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We discuss different ways to reach buyers in this tight market including old ways with a new twist. It is about moving your property faster. Why "Change Marketing"? The company name is D3 which was based on the mathematical symbol Delta which means Change and the exponent 3 for cubed. Our goal has always been to accellerate business growth through a change in thinking when it comes to marketing.



Before I get into how to create a great campaign on Facebook or Google or some other medium, I need to address the most important piece of Advertising/Marketing and that is the dreaded TRACKING.  Yes I capitalized the word for effect because it is that important.  Who knew you needed a math guy i...
As many of you, I look at tons of listings on a daily basis and there are a few that really make me want to hunt down that realtor and shake them. DON'T SHOUT AT ME:  Typing in all caps is the online equivalent of yelling.  Use your inside voice.  It isn't that tough to hit the shift key for the ...
Earlier this week, I spent the day at the Orange County Convention Center at the ASI (Advertising Specialties) Show.  ASI is the trade association that brings you all of your promotional products. As I walked the floor looking for new ideas, I realized there were over 1,000 companies represented ...
We talk alot about professional presentation, attention to details and what to put or not put on our business cards, but did we think about what we print them on? No this isn't going to be a "Live Green Like Me" speech, though cards printed on seed paper are cool if people actually planted your b...
As somebody who has worked on the supplier side of the web market since 1999, I can tell you that this is a roller coaster industry that has changed the answer to that question numerous times.  Everybody knows somebody who has a kid who can design a web site or has a guy that can do one for $200 ...
As somebody who has worked in the online and auction world since 1999, it surprises me that Orange County as large as it is, has never started this prior to today.  It goes to illustrate that sometimes we assume that everybody is on top of recent technology advances but in reality, people talk a ...

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