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I'll be the first to admit, I don't have a green thumb.  Truth be told, it's probably closer to terra cotta than forest green.  But, I love gardening (actually I really love eating stuff from the garden) but there was just too much on my plate, so to speak, to get a garden in this year.That didn'...
As a boy, I remember the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas feeling like an eternity. Before the tryptophan in the Thanksgiving turkey had a chance to work its magic I was ready for Christmas to arrive.  There were more mouth-watering treats from grammy's, like her world famous nana puddin'...
Shopping in Fairbanks Alaska: Go Local Tick, Tock.  Hear that?  It's the sound of time running out to get your Christmas shopping done.  If you're like most people I know there are still a few names left unchecked on your Christmas list.  Christmas comes at the same time every year and yet it see...
"Our emotional relationship to food and drink is like some tenacious desert plant, its wiry, tough roots buried deep in our psyches."  Caitlin Kelly  My emotional relationship to slugburgers and the White Trolley go back a few decades. For me it brings back memories of sitting at the counter as a...
I've seen some wacky weather in my three-plus decades of living in Alaska.  I've seen it snow in the dead of summer, I've seen the temps drop so low it was a life threatening exercise just to walk five feet from your front door to gather wood for the fire and I've seen it so blasted hot you would...
It looks like the beautiful fall has helped keep the Fairbanks real estate market moving forward.  Although the total number of homes sold has dropped a bit, the average sales price is up and time on the market is down... The sellers and buyers we talk to are all bullish on the Fairbanks real est...
It's pretty hard to overstate the importance of performing due diligence.  Fairbanks home buyers take note.  One of your most important responsibilities during the purchase of real estate is to have a clear understanding of the property under consideration.   In Fairbanks the discovery period is ...
Seeing the site, I understood the attraction.  Covered in towering spruce, the tall cut bank would be a beautiful place to build a  cabin. No cell service.  No television.  No internet.  For some, a nightmare scenario.  But for a few, it's pure heaven.  It was less than two hours drive from Fairb...
This little corner of the blogosphere has been pretty quiet lately.  It hasn't been abandoned, but the truth is blogging has taken a backseat to a very busy spring and summer. Real estate in Fairbanks is still... well, real estate in Fairbanks.  Today, howver, I'd rather talk about bears. Yep, th...
Four hours.  That was the total amount of possible sunlight in Fairbanks today.  Yes, you read that right. Four hours. It wasn't until about 1:15PM that I actually saw the sun on a trip up Chena Ridge.  At this time of year the sun sits so low on the horizon that if you're not high enough in the ...

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