reno real estate: May 2015 Reno Home Sales Market Report Stats - 07/06/15 01:21 PM
The May 2015 Reno Home Sales Market Report is in.  Washoe County as a whole saw increases in both total sales and median prices.  The Reno community saw even larger increases in both.
Breakdown of May 2015 Reno Home SalesThe figures discussed in this May 2015 Reno Home Sales Market Report are based on the reported stats from the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS®.  They gather information from the Northern Nevada Regional MLS.  According to their findings, Washoe County showed that 567 existing single-family homes were sold in May 2015.  This was 4% higher than the same time last year.  There were 368 … (0 comments)

reno real estate: April 2015 Reno Home Sales - 05/26/15 11:11 AM
The Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS® recently released their April 2015 Reno Home Sales report.  The RSAR gathered information from the Northern Nevada Regional MLS to create their report.  The Reno community saw an increase in total sales as well as median sales price.
What Did the April 2015 Reno Home Sales Report Say?According to the April 2015 Reno Home Sales Report, a total of 533 Reno homes were sold  between April 1st and April 30th, 2015.  This made up 67.9% of the total sales for the entire Washoe County.  It was also a 3% increase from total sales in April 2014 and … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Goes International - 11/15/14 03:48 PM
Anyone who lives in the Reno community knows how amazingly lucky we are to live near some of the best skiing in the country.  Reno residents need only drive an hour or two south to visit the gorgeous ski resorts of Heavenly, Kirkwood, Squaw Valley or Mt Rose Ski Tahoe.  In fact, Mt Rose Ski Tahoe opened up in a limited capacity just last weekend!  Now, there has been an announcement that Reno goes international to Europe with flights to and from London's Gatwick Airport.

Europeans love their holidays ("vacations" to us Yanks).  Wintertime is a favorite time to get away for … (0 comments)

reno real estate: UNR Ski Swap 2014 - 11/09/14 08:14 PM

Last Friday, November 7th, Mt Rose officially opened up to skiers in the Reno community and beyond.  This is the earliest start to the Reno ski season in in a decade.  The open terrain may be limited but that just means that beginners will have a nice patch of land to hone their skills.  It is also a great time to mention the UNR Ski Swap 2014 coming up this weekend in Reno.
What: UNR Ski Swap 2014
Where: Grand Sierra Resort (2500 E 2nd St, Reno)
When: Nov 14th 5:30pm to 9pm, Nov 15th 10am to 6pm & Nov 16th 10am to … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno's Dragonfly Energy Hits the Big Time - 11/03/14 11:55 AM

It looks like Tesla is not the only lithium ion battery manufacturer to call Reno home.  Reno's Dragonfly Energy hits the big time with their Western Regionals win at the Cleantech Open.  The next hurdle will be the October 15th semifinals.  After that, it is on to the finals and a chance to win money for their company, possible investors and mentorships from all over the world.

The Cleantech Open divides the United States up into eight different categories: Pacific Northwest, Western, Rocky Mountain, Midwest North, Midwest Central, South Central, Southeast and Northeast.  Local startups in each region compete … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Tesla Talks Reno Jobs - 10/27/14 10:30 AM

For several weeks now, the biggest news for the Reno community has been Tesla.  Their gigfactory just outside the city limits means big business for Reno.  Everyone was excited when it was officially announced that Tesla would call Reno home last month.  Now, Tesla talks Reno jobs.
Tesla is expecting to employ as many as 6500 workers within their first eight years of operation.  Additionally, they estimate that their average wage should be around $26.16 per hour.  This does not even include the construction workers currently on staff building the five million square foot gigafactory.  The jobs range anywhere from … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Sparks Pumpkinpalooza 2014 - 10/20/14 12:50 PM

It is definitely Fall here in the Reno-Sparks community.  The weatherman says it is supposed to be a crisp 66 degrees this Saturday.  That sounds like perfect Sparks Pumpkinpalooza 2014 weather to me!
What: Sparks Pumpkinpalooza 2014
Where: Sparks Victoria Square, Downtown Sparks
When: Sunday, October 26, 2014 11am to 5pm
Contact: Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living (775) 353-3599 or via email
Last year's festivities brought more than 5000 people to the downtown area.  It wouldn't surprise me if even more came to Sparks Pumpkinpalooza 2014.  There are so many activities jammed into this one day that there is no way anyone could … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Bites Restaurant Week 2014 - 10/13/14 11:40 AM

You have probably heard the phrase "think global, shop local" at some time over the past few years.  That means that we need to start purchasing goods and services from local vendors and farmers in our very own Reno community instead of the big box stores.  This both helps our local Reno economy and lowers our carbon footprint.  During Reno Bites Restaurant Week 2014, you can actually taste the goodness that patronizing local businesses provides.
What: Reno Bites Restaurant Week 2014
Where: Participating Reno restaurants
When: October 13-19, 2014
Contact: (775) 772-8447 or Reno Bites Week email
Reno Bites Restaurant Week 2014 starts today … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Giving It the Old College Try - 10/06/14 01:13 PM

Reno has seen some big changes lately.  Tech giant Apple set up a data center here.  Amazon and Zulily call Reno home for their operations.  Currently, Tesla is gearing up to build their Gigafacility just outside the city limits.  Now, we find Reno giving it the old college try by expanding the University's campus into the downtown area.

On Thursday, October 9th, the city plans on presenting its recommendations for the University of Nevada, Reno's expansion to the Planning Commission.  If the commission approves, the expansion proposal will then be presented to the City Council just a couple of weeks … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Tesla Calls Reno Home - 09/29/14 09:18 AM

And then there was one.  We've spoken a lot lately about how the Tesla move means big business for Reno.  Their five million square foot Gigafactory will supply all the lithium ion batteries for their electric cars.  More than 6500 jobs will come directly from the plant once it is up and running.  The ancillary jobs that will be created (from construction to motels, restaurants and more) are the shot in the arm that the Reno economy will benefit from most of all.  Now that Tesla calls Reno home, let us take a look back at how it got that way.
This … (2 comments)

reno real estate: Tesla Move Means Big Business for Reno - 09/15/14 11:02 AM

Last month, I wrote about how Reno was poised to become the next Silicon Valley.  The City has already enticed big name companies such as Apple, Amazon and Zulily into setting up shop here.  Earlier this month, it was officially announced that Tesla Motors would be building their Gigafactory plant just outside of Reno.  This Tesla move means big business for Reno!
The Tesla Gigafactory battery plant will be manufacturing lithium-ion batteries for use in the company's electric cars.  It is expected that enough of these batteries will be produced to allow for the manufacture of over a half a million … (3 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Market Update - August 2014 - 09/08/14 10:28 AM

According to the recent Reno market update - August 2014, sales appear to be slowing down.  The total number of listings decreased by only 29 while the number under contract decreased 3.3% in just one week.  In my daily travels around town, I have seen more than a few overpriced listings.  When you partner that with the yo-yo-ing appraisals we are seeing, it makes for a bit of a tricky market.

I have found an unusually high amount of "value options" lately in the Reno real estate market.  In fact, one property was given one value amount by an appraiser one … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Senior Fest 2014 - 09/01/14 07:14 PM

The older we get, the weaker our immune systems become.  For Reno senior citizens, this makes them more susceptible to things like the flu virus.  You can avoid complications from the flu this fall and winter season by receiving free vaccinations at the Reno Senior Fest 2014.
What: Reno Senior Fest 2014
Where: Reno Town Mall (S Virginia St & Peckham)
When: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 9am to 2pm
Cost: FREE
Contact: Senior Spectrum Newspapers (775) 348-0717

The Reno Senior Fest 2014 is just the latest in a free annual health screening and vaccination program hosted by Senior Spectrum Newspapers.  All Reno citizens aged … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno July 4th 2014 Celebrations - 06/30/14 10:20 AM
Reno July 4th 2014 Celebrations
Independence Day will be here this Friday.  That's just four days away!  Reno is gearing up to wish America a very happy 238th birthday with some fun and fireworks.  Where will you be spending the 4th?

The City of Reno is being transformed into Artown for the month of July.  Beginning tomorrow, July 1st, more than 500 events are scheduled throughout the month that include live music, theater, performance arts, workshops, dance and much, much more.  As part of the Reno Artown festivities, there will be a special ode to the good old US … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Rockabilly Riot 2014 - 06/23/14 09:39 AM
Reno Rockabilly Riot 2014
What is "Rockabilly"?  A mash-up of the words "Hillbilly" and "Rock 'N Roll", the Rockabilly movement dates back to 1950s America and has enjoyed a run here in Reno for quite a while.  Musical influences of Rockabilly include folk, bluegrass, country, rhythm and blues, boogie woogie and, of course, classic rock 'n roll.  All in all, its just a group of guys and gals who look back at a simpler time when fun was fun, Elvis was King and hot rods ruled the road.  You can be a part of the celebration by visiting the Reno … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Rodeo 2014 - 06/15/14 08:17 PM
Reno Rodeo 2014
One of the biggest events we look forward to every year here in Reno by far and wide is the Reno Rodeo 2014.  This isn't some rinky-dink rodeo we're talking about either.  You're guaranteed to see the top 15 cowboys in the entire world show off their ropin' and ridin' skills while they compete for serious cash prizes.
What: Reno Rodeo 2014
Where: Reno Sparks Livestock Events Center (1350 N Wells Ave)
When: June 19-28, 2014
Cost: $12-$27
Contact: (775) 329-3877 or (800) 325-7328

The Reno Rodeo 2014 is a family-friendly affair.  In addition to the bareback riding, bull riding, professional … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Home Market Update - June 2014 - 06/01/14 08:31 PM
Reno Home Market Update - June 2014
The Reno real estate market is currently favoring sellers.  With new listings increasing 2.4% in the last 30 days and the amount of homes continuing to be for sale increasing 8.4%, Reno home sellers are experiencing multiple offers which can result in price wars.  Here is a quick Reno home market update - June 2014.

For several years now, short sales have been the "topic du jour" across the country.  The Reno real estate market has not been immune to this.  However, there were only 432 short sales listed on the Reno … (1 comments)

reno real estate: Reno Market Update - May 2014 - 05/12/14 02:33 PM
Reno Market Update - May 2014
The Reno real estate market is showing positive signs of strengthening.  I ran the numbers for the Reno home market on April 24, 2014 and then again at the end of April to form a picture of what the short term trends are currently.  Here is a quick Reno market update for May 2014.
Active Reno listings increased by 5% on April 24th and ended the month with a 6% increase.  Reno short sales dropped a whopping 25%!  The number of homes that have yet to go under contract were at 9% on April 24th, … (0 comments)

reno real estate: Celebrate Hump Day the Reno Way - 05/05/14 10:18 AM
Celebrate Hump Day the Reno Way
Food Truck Fridays have become all the rage around the country lately.  Food truck food has been elevated from what used to be just a greasy truck on a construction site to the highest in culinary delights.  Selections are as varied as the sit down restaurants that dot the Reno landscape.  Now, you can celebrate Hump Day the Reno Way...with Feed the Camel Wednesdays.
What: Feed the Camel
Where: McKinley Arts & Culture Center (925 Riverside Dr)
When: Every Wednesday (May 7 to Oct 29, 2014) 5pm to 8pm
Contact: Mellow Yellow Food (775) 450-0062 or via email

reno real estate: Reno Ukulele Festival 2014 - 04/21/14 10:38 AM
Reno Ukulele Festival 2014
The ukulele has grown in popularity in the past few years.  It's come a long way from Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" thanks to bands like the Leftover Cuties who incorporate it into their retro jazz music.  The good news for ukulele fans is that Leftover Cuties will be one of the bands performing at the Reno Ukulele Festival 2014 this weekend.  Yay!
What: Reno Ukulele Festival 2014
Where: Celebrity Showroom, John Ascauga's Nugget
When: April 24-27, 2014
Contact: Doug Reynolds, California Ukulele Academy (775) 220-0995

The Reno Ukulele Festival 2014 is four day festival celebrating all things … (0 comments)

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