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For over a half dozen years I have taught classes on Real Estate Scams and Fraud.  Agents would fill the classes but there were many that would argue that the "fraud" I was talking about was perfectly legal and being done every day.  In one real estate office in Pierce County every agent in clas...
  The news is always so negative.  Sometimes I wonder if we will ever pull out of this slump.  How will this economic disaster change my life?  What do I need to do everyday to position myself for the changes ahead.  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Now is the time we have to adjust to...
In the 1994 movie, "Blank Check" a 12 year old boy's bicycle is destroyed by a car. The driver involved in a money laundering scheme gives him a blank check to purchase a new bicycle.  The kid instead uses his computer to create a $1 million collar check that he uses to buy anythhing and everyth...
My friend, Nansen, has over 23,000 followers on Twitter... that number seems to grow exponentially every day!  She started her tweets only months ago.  Nansen lives in a small town on the coast of Washington State and is an active Republican.  She was seen and twittered away at the Republican me...

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