Hey Activerain! Thought I would share with you some more email content for inspiration to shake any writer's block. If you have any questions or would like to see some examples in context, feel free to reach out!Let's get started.If home buyers and sellers are researching the market on top-rated...
Key Takeaways: 119% higher open rates 50% higher conversion rates 47% larger purchases In my first ever post on Activerain, I originally asked what sort of engagement you see in your cold outreach emails. My curiosity is still at it’s peak.Email marketing has a funny place in real estate. Email m...
Danger, Will Robinson!Did you know? 46 percent of all firms cited keeping up with technology as one of the biggest fears facing their firm in the next two years (2015 Profile of Real Estate Firms).As we grow our businesses, the demands of balancing lead generation, nurturing, communication, facil...
With the conclusion of Super Bowl 51 and the “official” start of the real estate season now in full swing, I would love to pick your brains and see what your action plans were for 2017?Here’s what I have in mind. It’s pooled from other influencers and top performers I’ve talked to in the last few...

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