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There are those neighborhoods where people plant roots. They build their home and have no desire to leave. When someone does decide to downsize or relocate, well, the phone rings. This is one of those homes. It's a rare find: Large Custom Home 7 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath 1.65 Acres Pool Horse Privileges...
What is a Short Sale? This is a basic primer for persons wishing to purchase a property via short sale. First of all, what is a short sale? Homes that are being sold as a short sale are in a unique situation. Usually they are homes with debt that exceeds the current market rate which are being s...
As reported earlier, my colleague Spencer Caldwell traveled to Calgary, Canada and made an appearance on City TV... the morning show touting Arizona real estate investment opportunities. This aired on June 6th and we've just received the footage. Gentry Realty from Chuck Willman on Vimeo. Chuck ...
Regarding the Bailout, The finger pointing continues. As Congress is mulling over terms of the bailout, the point I find interesting is that so many people are looking to take action against whomever they can discover benefited from the run-up. The actions of certain institutions are very much su...
How Did We Get to This Point? Like most people in the industry, I've been keeping a close eye on the volatility of the market. This includes keeping up with the musical chairs status of the financial institutions. We've seen runs, purchases, insolvencies and bankruptcies. We've also seen the end...
There was a remarkable report on CNN - story here What do you do when your house is flattened by a Hurricane? You hire someone who knows how to build a structure that will withstand the punishing winds. That's what Warren and Pam Adams did after their home was destroyed by Rita. They consulted wi...
I just received a letter from one of my stock funds. It reads: "We are writing to let you know that computer tapes containing some of your personal information were lost while being transported to an off-site storage facility ... [snip] ... That is why we are offering you and other impacted indiv...
J.D. Power conducts surveys to help potential customers gain insight into the level of satisfaction that consumers have with regard to companies with whom they have experience. They cover the gamut of commodities, from vehicles, to electronics, financial services, health-care, travel, insurance, ...
  I was listening to the radio this morning... just as I was seven years ago when I first heard of the tragedy that will forever overshadow this day. We may all wonder what evil exists to cause persons to find this terrible act worthy of spiritual recompense. We may also wonder if we've learned ...
Here's my latest short sale listing. It's a very nice custom home. 734 N Kristen - Mesa, AZ 85213 from Chuck Willman on Vimeo. And here's the postlet listing information: Chuck Willman | Gentry Realty | 480.292.0600 734 N. Kristen, Mesa, AZ Short Sale: Beautiful Mesa AZ Custom Home - 3 Bedroom, ...

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