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The Private Money Group, founded by Chris Hills in February of 2009, is a direct commercial real estate lender providing private money loans up to $500,000 nationwide; and offering SBA, business, multifamily, bridge and bankable loans up to $20 million in participation with third-party investors.



The Federal Reserve and Mortgage Rates Understanding What Causes Interest Rate Movement Consumers are often misled when it comes to the subject of the Federal Reserve and how it affects mortgage interest rates. Often the media is the culprit causing the confusion. Many times, the Fed has taken ac...
We can now offer FHA 203K Home Loans.  If you are buying a home that needs to be fixed up, or needs major renovations Give us a call.  We can provide you with the loan that fits your needs. We can also provide this loan for foreclosed properties, and multi-families. For more information please fe...
How Purchase Loans Are Made A Step-By-Step Walkthrough1. Loan Search - Buyers should seek the advice of an experienced mortgage professional, someone who will help determine which financing options best suit their needs today and in the future.2. Loan Application - It's crucial that consumers sup...
02/12/20101. What happened yesterday?2. What is on the agenda for today? 1. What happened yesterday? We gained +6BPS from Wednesday's close.  The following economic reports were released:Date    ET    Release    For    Actual    Consensus    Prior    Revised From11-Feb    8:30    Initial Claims  ...
Good afternoon, I recently had a lengthy meeting with a couple of our money sources(brainstroming session), the purpose of which was to target the easiest commercial scenarios that have the highest probability of funding in the current market.  In the near future, please expect an updated commerc...
02/11/20101. What happened yesterday with Mortgage Rates?2. What is on the agenda for today that drive Interest Rate Up or Down? 1. What happened yesterday with Mortgage Rates? We lost -47BPS from Tuesday's close.The only major economic report that was released was the Trade Balance which did not...
02/09/2010 1. What happened yesterday? 2. What is on the agenda for today? 1. What happened yesterday? We lost -3BPS from Friday's close. There were no major economic reports that were releaesd.  We traded in a very narrow range of -3 to -12.  We basically bounced within our trading channel betwe...
02/08/2010 1. What happened last week? 2. What is on the agenda for this week?   1. What happened last week? We gained +44BPS last week.  For the most part, the economic that was released was very bearish (bad) for MBS pricing.  That included a strength in Unemployment, ISM, and more.  But instea...
The Clock is Ticking... Extended and Expanded Tax Credit Expires 4/30/10 For prospective homebuyers who are on the fence about making a home purchase, the next few months represent a countdown of sorts as huge tax credits are about to expire. Here are important details for you to know: Tax Credi...
02/05/2010 1. What happened yesterday? 2. What is on the agenda for today? 1. What happened yesterday? We gained +37BPS from Wednesday. The following economic data was released: Date ET Release For Actual Consensus Prior Revised From 4-Feb 8:30 Initial Claims 30-Jan 480K 455K 472K 470K 4-Feb 8:30...

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