fired water heaters and boilers use household air and lack an induced draft, which makes them especially vulnerable to backdrafting when indoor air pressure becomes unusually low. Inspectors should try to spot evidence of backdrafting in homes.
How does backdrafting happen? Fuel-fired water heaters, boilers, wall heaters, and furnaces are designed to exhaust the by products of combustion to the outdoors through a flue. These hot gases rise through the flue and exit the home … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Georgia Dream Homeownership Program-FHA HQS Inspector - 04/26/10 11:03 AM
The Georgia Dream Homeownership Program is available to qualified borrowers statewide who meet certain income guidelines and who are purchasing homes within certain purchase price limits. In addition, borrowers must have modest assets and meet the flexible credit underwriting criteria for the loan program they have selected. If need a FHA HQS Certified Inspector we provide HQS NSP Inspections for $215.00.
This program was created to encourage the purchase of foreclosed properties. Related to the Obama Housing Plan, the funds utilized are an allocation of federal dollars received by the Department of Community Affairs from … (3 comments)

atlanta inspector: Home Owners Consumer Information - 04/23/10 02:33 AM
NEWS from CPSCU.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionOffice of Information and Public AffairsWashington, DC 20207
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEApril 22, 2010Release #10-202
Firm's Recall Hotline: (800) 797-5912, ext. 108CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908
Wood Burning Stoves Recalled by SCAN Andersen Due to Injury Hazard
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.
Name of Product: SCAN Andersen 10 Wood Burning Stove
Units: About 200
Importer: Jotul North America, of Gorham, Maine

atlanta inspector: Drywall shortages during the building boom in 2004 and 2006 prompted many builders to buy drywall from China - 04/09/10 10:44 AM
May 7, 2009 the Agency for Toxic Substance and Diease Registry (ATSDR) contacted the EnironmentalRespones Team (ERT) office of Superfund Remediation for analytical assitance with the Chinese-DrwallManufactured and sent to Florida  and Georgia. Drywall shortages during the building boom in 2004 and 2006 prompted many builders to buy drywall from China.
Hundreds of millions of sheets of Chinese drywall were imported during this time. It is estimated that Georgia received over 6,050,370 lbs of the drywall. This equates to approximately 67,000 sheets of wallboard, enough drywall to build 670 single family homes. It has been determined that compounds from this product … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Has All the rain in Atlanta left your home with a musty smell internally? - 03/18/10 01:03 PM
Does your home have a musty smell internally?  A musty smell is often promoted by poor ventilation, "increased ventilation may hide the source of musty smells but does not solve the actual problem !!!", the musty smell can often be associated to suspended fungal spores in the air within the dwelling, fungal spores are suspected of being one of the triggers that can initiate respiratory problems in persons that may have a respiratory sensitivity as is the apparent case for some asthma sufferers. lot of research and development into improving buildings that are sometimes referred to as having "sick building syndrome. The … (2 comments)

atlanta inspector: Atlanta Real Estate Blog- Home PLUMBING – Atlanta Inspection Service - 03/11/10 12:42 AM
A plumbing system performs the simple job of supplying water to the house and removing its waste water.
Because a plumbing system ties into a sewer/septic source, it must prevent the possible danger of sewer gases seeping back into the waste pipes. Vents and drain traps handle that problem. The drain-waste-vent system transports all the used water and waste from the house to the septic/sewer system. It's a network of drain pipes that runs to all the sinks, toilets, baths, showers, and washer.
Most newer waste systems use rigid plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipe that are … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Real Estate-Storm water run-off is imperative to a home. - 03/02/10 12:50 AM
Water is the worst can be your worst nightmare on your home. It can cause foundation issue, high levels of relative humidity in unfinished basements, crawl spaces can cause mold growth.
According to section 1804.7 of the Uniform Building Code, "Provisions shall be made for the control and drainage of surface water around buildings."roof downspouts are adequately separated away from homes and deposit water near foundations instead of to a properly sloped grade.
A storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) is essential to obtaining an NPDES permit. Within an SWPPP, all sources of pollution that might be … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: H-Clips required on all deck sheathing on OSB or Plywood roof decks. - 02/08/10 07:20 AM
What are the benefits of using H-clips?H-clips increase panel stiffness by allowing distribution of weight between adjacent panels. A panel is less likely to deflect when subjected to a heavy load near its edges if it is made stiffer. This stiffening is particularly helpful for very thin panels (such as 3/8" inch) that are especially prone to bowing under heavy weight near their edges.The use of H-clips reduces the amount of required materials and lowers the cost of construction. A builder who uses H-clips may need fewer rafters to complete a project because the distance between them can be increased. H-clips … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Congress recently extended and expanded the homebuyer tax credit program - 12/22/09 11:11 AM
Congress has extended the $8,000 first time homebuyer tax credit through April 30, 2010. A new $6,500 tax credit program has been created for repeat or step up buyers who are purchasing a principal residence if they have been residing in their current residence for five consecutive years out of the past eight.
Home buyers must sign a purchase contract before May 1, 2010. Active military personnel have until June 30, 2010. Homes purchased must be under $800,000.
In order to claim the full tax benefits, the income of single taxpayers must be less than $125,000. For couples the income eligibility … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Basement Flooding/Three common plumbing upgrades. - 11/24/09 06:54 AM
Basement Flooding
Basement flooding due to sewer backup is an all too frequent occurrence in certain areas during heavy rainstorms. Many people are not aware that they can modify the plumbing in their houses to positively prevent sewage from entering their basements. Three different approaches are common and the one you choose depends on the piping layout of your house.
Determine what plumbing arrangement your home has:
In the most basic type of basement plumbing, the basement drains are joined directly to the sewer pipe before it leaves the house. This plumbing is found in many older homes with basements and … (3 comments)

atlanta inspector: Water Wells in Rural Areas Part 1 - 11/09/09 07:16 AM
ACCURATE HOME INSPECTION OF ATLANTA                      404 680-4578
If your family gets drinking water from a private well, do you know if your water is safe to drink? What health risks could you and your family face? Where can you go for help or advice? EPA regulates public water systems; it does not have the authority to regulate private drinking water wells. Approximately 15 percent of Americans rely on their own private drinking water supplies, and these supplies are not subject to EPA standards, although some state and local governments do set rules to protect users of these wells. Unlike public … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: FIRE SAFE HEATING SYSTEMS - 10/31/09 10:34 AM
Accurate Home Inspection of Atlanta        
Cold winter weather brings cozy evenings, and an increase in the use of home heating equipment. It's probably time to give your heating system a safety check. Heating equipment failures or malfunctions are one of the leading causes of all home fires. We can reduce the occurrence of these types of fires with a little preventative maintenance and some good fire safety habits.
The following are some tips for safety around heating systems:
Never discard hot ashes inside or near the home. Place them in a covered metal container outside and well away from the … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Home Buyers and Home sellers. - 10/23/09 03:09 PM
Through the years we all get older...even our homes,cars etc. Proper maintainance on a home is a steady, and some times costy effort to keep up with. That brings me to this residential code I think all home sellers need to know.International Residential Code Council Ref {R102.7}- Provisions allowing the legal occupancy of a residential structure to continue without fully compling with current codes are grandfather-In.
The IRC provides such relief to home owners. To impose regulations to bring existing structures into current compliance would be impractical and unreasonable and penalized the owners. Since the structure was constructed in compliance with … (0 comments)

atlanta inspector: Home Heating Componets/ and Requirements - 10/22/09 01:54 PM
Gas Furnaces   There are a variety of ways to describe different types residential gas furnaces.  Gas furnaces can be classified by:
the direction of the air flowing through the heating unit; the heating efficiency of the unit; and the type of ignition system installed on the unit. Airflow in Gas Furnaces   One way to identify and describe a gas furnace is by the direction of the air flowing through the heating unit, or the location of the warm-air outlet and the return-air inlet on the furnace.  Gas furnaces can be described as upflow, downflow (counterflow), highboy, lowboy, and horizontal flow.  … (1 comments)

atlanta inspector: Is your Home safe from fire due to heating ? - 10/21/09 12:46 PM
These fires typically cause an alarming 500 deaths and 2,800 serious injuries.Over $1 billion in property and personal possessions are destroyed.An additional 890,000 electrical related fires in homes go unreported every year!.                                                                                                                              
Every year in North America 82,500 MAJOR electrical related fires are reported.                                                
In 50% of fatal structure fires response time is 5 minutes or less.       
It can take less than 3 minutes for a smoldering fire to reach flash over (900oF) and engulf an entire room! In 2006, heating equipment was involved in an estimated 64,100 reported home structure fires, 540 civilian deaths, 1,400 civilian injuries, and $943 million … (1 comments)

atlanta inspector: Real Estate Inspection news-I Don't Need a Inspection - 10/15/09 10:12 AM
My home inspection lasted about 1.5 hrs. The inspector was from one of the larger inspection companies. A friend used the company and apparently had a very competent inspector.
At the time I thought my inspector was good. In hindsight he missed a lot of things that in my opinion an inspection should discover. He had a bad back and could barely bend down so he only looked in places in plain sight. He barely peeked behind the knee walls upstairs. He didn't look under the front porch. He claimed he looked at the roof with binoculars before I got there...

atlanta inspector: Heat Pump Energy-efficient In south east. - 10/14/09 10:57 AM
When a heat pump is operating in the heating mode or heat cycle, the outdoor air is relatively cool and the outdoor coil acts as an evaporator.Under certain conditions of temperature and relative humidity, frost might form on the surface of the outdoor coil.  The layer of frost will interfere with the operation of the heat pump by making the pump work harder and, therefore, inefficiently. The frost must be removed. A heat pump has a cycle called a defrost cycle, which removes the frost from the outdoor coil.    A heat pump unit will defrost regularly when frost conditions occur.The defrost cycle should … (4 comments)

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