beaufort sc real estate: Home in Beaufort SC Featured on TODAY - 12/15/08 06:54 AM
Picket Fences is one of our many charming communities. Just like Barbara Corcoran said, it is one of real estate's best buys!
"Beaufort is just the way everyone pictures a great Southern town.." Barbara said.
What great exposure!

This charming home was featured on a segment of The Today's Show on Friday.
I have shown this home and couldn't agree more with Barbara's comments.
It is just so nice that now people from all over will get to peek into just one of Beaufort's wonderful communities.

Listed at only 205,000 this home is certainly "a real estate best … (7 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Everybody Wang Chung Tonight! - 12/14/08 11:01 PM
What on earth?!?!? I woke up this morning singing a strange song from the 80's. Although this isn't that uncommon, the song choice is a bit strange.
"Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wang Chung tonight.."
I wasn't fond of this song in it's original time, why on earth did I wake up singing it today?!?!
The mind is an odd cookie, especially mine. As I am belting out this ditty from the 80's, it made me think.
How do we get certain things into our minds, and what is the effect?
As I am cracking myself up in the shower, I … (14 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Will I Sound Like Polly Anna???? - 12/12/08 07:54 AM
Funny as it sounds, I actually hesitated before writing this post. Just as in speech, I often write before thinking and later wonder if I should have refrained.
My mind started flooding with doubts and fear such as "Will I sound like Polly Anna?", "Will I sound arrogant?" etc....
Thankfully, my natural impulsive behavior won. No, I am not Polly Anna. I am a positive person, slightly naive at times, and sometimes down right annoying. At least I know it, right?
In this difficult time of foreclosures, short sales, job losses, and a collective fear of the unknown, I had a … (15 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Wordless Wednesday~~~ - 12/10/08 12:42 AM


beaufort sc real estate: America's 911 - 12/08/08 09:19 PM
Now that is the first time I have heard it put that way! As I was preparing for my next real estate class for military personnel, a gentleman walked in and started asking me questions.
He was in uniform, and I am pretty sure he had a gun or three, so I put down my notes and listened attentively.
"Public speaking is most people's number one fear", he said.

I replied...
"Well, Sir, the speaking doesn't really bother me, but standing in front of fifty plus Marines is pretty intimidating."
He actually looked shocked.
"How can you be intimated by … (23 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Take The DOCK's Advice - 12/08/08 08:33 PM
For most of us, this time of year, the weather cools and physical activity wanes. Vitamin C becomes second nature and Kleenex sales soar.
Have you made an appointment with the Dock?!? You should. There is valuable advice regarding your health at your disposal.
I try and visit the Dock at least once a week and more when stress levels are high.
The Dock isn't hard to find. No appointment necessary.

The Dock always reminds me to slow down, breathe deeply, and appreciate the little things.
In Beaufort South Carolina, there are plenty of Docks, public, private, old, and new.

beaufort sc real estate: STOP. Be Where You Are. - 12/06/08 03:23 AM
Print listings, get directions, update lockbox, preview homes, clean out car, and show property. Repeat. How many times do we do this?
Maybe more a few years back, right?
Do you enjoy the process? Are the motions second nature so much that at the end of the day you can't recall much about the houses, the reactions, or even the entire day?
Do you get to the third house and wonder how you even got there?
While in Japan, I studied their "mindful" approach, I spent my days speaking to elders, young women, and business men who are able to transcend the … (13 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: And A Call From A Ticked Attorney... Realtor's Twelve Days Of Christmas - 12/04/08 02:08 AM
My sense of humor has always been my saving grace even when I was the only one laughing. I hope you enjoy my view of the Twelve Days Of Christmas.....

On the first day of Christmas my sellers gave to me....A call from a ticked attorney
On the second day of Christmas my sellers gave to me...two "Where are you?"
and a call from a ticked attorney.
On the third day of Christmas my sellers gave to me..three french words
Two "Where are you?"
and a call from a ticked attorney.
On the fourth day of Christmas my sellers gave to me...four "Today … (17 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Wordless Wednesday......Breathe - 12/03/08 12:36 AM


beaufort sc real estate: Where The Dolphins Play - 12/01/08 12:56 AM
Beaufort, South Carolina is home to many special creatures. Our little town is blessed with a climate that attracts mother nature's most beautiful friends.

When sharing Beaufort with visitors it is always amazing to see and hear the reaction upon their first encounter with the dolphins.
I remember my first encounter and to this day, will stop whatever I am doing to watch them play.
There is a gentleness, a calmness, an angelic comfort that is felt almost instantly when they surround the boat.
Click here to watch them play, jump, and say hello to Beaufort Visitors.
It … (11 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Minor Repairs, Major Opportunity Beaufort SC - 11/29/08 02:24 AM
Telfair is one of Beaufort's most desirable bedroom communities. Located in an outstanding school district, close to boat landings, historic downtown, and of course, the lowest taxes in the county!

This home is in near perfect condition. There are some minor cosmetic repairs that need to be made the the master bath. Priced at $20,000 BELOW market value, a prospective buyer stands to gain tremendously. It sits on a corner lot, has a wooden privacy fence, 15ft ceilings in the foyer, family room and kitchen.
 Over 1900 square feet of living space priced at $219,000.
An abundance of storage, a … (7 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: The Morning After - 11/26/08 01:00 AM
I have that glow, the silly grin, the tussled hair. I had a night full of absolute bliss with Marines. For the first time in a complete week, I slept like a baby.
An incredible honor and amazing opportunity was bestowed upon me last week. I was asked to teach a monthly class on real estate to Marine Corp Drill Instructors.

The reason behind the request was simple. These gentlemen spend hours upon hours building Marines; however, building wealth, and home equity is a growing concern.
...."there is so much misinformation out there and we don't have time for misinformation, we … (19 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: My First Wordless Wednesday - 11/26/08 12:26 AM

beaufort sc real estate: Truth Is, It Has Been A Great Year - 11/25/08 01:47 AM
Honestly, it isn't that bad. I suppose it heavily depends on your perspective, your location, and your ability to see through mud.
As any small business owner, it is imperative that I know exactly what my production was for the year. 
If I were to listen to CNN, FOX, or well most of my colleagues, I would be certain that my annual performance would be a sight for poor eyes.
It isn't. My numbers are not exactly any reason to jump on a plane to Bali, but they certainly aren't any reason to jump off a building either.
I am pleased.
This … (7 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Realtor's Thanksgiving Prayer - 11/21/08 12:30 AM
 Realtors Thanksgiving Prayer
Thank you for all the little things
Emails requesting help with a dream
A cell phone that still rings
And bloggers who are exactly what they seem.
Give me patience for neighbors
And family and  friends
Who see Realtor and think favor
 Lord, continue to help me grin.
Grant me peace during stress
and please hold my tongue
from commenting on the mess
our industry has become.
Let my lockbox unlock
my fliers still fly
my sellers avoid shock
and my buyers still buy.
For my Lord, I am just an agent
hanging on with … (22 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Five Easy Holiday Face Lifts For the Listed Home - 11/13/08 09:50 AM
With Thanksgiving knocking on our doors, it is imperative we look around us and count our many blessings.
Yes, it has been a difficult year. That statement alone is a confirmation that we have and will see better days.
Unfortunately it is somewhat simpler and often more popular to focus on the negative.
Your outlook will drive your thoughts and your thoughts will drive your actions. And actions, well that always leads to something...
If you are trying to sell your home focus on the positives. Do everything within your power to fill your home with holiday cheer and an ambiance … (20 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Fox Sports Midwest, Shrimping Lessons, Pork Steak, and The Cultural Divide - 11/13/08 12:12 AM
Have you ever eaten Pork Steak?? Not Pork Chops, not steak, Pork Steak?? Please don't ask me to explain exactly what it is, because I can't. I can say I have eaten it though.
Last night I was invited out to beautiful Fripp Island to meet a crew from Fox Sports Midwest that was filming a golf segment.
They had worked hard all day long with the Fripp Island Golf Pro's filming, touring, and testing golf equipment.
They were such a jolly crew, having traveled all the way from St. Louis, they were full of energy and excited to share a bit … (11 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: No, We Don't Have A Shopping Mall - 11/10/08 12:53 PM
Coach Bags, Manolo Blahnik shoes, Chanel Fragrance, the latest boots and the coolest jeans will NOT be found on every corner in Beaufort, SC.
I know, I know, don't cry. I was once that girl.

Before living in Beaufort, I lived in downtown Atlanta.
Atlanta...ahhh, the nightlife, the endless shopping extravaganza, the latest gadgets and gifts, the aroma of Starbucks at every turn and did I mention the shopping???
Those were the days...
I thought
Now instead of Coach Bags, Ihave Seagrass Baskets.
Instead of Manolo Blahnik strappy heels, I have Palmetto Flip Flops.
Chanel Fragrance is replaced by the smell … (12 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Snobby Bass, Pelicans, Crab Traps, And Oysters - 11/06/08 01:16 AM
It was a bit cloudy, a little windy, and cold, well cold for Beaufort that is, a breezy 65 degrees. I was persuaded out into this chilly venture by the promise of a great school of Bass.
 The offer was so tempting, a so beautifully described in vivid detail that any woman with a passion for the thrill of the catch would certainly rearrange her entire day!
We had to leave at dead low tide. Which meant no motor...which meant someone was going to have to pole us to this new found treasure....

As you can see....that someone … (8 comments)

beaufort sc real estate: Speak With A Realtor You Trust~~~ TODAY - 11/04/08 11:20 PM
Buyers, it is time for you to take that much needed deep breath.
There is no more election uncertainty.
There are phenomenal opportunities in the real estate market. Higher than normal inventory, seller concessions, and lowering interest rates make this the ultimate buyers market.
Don't make the mistake of wishing you had purchased when prices were low. Make an appointment to speak with a Realtor you trust.
Research the possibilities of rental properties, or land purchases that will earn a steady rate of appreciation for you and your family.
Get creative, get involved, get the advice of a local expert. … (7 comments)

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