jasper homes: The Hammer and the PC - 09/14/11 03:37 AM
This is NOT a post about taking a hammer to your PC or ipad. It is a post about understanding. In today's world we are often overwhelmed with Technology. So to me the key is to understand why a hammer and a PC are very much the same. First the Hammer.
If you look at a hammer you can see it has a blunt area, a handle, and a forked end. Even if you weren't sure what a hammer was for you might be able to guess. It is in fact a tool . It is a tool with a specific design. It has … (19 comments)

jasper homes: Son Joe is in the Navy - 09/05/11 03:10 AM
Last week I took my son down to the Navy recruiting office where i left him. He was shipped out to Great Lakes for basic. I am proud of him and miss him all at the same time. I am his Italian father. so I say to my wife , I wonder what Joe is doing now? She says thinks like, Oh he is having a leisurely lunch. or depending on the time of day she will say they are probably having diner and a movie.
Now I know she is making fun of me. Hey isn't that part of a … (7 comments)

jasper homes: Sunday in The mountains - 11/07/10 06:54 AM
Today the temperature is in the 50's but tonight it is supposed to go down into the 30's. It has been cool for the last few days. We have had the fire place going. I am now glad about sweating during the summer splitting wood as we have had our first couple of fires in out great wood burning stove. I guess there is a lesson in preparation there. In July as neighbors went by and saw me splitting wood they scratched their heads. Now when they go by and smell the smoke they smile. preparation works. In our business too. … (1 comments)

jasper homes: Black and Blue and Tennis shoe Ball in Big Canoe - 10/23/10 12:01 PM
November 12 is the Fire fighters casino night and Ball. The money raised is used for the Big Canoe Fire Department. In many rural communities Volunteer fire fighters make up much of departments. Big Canoe is no exception.  As a Volunteer, I can tell you I train as hard as the paid guys. We put in 30 training hours a quarter and respond as needed. The Big Canoe fire Department also respond as part of a multi-county network.
So come to the Ball . Tickets are 75.00 each and we will sell out. You get 1,000 "dollars" in chips, 2 drinks … (0 comments)

jasper homes: Mountain Real Estate Report - 09/29/10 09:50 AM
The Mountain Real Estate Report is heard in a multi county area in our North Georgia Mountains. It reaches communities like Big Canoe, Bent Tree, and Talking Rock Creek resorts to mention a view. It reaches into Gilmer, Cherokee, Pickens, Dawson and North Fulton Counties. This weeks show focus is foreclosures and to expect the unexpected. we also go over things that are going on in our mountains. Enjoy the show and as always suggestions for topics for future shows are welcome. Your browser does not support iframes.

jasper homes: Nature Photo - 07/30/10 10:12 AM
This photo was Taken in Bent Tree in our great North Georgia Mountains. This fawn still has its' spots and was one of two who stopped and posed. The other was a little camera shy. But it show how wonderful natural, and clean our North Georgia Mountains really are . Hope you enjoy this glimpse as I was driving


jasper homes: The Mountain Real Estate REport - 06/17/10 01:54 AM
This week on The Mountain Real Estate Report we cover 3 topics. The first deals with Housing starts and some recent numbers. We offer our interpretation of these numbers. The second is the ABC's or the steps buyers should go through BEFORE shopping for a home. We here at All Mountain Realty are here to help with all those steps. The third area is a discussion on the "Quit Claim Deed and how it can sink a deal by clouding a title . we hope you enjoy the show and welcome comments and suggestions for futre shows. Your browser does not … (4 comments)

jasper homes: BIG CANOE Concert events this summer - 05/24/10 03:08 AM
BIG CANOE is a great place to live and a great place to party. This summer concert season is in full swing. At the Terraces the out door season is well under way. Here are the things you have to look forward too
June 19 The Grapevine  Band
July 2 U.S. Army Jazz and Guardian Band (Free)
August 14 Steve Cunningham Band
This is just what is going on at the terraces. Below are photos from last years Army Concert. Come early. Tailgate with friends. We at All Mountain Realty will present you with homes in Big Canoe and work with … (2 comments)

jasper homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 04/22/10 07:08 AM
This week on our Radio show we talk to sellers who are having trouble making ends meet. We also go through steps buyers should take before going out to look at homes.. Our show is broadcast live every Thursday in the North Georgia Mountains, and is stored along with 10 previous shows on our web site www.allmountainrealty.com. We hope you find the information valuable. Enjoy the show !! Your browser does not support iframes.

jasper homes: Big Canoe view - 04/20/10 07:58 AM
It was just a few short weeks ago I posted photos about snow here in our North Georgia Mountains. Today it is raining and misty. Here is the spring view from my back porch. The mountains are once again alive and green. The mountains breath and form low clouds, exclaiming ,"We are alive and green again !"

If this photo makes you feel you are in the middle of a Daniel Day Lewis movie maybe you are. Hawkeye may be some where down in the trees. Enjoy it is Spring

jasper homes: Mountain update - 02/27/10 09:27 AM
Home sales in the mountains so far this year are flat. But a lot of that can be attributed to the more than usual snow and ice. I think this is going to be a great year for mountain sales.
Dalton Ga, the carpet capital of America , is starting to rebound and hiring may be back on soon. This will put pressure on prices in the 150000 to 200000 range.
People are starting to be able to sell their homes in other areas . This means that mountain property sales , in the second most popular destination, after ocean property,  … (7 comments)

jasper homes: Buying in Big Canoe, Jasper, or in the North Georgia Mountains - 02/19/10 07:13 AM
If you are considering buying in Big Canoe,Jasper or anywhere in the North Georgia Mountains consider working with the pro's at All Mountain Realty. The reasons start with our name.
We named our company with Mountain living in mind. We have trained on Mountain buying and truly listen to you. We work to  provide information to help you make a good decision when searching for your mountain home.
Here is how I look at it. In all the mountain counties we service there are less than 100,000 people. What this means is we will probably run into each other at a … (4 comments)

jasper homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 02/17/10 11:23 PM
The Mountain Real Estate Report is heard every Thursday on WYYZ Radio . Broadcast out of Jasper Georgia. This weeks show focuses on tips for SELLING your home. If you are in Big Canoe, Bent Tree, Talking Rock Creek, or any of our mountain communities and are looking to sell your home then this show is a must listen for you. All Mountain Realty is proud to be bringing you valuable information whether you are buying ,selling , or investing in our North Georgia Mountains. You can visit us on line at www.allmountainrealty.com to listen to past shows that may be … (4 comments)

jasper homes: Fire Safety in the Winter - 01/13/10 07:46 AM
A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the coming winter and what you should do to be safe from a fire perspective. Since that post I have been out on 2 calls and listened to a third one. So I think since they all had the same cause it is time to update the blog.
You are in your mountain home in the winter. You have a great fire going. It is time to go to bed . What do you do? You could time your logs so you have them burn down. So far so good. But … (4 comments)

jasper homes: Snow in the mountains - 01/08/10 02:24 AM
We are all staying home today and working out of our home offices. We had some snow and I think we may be in for a couple of days. Glad I made the food and wine run yesterday

This is how thinks looked a little after day break from my back porch

This photo is looking up at Sanderlin Mountain  in Big Canoe. No matter what time of the year it is pretty in the mountains. This snow may last a day or 2 and nobody is go anywhere soon
Today is a great day to reach me as … (4 comments)

jasper homes: What Happened ??? ( mini rant) - 12/21/09 11:44 PM
I am now seeing signs here in the mountains that say Merry Christmas. These signs are replacing the happy holidays signs.  I am all for this. Personally you should advertise holidays period. So say Happy Hanukkah for example. I am not Jewish, but why should I be offended?  The answer is I should not.
We as a nation were founded on principles, which among others, include religious freedom. So Vishnu bless you, or happy Ramadon, or, or, or, ....etc. Personally I think if more folks were truely spiritual, whatever that means for them, we would live in a better place.
I … (11 comments)

jasper homes: Wow it got cold ! - 12/12/09 11:38 AM
The wind is howling through the mountains tonight. It has done so for a last few nights. Last week we had snow.Is this a sign of things to come? It isn't even winter yet. If you are reading this post and live in the North Georgia Mountains please make sure your fireplace chimneys have been cleaned.
Also I was on a fire call recently and the home owner took the ashes from his fireplace, thought they were out, and scattered them in the yard. They weren't. Luckily a passerby saw the smoke and we were able to stop a brush fire … (7 comments)

jasper homes: New News Article - 12/05/09 01:54 PM
The article below will appear in a newspaper in January in Big Canoe. I am hopeful that this is a regular piece. Each month we will do something to help either buyers or sells.. Any suggestions for future s will be greatly appreciated
Ask a Realtor
Are you and your home chasing the Market?
    By Charlie Ragonesi
One of the maxims in real estate is; houses priced correctly sell. In the listing presentation there is some times a tension between the Realtor and the home owner looking to sell. That tension often expresses itself … (4 comments)

jasper homes: The Mountain Real Estate Report - 11/25/09 07:22 AM
The Mountain Real Estate Report is broadcast every Thursday on WYYZ Radio out of Jasper. This Thursday we give out a Turkey cooking tip as well as talk frankly about whether or not , as NAR says, Now is the time to buy. We cover some reasons to buy OTHER than potential appreciation. Have a Happy Thanksgiving all and enjoy. … (0 comments)

jasper homes: The Mountain Conservation Trust on the Mountain Real Estate Report - 11/12/09 11:59 PM
The Mountain Real Estate Report is heard every Thursday on WYYZ Radio in North Georgia. This week we interviewed the President of the Mountain Conservation Trust. The trust is a non profit group aimed at preserving land. It is not just a green acres thing. The trust takes land use into consideration . There are also tax breaks for the owners. So if you are in North Georgia you may find this show of interest. Also as Trusts exist in most other states this show my make you investigate options local to you. As Realtors we are business people AND property … (2 comments)

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