And we have a Winner!    Today was a good day for one of our local Palo Alto news providers.  The well-read Palo Alto Weekly won an award.  The award is for First Place for Online General Excellence in the California Newspaper Publishers Associations Better Newspapers Contest.  According to the n...
Spring is here!Weekends are all about being together and enjoying the day!  At least that is what the members of our pack would say, if you asked them and if they could actually speak English.   Here is is the photo I snapped on the drive home after these two enjoyed visiting a client's wooded es...
Saturday with the family is always a good time.  After a busy week of holiday festivities, closed transactions, and previewing properties, it was time to unwind with my favorite boys.  In 2016 hubby and I have committed to date night and more walks with our boys.  What are your time outs in 2016?...
Welcome to the The Neighborhood Post, a weekly newsletter covering interesting real estate happenings here in California's Bay Area.  Enjoy and please leave a comment :)  If you have a question about the local real estate market, please feel free to connect for a no obligation, confidential consu...
It's True! Happy New Year!  Are you ready to welcome 2016?  Whether you are or are not, it is here and will be moving right along... with or without you. Better with you, in my humble opinion.  Do you have resolutions that you have set out to achieve?  If so, perhaps  it might be a good idea to r...
 Los Altos is a market with 26 active homes for sale today.  The median price is $3,945,120 for homes in the 94022 zip code.  Discover your value today! For a *no obligation* confidential and personal consultation, please call 650-382-2880.  Agents are standing by to answer your questions.
Palo Alto, CA 94306 - Market Overview There are currently 10 homes on the market in Palo Alto, CA 94306.  The area that contains portions of the Midtown and Barron Park neighborhoods has seen low inventory for most of the year and appears to be on a holding patter for low inventory moving into th...
Getting an annual home value report from a trusted real estate professional is a good habit to build, especially in a changing market.  And markets do change daily, so an annual report would be something to do if you are not planning for ten years or more.  Of course, if you are considering movin...
After days, weeks and months of searching for a home, the last thing you want to hear is 'thanks for the offer, we'll get back to you'.  And yet, that is what happens sometimes.  Because sometimes, a buyer and agent can feel like characters straight out of the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the Places You'...
Life as precious and Sunday is a great day to reflect on how precious it can be.   Today I had one client and three houses to show.  Hubby came with me and instead of leaving our 'boys' at home, my hubby opted to bring them with us.   After connecting with the client, off we went to Home Depot to...

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