colorado springs: What defines a luxury home in your market? - 10/06/15 03:44 PM
As an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) I make it a point to look online, and in person when possible, at luxury homes across the country.
A luxury home in the Northeast typically varies greatly from one in the South, the mountain states, or California.
One of our luxury listings here in Colorado
If a relocation buyer was coming to your area and asked to see luxury homes, (and you couldn’t quiz them about what that meant to them) what would your minimum criteria be?
Is a good view crucial in your area?
What about minimum square feet?
Are there particular cabinet woods in your area most … (2 comments)

colorado springs: The person showing you this house is going to rip you off BIG TIME! - 09/21/15 08:44 AM
Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live. We are nestled just under the majestic Pikes Peak and have forests, and meadows galore.
We have 5 military installations and a conservative voting record.
Gangs are seldom seen or mentioned.
And we have great weather with less snow than people imagine.
An ideal to place to live.
Which is why you would never suspect that we have rental scammers.
Without publicizing just how to do it, it is very easy for a scammer to gain access to vacant houses. They do it even if the owner lives here in town.
So the number one caution I give anyone looking … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Comstock Village in the west side aka Rockrimmon, of Colorado Springs - 09/20/15 05:25 PM
One of the larger neighborhoods in the west side Rockrimmon area is Comstock Village. A mature community of 595 homes nestled in the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Comstock Village has large trees and abundant indigenous wildlife.

Homeowners in Comstock Village enjoy a wide variety of views. These views include thickets of trees, hillside views, mountain views, which in some cases include Pikes Peak.
In keeping with Colorado Springs heritage of parks, trails and open space, there are forty four acres of common areas and trails encompassed within the boundaries of Comstock Village.
Before deciding to buy in the … (1 comments)

colorado springs: Woodstone in the Rockrimmon area (west side) of Colorado Springs - 09/20/15 02:56 PM
With houses built in the mid 80’s to late 90’s, Woodstone is a subdivision of 270+ homes in the west side of Colorado Springs which goes by the general description of being the Rockrimmon area.

Floor plans vary from ranchers to 5 level homes. Square footage varies from 1,273 to 4,889.
These homes are just a few miles west of I-25 but the mountain views can make you think you are miles away from the city.
The houses in Woodstone are zoned to Academy District 20 schools.
Just north of Woodstone is the Air Force Academy so you will see plenty of pilots training. While … (0 comments)

colorado springs: The “décor walks out the door” – and what remains is? - 09/19/15 03:47 PM
Buyers have seen the same “live, love, laugh” (not that there is anything wrong with those 3) mottos on the walls of many houses. But when they see a house with creative storage, that can get and keep their attention. And unlike the décor which will “walk out the door,” storage usually stays or can be negotiated to stay.
My buyers are like everyone else’s. They get goosebumps over all the beautiful furniture and art work in houses. But I know we have a walk through to do right before closing and all that décor will have walked out the door.
So I … (3 comments)

colorado springs: Do you leave the light on for the robot vacuum cleaner? - 09/19/15 03:25 PM
For several years we have enjoyed having a robot vacuum cleaner. If you are old enough to remember the old “Life cereal” commercials where his brothers got Mikey to eat it because he wasn’t picky, we nick named our robot vacuum Mikey because it vacuums up anything without complaint.
BTW, John Gilchrist who was the child actor has said that he has no clear memories of filming the commercial when he was age 3 1/2.
But my wife who has a doctorate and teaches at two universities just can’t help herself. If she puts Mikey in a room to vacuum she feels … (3 comments)

colorado springs: Take your listing to the head of the class and the 1st to get offers - 09/19/15 02:29 PM
We brokers see so many “looks like the rest” houses that a house with a little something out of the ordinary is a breath of fresh air.
We see a lot of houses where the seller has edited, the paint is neutral, some staging has been done and the pictures and property comments are good.
Welcome to second base. That is the new normal.
There are probably other listings you are competing with that are similar.
If you want your listing to move to the very front of the class and get the attention that goes with that, there needs to be at least … (7 comments)

colorado springs: A great closing gift – and its’ not a home warranty or candy dish - 09/19/15 01:10 PM
We all live as if we’re bullet proof. Until you are the one that gets the call that something tragic has happened to a family member. This has happened several times in our family. Things that aren’t supposed to happen or that only happen to other people.
Especially as builders have chosen to run dryer vents longer distances that exit through the roof, the danger of a dryer related fire is greater than ever.
Yet I still see almost every dryer using a plastic vent hose or even more deceptive, a “metal looking” foil slinky style hose.
Most people think the foil hose won’t … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Strategic listing timing – it can be worth big bucks - 09/17/15 01:52 PM
What sellers want, and most agents promise, is some version of:
The highest price in the shortest period of time.
It isn’t quite as awe inspiring a promise as FedEx’s “The World on Time” (have you ever really thought about that) but it is still a big promise to make good on.
Some of our clients want, need or have to sell, within a fairly narrow time frame. We work with them to optimize the listing and we get it on the market ASAP.
But many of our clients have some flexibility about when their house goes on the market. For them it can pay … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Has the mantra location, location, location been trumped? - 09/17/15 11:59 AM
The mantra location, location, location was certainly applicable back in the day when houses were built one at a time and scattered across the countryside.
But in today’s world of master planned subdivisions, each with schools in the neighborhood as well as walking trails, playgrounds, splash parks and recreation centers, is the location of one of these cookie cutter neighborhoods so much better than another that the mantra about location still deserves to be the primary consideration when looking for a home?
My buyers still want a neighborhood that is above a reasonable standard but it isn’t the primary thing they clamor for.
My … (5 comments)

colorado springs: Market Report - The Northwest MLS area of Colorado Springs - 12/31/11 11:26 PM
The Northwest MLS area of Colorado Springs offers some of the best locations and views in the city. Most of the homes are served by Academy District 20 schools or District 11 schools.This area is close to the Air Force Academy, Colorado College, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs as well as the tech companies and downtown. As you see in the sold data, houses in the area average a little over 3,100 square feet. Data is for houses that closed between March 20th and December 20th of 2010 and 2011.2010 - 246 houses sold … (1 comments)

colorado springs: Market Report - Briargate area of Colorado Springs - 12/30/11 07:55 PM
The Briargate area of Colorado Springs includes an extensive master planned community. The homes are served by Academy District 20 schools. There are two relatively new hospitals in the community. Memorial Hospital North and St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center which has been rated in the top 50 in the United States. The sold data reflects the area with houses averaging about 3,000 square feet and selling for a median price of $275,000.Data is for houses that closed between March 20th and December 20th of 2010 and 2011.2010 - 429 houses sold "Based on … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Market Report - Single family homes in the Pinecliff area of Colorado Springs - 12/24/11 03:28 PM
Pinecliff is a venerable neighborhood of choice for owners wanting to be near major employers and educational institutions in Colorado Springs. It is just west of I-25 and just north of Garden of the Gods Road. Just across I-25 is the campus of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Pinecliff is also close to the many of the tech industries including the large Hewlett-Packard facility.Downtown and Colorado College are just over 10 minutes away.Pinecliff homes are zoned to Academy District 20 schools.The majority of the 400+ houses were built between the early 70’s and mid 2000’s.Older … (0 comments)

colorado springs: Paradise Villas Grove ~ a gated patio home community near Gleneagle - 12/22/11 04:05 PM
Paradise Villas Grove is a gated patio home community that is located on Struthers Road just off of I-25 at the Northgate exit. It is just a couple of minutes from the Gleneagle Gold Course. These are two units which share a common wall. My wife and I leased a unit a couple of years ago and found it a very nice place to live. All lawn maintenance is taken care of and if the snow gets more than a few inches deep the association has a crew in to clear it including shoveling right up to your … (3 comments)

colorado springs: Crave Real Burgers comes to Colorado Springs - 12/07/11 04:53 PM
Tired of the same old ho-hum burger? Well check out Crave Real Burgers at:7465 N. Academy Blvd.Colorado Springs, CO 80920719-264-7919

Here is their home page: this page describes all of their burgers: the:Fatty Melt3 Little PigsDim Sum DaffyNutty professor - yes peanut butter on a burgerKrustyLove Stinks,and moreA hostess will seat you. ESPN is on the TV’s but the sound is down and rock music is playing (I was there at lunch, maybe they turn the ESPN sound on for games).Burgers run $7 to $11+ and include french fries. They have shakes, beer and wine.When you order a burger … (0 comments)

colorado springs: Market Report - Stetson Hills area of Colorado Springs - Heights at Templeton Place subdivision - 11/30/11 11:18 PM
The Heights at Templeton subdivision (also known as Templeton Heights) is 130+ houses in the Stetson Hills area of Colorado Springs.  

Built in the early 2000’s the homes vary in size from under 1,500 square feet to nearly 5,000 square feet. 48 of the houses have a 3 car or over sized gargage of 462 square feet or larger.Only 10 of the houses are ranch (single floor) and they are all less than 1,500 square feet. The rest of the houses are two story.There is extensive shopping on Powers Blvd. just a few minutes away. The Heights … (0 comments)

colorado springs: Market Report - Briargate area of Colorado Springs - Charleston Place subdivision - 11/30/11 08:23 PM
The Briargate area of Colorado Springs includes the Charleston Place subdivision which was built in the late 90’s. The 400+ houses are in an ideal location, close to highly acclaimed District 20 schools, shopping and both major Colorado Springs roads, I-25 and Powers Blvd.

The majority of the houses are two story with a basement. There are a smattering of ranch (single story) and split level houses.
Data is for houses that closed between April 20th and November 20th of 2010 and 2011.

"Based on information from the Pikes Peak REALTOR Services Corp. … (0 comments)

colorado springs: Market Report - some of the “best value” homes for 1st time buyers in Colorado Springs - 11/30/11 03:33 PM
Buyers tend to want the newest house they can afford. In Colorado Springs those houses typically sell for $100 per finished square foot or more.But there is a special “best value” niche of houses that most 1st time buyers over look. These are the “executive” homes built between 1950 and 1960. These are houses with at least 2,000 finished square feet, which was 2-3 times the typical house built during this era.Why should you consider these houses?Location, location, location - many of these houses are in the best locations in the city and have terrific views.Building materials - ask any veteran … (0 comments)

colorado springs: Colorado Springs, Briargate, Pine Creek area, Creekside Estates market report 5/1/2011 to 9/30/2011 compared to the same period in 2010 - 10/31/11 09:13 PM

Creekside Estates adjoins the Pine Creek subdivision at the north end of the Briargate area. The subdivision straddles Old Ranch Road. Some of the houses back up to open space. There is a community park at the end of Amberwood Lane.

The 210+ houses in Creekside Estates were built from 1991 to 2003 with most constructed in the mid 90’s. Two thirds are two story and the rest are one story.
Minimum total square footage is 2,300+, the maximum 4,600+ and the average is 3,300+.
Between 5/1/2010 and 9/30/2010 there were 2 sales and for the same … (0 comments)

colorado springs: Colorado Springs, Rockrimmon, Woodstone market report 5/1/2011 to 9/30/2011 compared to the same period in 2010. - 10/31/11 05:56 PM

Woodstone is a large subdivision of 270+ homes in the Rockrimmon area. Most of the homes were built from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s.

Variety is the name of the game in Woodstone. Floor plans vary from ranchers to 5 level homes. Square footage varies from 1,273 to 4,889.
The houses in the community are zoned to Academy District 20 schools.
Given that the square footage and year built varies so much, asking prices in Woodstone run from the low 200’s to low 400’s.
Between 5/1/2010 and 9/30/2010 there were 5 sales and for … (1 comments)

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