plattsburgh: Deliberate plan by the Bush Administration FED or just coincidence? - 05/21/08 08:27 AM
I'm talking about the spike in oil recently... Who'd of guessed? A diabolical plan to increase the cost of oil while a Bush is in the whitehouse...?
Oil is a hedge against inflation. Oil is traded in dollars so when the dollar drops oil becomes a more attractive investment for those trading in foreign currency.
The FED cutting its key rate increases the likelyhood that the value of the dollar will drop. When the value of the dollar drops investors world wide rally around oil and the cost per barrel soars.
The FED Funds rate cuts did not help the consumer, they … (4 comments)

plattsburgh: Doorway Pages: Are they all bad? See here! - 05/09/08 06:18 AM

All of you SEO gurus out there, correct me if I am wrong.
Disclaimer: I am not an SEO expert.
As a matter of fact I posted my first piece of web literature back in September of 2007. I feel that I have learned quickly. Currently I am generating roughly half of my business from the web.
I am setting up a new network of leas generation websites that will be going live at the end of this month (got moved from 16th to 22nd to do additional tweaks). I just registered a couple of new domains... My primary domain … (5 comments)

plattsburgh: Country Wide is not out of the woods yet! - 05/05/08 02:30 PM
Country Wide is Back in the News...And this time they have not come out to deny that they are in serious hot water as it seems to be their customary policy. This time it appears to be 100% true. If you haven't read, the CW Giant has just written down more losses; it seems that they have found themselves in a siutation in where they owe more debt than they own in value of performing assets! What's worse is that a few of the portfolios of assets that they are counting toward their performing assets are questionable at best.Bank of America is … (4 comments)

plattsburgh: Why buy mortgage leads? - 05/02/08 08:33 AM
Leads are sold by the dozens to struggling loan officers, many of which are new to the business and just recite what their managers tell them to... Many of them are extremely unprofessional and will say whatever needs to be said to get someone to pay for an appraisal. Many of them just throw "SHIT" against the wall and wait to see what sticks.
I do not want to be stressing myself out about people who believe whatever they are told and want me to slice my FAIR AND HONEST FEE to the bone in order to compete with someone who is … (2 comments)

plattsburgh: What about when the buyer agrees with the seller on price? - 05/01/08 06:14 AM
I have seen a lot of posts here on AR complaining about sellers who just won't lower the price of their home even when buyers are not biting. I have also seen complaints around the web here and there about appraisal issues killing deals.
Most often though it is refinance deals that an appraisal condition may kill. I have run into a first time issue for me... I have a seller who wants to sell his home for $335,000.00 and a buyer who wants to buy it. The buyer does not have any complaints about cost of the home.
I have always been … (15 comments)

plattsburgh: My Review of Search Marketing, LLC - 04/30/08 06:49 AM
As the company refers to itself...
I have a Search Marketing, LLC. blog located at
When I first set up my own blog I was not sure where to go or which platform to use. I looked around for a while until I found I read their claims and I became interested in their "vertical directories".
Their "vertical directories" really do work! They are actually pretty simple in the way that they work... All they really are, are blogs that are set up so that when you post a new entry on your own blog and select a category your post … (2 comments)

plattsburgh: Is there still a lot of mis-information out there? - 04/21/08 08:57 AM
Or is it just me? Is anyone else aware of the fact that mortgage interest rates increased today with just about every lender out there by about .375% - .5% or is it just me?...
I had a gentleman call in today to inquire about financing a portion of a Co-Op that he is purchasing in New York, NY. He's looking at a 30 year term and is looking for a 5.375% (on a Co-Op... Ha!). I told him no, I cannot get that rate today. He told me that the interest rate is the most important thing and that if I can get … (5 comments)

plattsburgh: Hey, What's Your Problem Coldwell? - 04/15/08 02:51 AM
I don't know what the deal is with Coldwell Banker. One of my colleagues here in my office recently handled the financing for her friend on the purchase of a new home. The agent on the other end of the transaction was a Coldwell Banker Realtor®. That Realtor® actually recommended to my colleagues client that she go to Wells Fargo for financing.
Of course the person making the purchase is friends with my colleague and did not budge... From what I hear the agent was putting quite a lot of pressure on my colleagues client to go to Wells Fargo to get approved. … (8 comments)

plattsburgh: It's All About Performance Baby... The Truth About Brokers; What's your grade? - 03/26/08 03:07 AM
I'm not putting any flashy pictures or exotic text in this post I just want to point something out. I saw a news broadcast recently that focused on the lack of ethics within the "mortgage broker" community. the entire hour long broadcast talked about the economic turmoil that we are in and blamed mortgage brokers.
The people (so called analysts) on the screen unequivocally agreed that the only way to go is with a bank and that if you go with a mortgage broker you will get "screwed"! I watched with absolute disdain for the entire hour... For these people to call themselves … (9 comments)

plattsburgh: Title Matters - 03/20/08 06:08 AM
It's hard to find a title company that is both fast and responsive. My company has an affiliation with New York title out of Long Island (as of very recently). We send them a bit of business and there service is excellent. It does not matter if it takes me 9 days to get title back on a purchase transaction (in most cases) because I can order it right away and have it in plenty of time for the average purchase transaction (just got CTC in 5 days on one, but that will be another post).
I am not sure how all of … (3 comments)

plattsburgh: How FSBO's can make you a fortune! - 02/13/08 05:07 AM
 I never really got the point of marketing to FSBO's until recently. I know that it makes great sense for Realtors and real estate sales people to market to FSBO's, but why would a mortgage pro do such a thing?
After hours of brainstorming last night I think that I have come up with a good reason to market the FSBO arena.
For me the properties are an integral part of my buyer lead generation efforts. As Chris Bates says "use the homes to do more loans". I am finding this to be true; the more buyer prospects that I am able to … (9 comments)

plattsburgh: 5 points 5 times. - 02/06/08 04:28 AM
You may have read my blog post asking about whether or not letter's work. I posted that blog here on AR to get some feedback with regard to a marketing campaign that I built in order to tap into more of a referral based business as opposed to a lead sifting business.
I got a lot of great feedback and I really refined my approach. I have been getting referrals pretty steadily for the past several months and now I am back to the drawing board. Referral business is great! If I can do the loan then it is most often a … (8 comments)

plattsburgh: Yun Says That People Are Waiting For Lower Home Prices and Lower Interest Rates... The Time Is Now! Buy, Refi, Take advantage of the squeeze! - 01/31/08 01:19 AM
The bond markets are poised to rally this morning. Jobless claims for last week rose 69,000 to 375,000; analyst were expecting a reading somewhere near 315,000. Consumer spending slowed in December to the lowest levels that we've seen since 2006. MBIA bond insurer lost 2.3 billion dollars in write downs and 3.5 billion total loss for the fourth quarter. Credit rating agencies are threatining to lower the cerdit rating of several bond insurers and the stock market is tumbling.
This of course is not good news for the economy overall, but it will drive mortgage rates very low and to some extent … (0 comments)

plattsburgh: YoYo Economics - 01/30/08 08:20 AM
I know that we all have different roles when it comes to transferring real estate from one person to another. Some of us deal with people while some of us deal strictly with paperwork. Some of us do it all while still others do work exclusively over the phone.
No matter what your role in this diverse transaction, we are all affected by what is taking place with our nations economy. I know that Real estate sales people do not watch financial reports and constantly changing economic data. It's not as important as knowing each individual client's situation in order to find … (0 comments)

plattsburgh: WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT - 01/28/08 08:43 AM
We all strive to bring something to the table that is not already there. We all have a similar skill set, policies, and procedures but there are some things that each of us can do to bring a certain unique feel to our own personal business approach.
Since my companies investment and my own personal investment in leads I feel like consumers generally see us as "all the same". So I recently began thinking about what makes me different.
For one I don't just quote rates. When a person gets me on the phone and starts asking me what the rate "is" that … (0 comments)

plattsburgh: Associations... Can we be friends? - 01/18/08 01:58 AM
I love AR and the community. You guys aer great, and I love the platform. Whether it be through referrals or advice AR has helped me improve my business and my practices. I have gotten many great and inspiring ideas from many of you!
My thanks go out to all of you!
What I would like to know though is how to get more associations. I am just not sure how the whole asscoiation thing works. I currently have 11 associates but I have associated myself with many more people than that.
I understand that there may be some sort of action required from intended … (0 comments)

plattsburgh: Swimming with the sharks... - 01/17/08 01:10 AM
Rates are low. low, low!
Rates are low, as low as they were in 2004 when I began my career. Refinance applications are up and so we (company and I) decided to start purchasing leads. Wow, what a shift in gear working Internet leads is from working referrals.
Sleazy sales tactics...
Is what I am up against. The thing with Internet leads is that most people shopping on the Internet have filled several forms with several "Comparison Shops" like and
I am not really enjoying the quality of these leads as I have noticed that while the sneaky lender's out there low-ball … (3 comments)

plattsburgh: What's time blocking again?... - 01/14/08 04:35 PM
I have begun something new at work and it is working great. I have begun writing my goals for the week and posting them up on the wall by my desk. This week I had 7 immediate goals and as of today I have accomplished 5 of them. We all have our daily tasks and it is easy to forget very important things that we need to get done.
Committment the goals... Read More

plattsburgh: The State of Plattsburgh. - 01/14/08 04:31 PM
The State of the City of Plattsburgh:
I've really come to fall in love with the real estate that I have come across in the Adirondacks. I live in Plattsburgh, NY near the tip of the Adirondacks. I am from the area originally, I moved away for a while to get some experience behind me. The only real draw-back to Plattsburgh is that the demographic is... Read More
This of course came as a shock to my colleagues and I as we are putting up near refi-boom level numbers. Still I guess I can see the evidence of it as more and more … (4 comments)

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