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Last night I was sitting down to a movie with a friend of mine, when an all too familiar sound emanated from outside. It starts at the same time every night, just after dark. We have never been able to make out the words, but we know it is his neighbor saying something over and over again. He doe...
e-toursonline Announces New Full service 2D-3D Interactive Floor Plans and 360 Virtual Tour HitStats 2.0TM   BRANDENTON, FL - April 13, 2008- e-toursonline (ETO) Interactive Media Solutions, a certified Real Tour VisionTM virtual tour provider, is proud to announce the addition of ETO full servic...
How do you know when you have finally taken social networking TOO far? This evening I was checking out another social network at the urging of a business acquaintance that I met through Plaxo. He had recommended that I check out and stated that he highly recommended it for business n...
This month marks the 233rd anniversary of Paul Revere’s and William Dawes' rides. From a business perspective, this ride was most interesting when looking at the effectiveness of both of these gentlemen’s messages. They both had the same exact message to deliver.  So why it is that Paul Revere wa...
Recently, I completed a website for the Castle Gaming Kingdom in Cape Coral Florida. Being a collector of dragons, this particular website was incredibly fun to create! I had help from one of our virtual tour dealers who happens to live ALOT closer to this location than I do. Mike Fallacara of 36...
What makes consumers love your website and stay loyal to your product? Research shows that customers have a more upbeat attitude toward a site when their online experience is engaging and enjoyable. Enjoyment is a top reason why consumers browse on the web in the first place!When potential custom...

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