I've run into several sellers this year who really want to move, but their house isn't worth what it used to be and they'll lose money if they sell. They're not upside down and can afford to take the loss, but they can't bring themselves to accept the fact that they've lost the equity that they h...
Could it be that the price is too high?  Regardless of its condition and location, if it were priced at $1, would there be plenty of buyers for it? As they say, "price fixes everything". But every seller wants to get top dollar. And, not surprisingly, every buyer wants to get a great value, so se...
I was searching MLS (in Tallahassee, FL) today and found two active listings in a nice neighborhood that were both priced at $259,000, yet one of them was 1550 SQF and the other was 2300 SQF.  It didn't make sense. The last sale in this subdivision was one year ago for a 2200 SQF house that sold ...
  This strategy involves calculating all the seller's expenses and then basing the price on that, to ensure that the seller makes a profit, or at the very least, breaks even.  This method of pricing is often used by un-informed sellers when there is little or no equity in the home and the seller...

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