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Detailing the ins and outs of residential investment property ownership. Negotiating your best terms. Working with tenants. Knowing before you buy whether or not a property should be profitable.



Selling Your Rental Property In A Buyer's MarketKansas City is currently experiencing a buyer's market.  Investment property is a little better off.  Certain areas of the city are better than others.  Let me give you a picture of what the investment market in Kansas City currently looks like. Bel...
Real Estate Investing Class at UMKCOnce again I will be teaching at UMKC on March 1 and the topic will be The Basics of Real Estate Investing.  If you are a neophyte trying to decide to whom you should listen to I would encourage you to come on out. You'll need to put in your reservation with UMK...
Networking is key for real estate agents everywhere.  And while there have been blogger get-togethers that I know of in San Diego, and Los Angeles and Clearwater I have yet to see one here in Kansas City.  So unilaterally I am setting up a get-together.Kansas City Real Estate Bloggers Event When:...
New Zip Code Appreciation (Depreciation) Map for Kansas City Real Estate Last year I linked to the the Kansas City's Star's report on housing appreciation in the Kansas City metro area.  By in large there was modest appreciation and some depreciation...but not enough to worry about in most places...
Ever get a call from a listing prospect and you want to have an idea of what the house looks like before you get there?  Or wonder if the home has good curb appeal?  Well, now there is Google Street View.  Simply type in an address on the Google search box and a map will appear.  If your home's s...
Using leverage properly when you are investing in real estate is the key to economic success.  Recently I wrote two different blog posts revolving around a duplex in Olathe that I know was purchased in 1997 for $106,000. The two posts that were written show exactly how the leverage could have bee...

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