activerain: How NOT to Connect with ActiveRain Members - 04/07/12 03:26 AM
After 5+ years of being a member on ActiveRain Real Estate Network I’ve learned that ActiveRain is a place to mingle, connect and make friends with other Real Estate Industry Professionals.   We connect with other Real Estate Industry Professionals on a personal level by reading their posts, commenting and creating a pleasant conversation.
Why do we do we focus on connecting with other Real Estate Industry Leaders here on ActiveRain?  ActiveRain is by far the largest real estate network referral source for all of us. It has by far been one of the greatest marketing tools for our businesses and … (54 comments)

activerain: What Exactly Did You "Say" on ActiveRain? - 11/25/09 11:51 AM
As a long time veteran of ActiveRain Real Estate Network,  I learned early on that there were certain elements of blogging and social networking that I needed to acquire in order to perform with grace and style.
ActiveRain gave me the use of their network to get my information out to the consumer with loads of Google juice. ActiveRain also gave me the opportunity to network with my peers, give and receive referrals and to just plain have fun with the connections and friends I've made along the way.
Being mindful of the fact that this network treated me with the utmost … (86 comments)

activerain: What was MY LIFE like before ActiveRain? - 09/23/09 03:11 PM
I've written countless posts about my experiences on ActiveRain and it's getting to be repetitive. I mean, how many times can I write about my love for ActiveRain, my success with ActiveRain, ActiveRain Blogging, the friendships made on ActiveRain, the people behind the words on ActiveRain, the leads and contacts and closed transactions from ActiveRain. Including all the information I've received from ActiveRain and hey....becoming a pretty good writer besides.
I can hooray all the way down the line about ActiveRain from March of 2007....But there will be no thought so profound enough to write about as  when this thought popped … (60 comments)

activerain: An Open Letter to ........ ??? - 06/08/09 05:17 PM
I am getting overwhelmed by the amount of membership here and kind of sad that many ‘friends' went away.  I have been oh so loyal to ActiveRain (like many of you) and just wonder where it's going ....for someone like me. 
I think you know by now that I am a Realtor Associate® with Century 21 Liberty Homes, have a part time job in our Century 21 Liberty Homes office, and also help other agents with files. 
I assist agents with their listings (usually the agents with other jobs), referrals for buyers from other agents,  I help new agents get a jump start with their marketing … (34 comments)

activerain: Nothing is EVER Perfect - 11/14/08 02:43 AM

Nothing is ever perfect is it? I walked outside on Wednesday to hop in my car and drive to the swap meet. (Yes, more orchid plants for $5 each) I sat in the drivers seat and reached over to close the door but something got in the way.
 A picture perfect cloudless sky.
Too lazy to get out of the car to get a picture perfect view for the snapshot, I sat right there and took the picture to find that the bark on the palm was peeling off.  
As we always say in Real Estate, "There are no two transactions that are ever alike".  We cross bridges galore and take care … (24 comments)

activerain: Hawaii Randy is Missing! - 11/09/08 04:00 AM
We do get close to some people we connect with here on ActiveRain and no doubt Neal Bloom and I have been corresponding and talking on the phone for a long time but we have yet to meet in person. You see, he was the one of the first few who took me under wing and gave me advice in the beginning. Then of course TLW and of course Midori Miller have taught me much....about personalities in the Rain. I have learned from many here and all the Kings and Queens of Localism and ActiveRain were all in one place last night at the ActiveRain Party … (16 comments)

activerain: The Best Gift is Laughter....and YOU! - 09/15/08 04:47 AM
Waking up this morning to ActiveRain (like every morning) brought me wonderful greetings for my birthday ...thanks to all!  But that's not what I want to write about. Kathy McGraw wrote a Monday Morning Gifts....Happy Birthday Sally but that's not what I want to write about either.
You see, ActiveRain Friends that I have made along my journey on ActiveRain is surely a bizarre way to meet people in our industry. But yes, I have made a few that have come to know me and who I am through my writing, talking with me and actually meeting me.
I met Kathy McGraw  in November … (57 comments)

activerain: We All Have an Opinion... - 08/09/08 05:31 PM
We all have opinions because we're all human and all have different thinking. That's why we're all unique. BUT (that dreaded 'but') sometimes we need to take a step back and be quiet for a moment and think before we pound the keyboard.
I was waiting at the Chiropractor for my husband to get finished and picked up the Honolulu Advertiser. I read about Obama visits Hawaii and I saw that on the news last night as well so I moved on. Obama connects with the plate lunch spirit on Hawaii vacation and then I saw a picture of Obama jogging on Kailua … (28 comments)

activerain: The Haydon Family in Hawaii (And Randy Cheats) - 07/22/08 01:53 PM
Well, if you could just see Hawaii Randy running...yes, literally running to his car to beat me to blogging about our meeting with Cyndee & Jack Haydon along with their two wonderful boys!
Here's his story:  I Met the Haydens and Then Beat Celeste "WooHoo Sally" Cheeseman to Post About it
Yes, the Haydon Family made that LONG trip to Honolulu, Hawaii (unike Neal Bloom; who keeps saying the trip is too long) and have been surfing, snorkeling, sunning and funning for the last two weeks.
We met today at Zippy's Restaurant in Waipio Gentry around 11:15 and it was … (52 comments)

activerain: From Honolulu County to Ventura County: Welcome Katrina to ActiveRain! - 07/15/08 11:03 AM

Back in April I wrote a post about a successful transaction from relocation clients in:  LIVE on VIDEO: A Hawaii Military Relocation Story Comes to Life
At the end I paid tribute to a wonderful escrow officer: Katrina Dangleman and following is the exerpt.
Note:  Katrina Dangleman, Escrow Officer with Title Guaranty Escrow in Mililani informed me yesterday that she is moving to Caifornia. She has been part of the driving force of the meaning behind "teamwork" and for many important part of Title Guaranty in Mililani, Hawaii. Aloha O'e Katrina!  (Also, all of you out there keep a lookout. Katrina is … (30 comments)

activerain: From Present to Future....WE SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT - 06/02/08 05:32 PM

Back in November of 2007 I wrote about my meeting with Kathy McGraw  and it was called "Traveling the Road of Aloha....The ActiveRain MEETING with Peers"
She came to Hawaii with her daughter and five grandchildren, we spent time on the North Shore and sightseeing and well....we just clicked.
Since then we have kept in contact as if the friendship transpired many years ago and something to continue cherishing.
There are always instances when two paths cross...never to meet again. This is not one of those times.
There are times when people come into our life for a reason. This is … (40 comments)

activerain: One Is the Loneliest Number - 06/01/08 07:09 AM

This ActiveRain blogger arises each day and repeats the same routine EVERY morning since March of 2007. She gets up and showers and gets ready to start the day. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and energized she trots to her desk.
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is in the air. Ah, her husband has already made the coffee and has her pc up and ready to go. She logs in and takes her first sip of coffee and checks her email. Nope...the automatic emails from ActiveRain are still not on....but hey, she's thinking about turning it off anyway.
She focuses … (65 comments)

activerain: Co-Authoring a Book: "Profit From Technology - A Guide for Today's Real Estate Agent" - 03/24/08 06:23 AM
Our fellow ActiveRain member Kathi Frank first introduced us to Would you like to co-author a book? .  She asked ActiveRain members, "Who would like to contribute to writing this book?" After much thought a few of us wrote a chapter and we finally finished and it was sent to the publisher. The title (after much thought by all) is   "PROFIT FROM TECHNOLOGY - A Guide for Today's Real Estate Agent".
The Chapter I contributed is "Social Media and Blogging" and though I have written consistantly on ActiveRain for the past year, I found it hard to write a whole chapter! I finally finished with … (54 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain's Hidden Gem: Time to Pay it Forward - 02/05/08 08:36 AM
It all starts with an idea to do something great for the new member of ActiveRain. Melissa Grant started a "Hidden Gems in the Rain" to give back to the community and help out a member who may be writing and going unnoticed.  Our dashboard is huge and it is not as easy for me to look at the same writer continuously like I used to when I first started to "get to know them" and their writing without subscribing. My subscribed list became too large to continue doing that so now I peruse a couple of my favorite groups.
POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary … (53 comments)

activerain: Quotes from Jon Washburn .....The Social Hub and ActiveRain - 11/19/07 01:45 AM
My Friday at the office was dragging by slowly and by the afternoon I was looking for things to do when another agent (who knows I'm an ActiveRain member) comes up to me with this Real Estate Executive Magazine and points to a picture, Underneath the picture there is a caption.
Quote:  "There is a fundamental strategic shift that is taking place in online real estate marketing. "Smart marketers no longer focus their online marketing campaigns on building one comprehensive website. Instead, they are working to cast their reach as wide as possible through social networks and blogs," says ActiveRain's Jon Washburn.
Wow. That was pretty … (64 comments)

activerain: A Broader Look at Our Active Rain Community: Support and Aid for those in Need - 08/19/07 09:20 AM
The Land of Aloha- The 50th State" Lend us your ear and give your "Spirit of Aloha" to help support a good cause! Active Rain Real Estate Network is an online community run by real estate professionals (Realtor®, Loan Officers, Escrow Officers, Stagers, Home Inspectors, Surveyors etc.) nationwide to provide valuable information as well as connect with our peers.
We ALL support each other in one way or another and the commaraderie I have seen and experienced on this network leaves me astounded every day as I read and write! 
Along our journey of writing for our network we come across many who are in need … (30 comments)

activerain: Active Rain Bloggers I Am Partial To - 08/17/07 12:54 PM
I am posting this mainly for members like me who are not all that "blogger literate" in the outside Active Rain world of blogging.  This is more of an encouraging post for first time blogger's because there are many "new" members who feel "less than" compared to the "pro bloggers" (or even the new members who are actually "pro bloggers" on the outside anyway) This is for all of us still learning.
I joined Active Rain on March 10th of this year and did not write a post until the 20th of March. I had no clue what to write about or what … (38 comments)

activerain: Effective and Affective Writing Marks My 100th Post on Active Rain - 06/07/07 02:21 PM

This post marks my #100 post and just as countless members before me I would like to acknowledge a few of my accomplishments. This IS a milestone of pure attraction for this blogging site they call Active Rain Real Estate Network. They have "Hooked on Phonics" for kids so I don't see anything wrong with being "Hooked on Active Rain Blogging" for adults.
I wrote my first post on March 20, 2007 called Ethics, "Rookies" and etc.  I admit this was definitely not one of my better posts...although I do admit that my writing showed through my words even back then.
For so long … (48 comments)

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