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Just  took a look at the FHFA HPI quarterly report and Colorado appears to be enjoying a relatively flat appreciation rate at just -0.2% for the previous 4 quarters ranking the Centennial State #6 in the country.   Considering that many states to our West are still seeing rates in the minus 7 to ...
I’m seeing some things happening in our market and I’m perplexed and looking for feedback. Let me set the stage:  The Fort Collins/Loveland unemployment rate is 6.1%.  For some perspective, Colorado’s unemployment rate is 8.1% and nationally we’re still hanging out at 9%.  The vacancy rate in Lar...
I know this is probably old hat by now, as I've seen this on a number of Facebook posts over the past couple of weeks but as I observe Black Friday from the safety and comfort of my own home, I thought I'd post this missive regarding Nordstrom's move to "celebrate one holiday at a time".   First ...
Are you on the road or in a rut?  In Part I of Caution! Road Work Ahead, I talked about looking for the road less traveled.  In this follow up, I'm interested in a more active approach in “destination management”.  As I thought more about the road signs I was seeing, I thought perhaps another mes...
I don’t know about your area but it seems that just about every road I’ve traveled lately has some sort of construction going on.  Even when I try to avoid the cone zones, I end up finding another road with work being done to it. Snarled traffic, late appointments, increased accidents & road rage...

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