real estate: Home Inspections - 11/18/09 10:34 AM
Home Inspections
When you buy a home, you don't receive a money back guarantee as you do with other purchases. There is no return policy if you find yourself disappointed in your purchase after the fact. Once you are the owner of this home, you are then responsible for all the maintenance and repair costs as well as any bills that go along with it.
Before you purchase a home and when you write up a contract to purchase, you do have a clause that allows you to have a home inspection on your home before you decide that … (1 comments)

real estate: Social Media - 11/17/09 04:16 AM
I'm curious on other real estate agent's opinion on social media.  Are many agents using it and if so, are you seeing results?  I am currently on Twitter and I have a fan page on Facebook.  I also have an account on Linked In.  People say social media is the next big thing so I do think it's important to create a presence in these places but I haven't really seen any tangible results as of yet.  I often use these medias to post links to my blog, so I do see the increase in traffic to my site, but I … (7 comments)

real estate: ECO Broker - 07/11/08 06:31 AM
This is something I have heard about from other realtors.  I'm just wondering if there is anyone on here who has taken the course who may give some feedback on it. 
Was it worth your while?  Did you learn anything valuable from it?  I am soon going to be going on maternity leave and am considering signing up for it and taking it over the next few months.
I know the trend is starting to focus more on the environment and going green and I just wonder if this is something worth investing time and money.  I know you need to … (3 comments)

real estate: Prince Edward Island Referrals - 09/11/07 12:48 PM
Steve and I love referrals from other agents.  We have successfully worked with agents in Canada and the United States.  We service the Charlottetown and surrounding area, but we have also been referred clients in other areas on PEI whom we have then referred on to other agents whom we know have excellent customer service just as we do. 
We have a unique marketing plan which has brought us huge success in the past two years.
Check out our website at
We look forward to working with you!
Carol O'Hanley

real estate: Positive thinking and talking - 11/06/06 04:00 AM
As per usual, the market has slowed down somewhat this time of year.  Often times buyers don't like to think about moving around Christmas so many don't aggressively look until the New Year.  However, business hasn't died completely and as agents it isn't such a good idea to continually discuss how slow the market is.  We should be realistic in speaking with our sellers and explain the situation as best we can..but spending all our time discussing how slow our business has become creates a very unproductive environment. 
Instead we should be spending this time working on plans for next year, … (4 comments)

real estate: Choosing your real estate agent - 10/16/06 10:13 AM
As a buyer or seller choosing the best real estate agent is a big decision.  There are many factors you should consider. 
How much experience does the real estate agent have in the business?  This is an important factor to consider but sometimes having a relatively new agent can be a bonus.  They are just getting started and have a fresh perspective on the industry.  They also may not have many clients as an experienced agent may have.  If you are fairly savvy on real estate yourself, choosing an agent who is still fresh and enthusiastic may be the right choice … (1 comments)

real estate: MLS Statistics - 09/25/06 03:38 AM
The Canadian Real Estate Association provides statistics of existing homes and properties sold through the Multiple Listing Service.  This gives people an overview of the existing housing market in Canada and tracks market trends for prices and properties sold.
This information was taken from Coldwell Banker CB library.
July 2006: $288,250
July 2005: $217,546 
New Brunswick
July 2006: $125,662
July 2005: $119,725 
North West Territories
July 2006: $221,599
July 2005: $192,575 
July 2006: $201,344
July 2005: $185,974 
British Columbia
July 2006: $387,351
July 2005: $334,710 
July 2006: $150,702
July 2005: $142,792 
July 2006: $272,419
July 2005: $258,004 
July 2006: $133,561
July 2005: $122,986 
July 2006: $148,930
July 2005: $133,656 
Nova Scotia
July 2006: $166,501
July 2005: $162,286 
July 2006: $121,335
July 2005: $116,08 
July 2006: $193,747
July 2005: $198,784
Check out … (0 comments)

real estate: Water Wise - 09/12/06 06:24 AM
I received a letter and brochure today from Dean Stewart, a gentleman here on PEI who has started up his own water sample collecting business. 
Here on PEI the water tests used to be collected by the government and were the responsibility of the vendor to have done.  That all changed here on PEI last year and it was decided the onus would then be placed on the purchaser to obtain the water test and if they couldn't obtain a zero sample in Bacteria - then the vendor would have to make sure steps were taken to remedy the situation (a … (0 comments)

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