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To make a movie or television show you need a producer, a director, actors, and a script. But put those four elements together and you still have just people and words on a page. Without ACTION, the best script and actors in the business will never make it to the Oscars or Emmys. It's the same wi...
You have a goal…great! But do you know how you'll reach that goal? If you get in your car to drive somewhere that you've never been before, what's the chance you'll get there without a map or directions or a GPS? Or if you go online to buy a pair of running shoes for your sister but you don't kno...
Have you ever started a day thinking, "I have plenty of time today! I could catch up on my reading, or I could write a couple of blog articles, or I could call some of my previous clients, or I could…." Then the phone rings, you check email, and before you know it the day is gone. How many of tho...

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