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I go to the gym right near the office, at Columbia Point.  There are no showers or changing rooms, no fitness experts hanging around, and no ‘beautiful people' showing off their perfect bodies.  Usually when I go, there are a couple older gentlemen and a young woman and one or two other people ar...
First, a little about me.  I'm not a coffee drinker, so instead of stopping at Espresso World on the way into work for a carmelly-coffee thing, I run by McDonald's and get a large diet Coke with extra ice.  Our local McDonalds' offered an a la carte large soft drink for 89 cents.  With tax it bec...
I wrote a series of five posts about West Richland and a propsed LID.  They precede this in five separate posts.  West Richland is an interesting area because it's still kind of growing...finding its identity.  As a Realtor who serves this area, I like to chronicle some of the growing pains.  Mos...
Thought I'd change the title ...In the face of more opposition, they decided to do it anyway.  "They" being the CID, and the "opposition" being an additional 174 objections to the Belmont LID.  Clearly, this is a more accurate assessment of how people feel.  If it really bothers someone, hopefull...
Gee, this is getting a little like Rocky...Anyway, the Tri-City Herald recently reported that the CID is going to take another look at the "if-we-don't-show-up-that-means-we're-in-favor-of-it" aspect of the LID vote.  I'm glad that all is not lost and that the little guy still can make a differen...
Do the folks at the Herald read this blog?  They finally reprinted the map I've been begging for!  You cannot see it in the online version of the story, which is a shame, but at least it's there in the actual paper.It's affecting fewer people than I thought.  It looks some part of the LID is slat...
Saw this on the 12th.  Not happy about it.At least we have a better idea of the true boundaries.  Now it makes sense that the Polo Club is affected, as it is in within the area mentioned in the article.Maybe I'm spolied by the Internet and the nifty graphics that appear alongside most news storie...
We've got us some angry homeowners...May 10th's Tri-City Herald brought us this story...And May 11th's story told us how the meeting turned out...Here's a hint...not well!The paper discusses the huge assessment assigned to Polo Club property owners (mostly 1 acre+ tracts), but the 10th's article ...
I posted this on my regular non-AR blog back in January, but it's still true today... Aaaaaaargh! It happens every time. Every time a newspaper prints an article or television reports a story about the time to buy is NOW, because the market is IN THE TOILET and sellers are SCARED and can't compet...
I wish building a house, a custom home, was the easiest option.  However, as anyone who has built one or as the lender who has loaned on one or the realtor who has sold one, can tell you, it can be a mess.Among the budget troubles and timeline challenges you can read about, there is just a ton of...

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