animal rescue: Vanished. Lost without a trace. - 05/20/16 10:42 PM
Tuesday May 10, 2016 - 4:45 pm.  
It started like any other afternoon with a game of ball in the side yard.  Our two little dogs, Sunny and Boo chased the tennis balls, Ace ran big circles around us barking at who knows what. We had played this game hundreds of times with Ace eventually loping into the woods to chase a squirrel. Sometimes he would go deep into the woods to the creek and you could hear his bark echo back. Other times, he’d pop out up by the road.  Whatever route he took, rarely was he gone more than … (1 comments)

animal rescue: In Search of a Perfect Dog - 10/16/11 06:46 AM
 Just as there are no perfect people, there is no perfect dog but author Gary Shiebler tells the funny and sometimes heartbreaking stories of all the "less than perfect dogs" that he has shared his life with since he was a child. 
As someone who volunteers with our animal rescue groups here in Brevard, NC, and mom to two rescue dogs, Ace and Sunny, I related to so many of the stories Shiebler tells, especially the ones about the dogs he met while working at an animal center.  I found myself laughing out loud at some of the stories...and crying through … (6 comments)

animal rescue: Maggie Needs Your Help- Brevard NC Animal Rescue - 04/24/11 01:31 PM

Maggie is a very sweet, blue pit who has lived her life with a congenital defect that left one of her front legs severely deformed. Her other leg which bore the weight is bowed from the stress and is deteriorating. She was rescued recently by Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue in Brevard, NC.  The fact that she had managed, somehow, to live was a miracle. But the true miracle is a family on the other side of the state who has stepped up to adopt her and give her a better life...a life she deserves.  This family already has … (2 comments)

animal rescue: It was Penny's lucky day! - a story of animal rescue in Brevard, NC - 04/21/11 12:14 PM
When the call came in to the volunteers with Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue (CAAR) in Brevard, North Carolina, it wasn’t all that unusual. Like so many of the calls the organization receives, this was a call for help. Someone had found six puppies at the Transylvania County land fill. For the past two years, one of the land fill employees had been trying to gain the trust of an adult female dog who had made the land fill her home. He fed her and bought her a dog house to provide her with better shelter, but he could never gain enough … (3 comments)

animal rescue: Giant one day sale to benefit animal rescue efforts - Brevard, NC - 04/08/11 09:32 AM
On Saturday, April 9 Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue is holding a giant one-day yard sale that is sure to be a bargain hunter’s dream come true. The sale will held from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on the parking lot of Carpet and More at 1106 Rosman Highway, near Sav-Mor. According to organizers, shoppers can expect incredible bargains on baby clothes, furniture, appliances, books, housewares, and more.  All proceeds will go to help Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue (CAAR) and their efforts to rescue neglected and abandoned animals in Transylvania County. The non-profit, all volunteer organization saved over 450 dogs last year … (3 comments)

animal rescue: Local Restaurants support Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue - 02/20/11 03:29 AM
NATIONAL SPAY AND NEUTER DAY - Local Restaurants Donate to Support Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue
Please support Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue and the following local businesses on Feb 22, 2011, this coming Tuesday. This is National Spay and Neuter Day to bring awareness of the need for all responsible pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. Since Charlie's Angels primary purpose is to save shelter animals, we strongly support S/N Programs in order to lessen the number of abandoned, abused, neglected dogs and cats that end up at the shelter.
On Tuesday, please shop and/or dine at the … (0 comments)

animal rescue: February is Spay/Neuter Month - 01/26/11 09:25 AM
One of the most effective ways to stem the tide of unwanted animals in any community is through a spay/neuter program. In Hendersonville, NC, Henderson County residents who want to have their pets "fixed" have the chance to get the best deal ever by purchasing a spay/neuter voucher for only $10 for Cats and $15 for dogs...and this price includes a free rabies vaccination!  Vouchers are redeemed at the Asheville Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic.
To purchase a voucher, call the Community Partnership for Pets at 828-693-5172, or email You can also purchase vouchers at the Blue Ridge Mall on Four … (3 comments)

animal rescue: 10 Holiday Safety Tips for Pets - 12/09/10 09:59 AM
The holidays are a wonderful time of year filled with festive parties, glittering decorations, and good times with friends and family. If you have pets, though, this can be particularly dangerous time of year for them.
Here are 10 safety tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy this holiday season.
1. If you have a live Christmas tree, make sure your pets do not drink the water in the tree stand. These trees are heavily treated with pesticides and preservatives which leach into the water and can make your pet very sick. It's also a breeding ground for all kinds … (4 comments)

animal rescue: Tom Fazio to Help Animal Rescue Efforts - 09/18/10 02:06 AM
Famed golf course designer Tom Fazio is lending his support to Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue in Brevard, North Carolina. Perhaps best known for his challenging and spectacular golf course designs like Fallen Oak Golf Club in Biloxi, the Glen Club in Chicago and Champion  Hills in nearby Hendersonville, NC, Fazio is also a great animal lover.
On Tuesday, October 5 from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Fazio will be at the Glen Cannon Country Club in Brevard to help Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue raise money. He will be visiting with fans and signing a limited number of his books that will … (3 comments)

animal rescue: Animal Rescue in Brevard, NC - 09/03/10 07:28 AM
About a year ago, I rescued a puppy from a busy road in the Brevard area. That's when I first learned about our county animal shelter and the abandoned and abused animal population here in Transylvania County. 
Our shelter is an old, sad building with extremely limited space for all the dogs that wind up there. When a dog is brought to the shelter, there is a 5 day grace period to allow the owner to claim the animal. If the dog is not claimed, and the shelter fills up (which is practically every day), that dog can be euthanized for … (2 comments)

animal rescue: Support Animal Rescue...And Look Good Doing It! - 05/03/10 03:57 AM
Here's a cool new way to help the animal rescue efforts in Transylvania County...and look good doing it! Not everyone can foster dogs or help transport them to various places, but who doesn't wear T-Shirts? Now, you can purchase an official Charlies Angels Animal Rescue T-shirt online and when you do, all the proceeds go directly to the Charlies Angels rescue efforts.
Go online today and get and order one for every member of the family. Lots of different styles and colors!

animal rescue: Buy a cool shirt - help Brevard NC Animal Rescue! - 02/15/10 08:13 AM
Looking for an online store where you can buy cool stuff and benefit a local animal rescue group? 
Check out Balloon Juice - a new online store where you can buy all sorts of gear including t-shirts, gym bags, aprons, hoodies and more.
And best of all, the proceeds all benefit Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue in Brevard, NC. 
Charlie's Angels is a group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing animals in Transylvania County, North Carolina. Every year hundreds of dogs who are found as strays, or abandoned by their owners, are brought in to the County's animal shelter.  That's where … (4 comments)

animal rescue: Winter weather means special care for pets! - 02/15/10 03:29 AM
Cold Weather Animal Care
Between our weekly snows and temperatures in the single-digits, winter has been brutal this year.  For animals living outside, sometimes even their fur coats aren't enough to keep them alive.  A few simple steps can help protect your animals during cold temperatures.  Please review these cold weather tips and keep your pet safe:
• Keep pets inside.  If animals can't be inside, provide a warm, comfortable place.  Face shelter away from wind and provide a flap or door to help keep the animal's body heat inside.
• Bedding is essential.  It insulates the animal from the snow and … (1 comments)

animal rescue: Brevard NC - Rescue Dogs Need Your Help - 02/03/10 02:15 PM

Meet our featured dogs! Logan is in a foster but the rest of these wonderful dogs are currently at the Transylvania County Animal Shelter in Brevard, NC. I met them all last week when I went out to take the pictures...and they all deserve loving homes.
If you'd like more information, please scroll to the bottom for contact names and emails.  And please repost this blog or share it with your circle of dog-loving friends and family....but we ask that you not change it or post it on Craig's List.
The Transylvania County Animal Shelter is very old and has … (0 comments)

animal rescue: Owner Surrender - Transylvania County Animal Shelter, Brevard NC (Asheville area) - 12/28/09 09:38 AM
This bundle of love needs a!  Big Boy is what the shelter thinks may be an American Bull Dog /Hound mix who was loved and well cared for by his owner. Sadly, his owner has been hospitalized with health issues and can no longer care for his four-legged friend. Now, through no fault of his own, Big Boy is alone and wondering why his world has suddenly been turned upside down. To make matters worse, since he was surrendered by his owner, Big Boy does not get the usual 5-day pass and can be euthanized at any time. The shelter workers … (3 comments)

animal rescue: Rescue Dogs Need Your Help -Brevard NC - 12/15/09 - 12/16/09 02:43 AM
Here's this most recent rescue dogs from the Brevard, NC area.  Please pass this along to anyone you know who can help and please re-posts these notices so we get the word out to as many people as possible. If you, or someone you know is affiliated with any breed rescue groups, we'd love to hear from you!
Thanks as always for caring about our 4-legged friends.

Indiana- Stray Brindle Pitt (12-15) male 40 pounds unneutered friendly, does NOT like leash, Pine Crest Apartments.
 Available Monday December 21  

Hannah (Pitty mama)
MOST URGENT … (3 comments)

animal rescue: Husky Needs Your Help - 12/13/09 12:18 PM
This handsome boy is currently being fostered but is in need of a rescue group, a more long term foster family, or better yet...a permanent home. He had been wandering the Rich Mt and Cedar Mt area (near Brevard, NC) for months.  He's a happy guy...a little thin..but that's easily fixed. We don't know a lot about him except that he isn't neutered...but please share this info with anyone you know. Especially any one who is connected with a Husky rescue group. Thanks for your help!


animal rescue: Emergency Dog Rescue - Brevard, NC (near Asheville and Hendersonville) - UPDATED - 12/10/09 10:46 AM
UPDATE - 12/11
GREAT NEWS!  George and Gustav were reunited with their owners today, Giovanni and Biskit are in foster or rescue. The only one left is litte Gilligan. We think we have a rescue group in DC who can take him in January so we'll be looking for a foster home to look after him until then. I'm thinking that foster home may be us!
Thanks for everyone's comments, reblogging, and support!
Each of these dogs are scheduled to be euthanized on Tuesday, December 15 if we cannot find homes for them.
PLEASE forward … (5 comments)

animal rescue: Charlie has a forever home! - 11/30/09 02:25 AM
For the last week, we have been caring for a wonderful dog named Charlie while his foster parents were out of town for Thanksgiving. He was rescued as a stray and orignally they were just going to foster him until we could find a permanent home. But they just called to let us know they are back in town and have decided to keep Charlie forever! I'm so happy for them....and for Charlie. He's a wonderful dog and we've had a blast with him. If our life as Realtors was a little more normal, we would have kept him in heartbeat. … (4 comments)

animal rescue: Brevard NC - wonderful dog needs rescue - 11/21/09 03:20 AM
What a face! Today's featured dog was rescued by a Good Samaritan and taken to the vet already. Has had all vaccines, heartworm negative and started to heartworm preventative, flea free and de-wormed. Is housetrained. About 7 months old. Very sweet, friendly, docile. About 40 pounds. Only needs to be neutered which can be done prior to rescue. Looks like beagle/hound/basset mix or any combination thereof..:) Can assist with transport.
Remember, even if you cannot adopt, you can help by reposting this blog and forwarding the information to everyone in your contact lists. The more people who know, the better our chances of … (2 comments)

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