colorado springs: We’re half way through the decade. 3 expectations before 2020. - 11/04/15 11:49 AM
Whew! We are half way through the "twenty-tens."
Y2K was 15 years ago.
Does time fly or what?
Here are a few predictions for the next 5 years.
Smartphone makers are stuck. What was the last big advance in smartphone technology? Other than a bendable screen, most new phones are just extensions of existing features. Phone makers are desperately trying to distinguish themselves, so far, with various “less than compelling” features. A big feature break through could sell millions of phones.
Here come the drones. Package deliveries and better real time traffic reports will be a given but what other uses (and negative uses) will come … (3 comments)

colorado springs: The new under cabinet amenity - 11/03/15 12:03 PM
Most of us do fairly well at keeping up with our cell phone or tablet until it needs recharging.
You plug it in by your bed, in the home office, etc., while you are working in the kitchen and then promptly leave home without it.
Can you have too many places to recharge you devices?
Now you can have an under cabinet recharging station or a “device barn.”
Check out images of various implementations here:

colorado springs: Put them on the diagonal (no not tiles) - 11/03/15 11:45 AM
Somethings don’t get better with age. One of those is the battle of how to store large silverware such as big spatulas, pancake turners, serving spoons, tongs, etc.
As a rule you have a couple of choices.
# 1 Put them in a big jar or other container on a counter top or in the pantry.
# 2 Try to keep them in a drawer. Where they will promptly get themselves all tangled up.
I can’t tell you how many times my wife has asked me to come in and get a stuck drawer open. The culprits are invariably the afore mentioned cutlery.
Now, one of … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Will this end showing houses in person? - 11/03/15 10:47 AM
Seeing houses in person is a hassle:
# 1 Seller has to keep the house showing ready at all times
# 2 We have to set appointments
# 3 Buyers want to bring the kids, the dog, the family, etc.
# 4 Listing agents want feedback, right now!!!
# 5 We have to own and maintain a car that is “appropriate.”
# 6 Buyer has forgotten most of what they saw. They may want to go back again.
What if there were a way???
Scheduled for the first quarter of 2016, Oculus will introduce “Rift,” the next generation of virtual reality.
A video is made of the property.
Buyer, at their … (8 comments)

colorado springs: Do you call it when you "see three?" - 11/03/15 09:15 AM
What I know about high fashion would take less space than the head of a pin. Way less :)
However, I have heard that when fashion watchers see the same trend or “micro trend” on the runways they “call it.”
I’m told this is a die-hard rule.
How often do you have to see a trend or micro trend in real estate before you “call it” as being “in?”

colorado springs: The money is coming, the money is coming, is your house on the market? - 11/03/15 08:54 AM
We are coming into the season where prospective buyers are most likely to get a cash infusion.
It may be a holiday or end of year gift from family or a job related bonus or commission.
Then right after the first of the year the tax refunds arrive.
Sellers in all price ranges would do well to have their houses impeccably ready to show and priced right.

colorado springs: Something to watch for when the client wants 5 acres for a horse - 11/03/15 08:24 AM
A five acre tract is a common request, especially from someone who wants to get a horse. They may have ridden in their youth and now want to buy a horse and some land.
I am working with such a client right now. They asked me about a certain parcel they had found online. In addition to all of the other extensive due diligence I do, I looked at the aerial photos of the property and noticed that while the properties a little distance away had green grass and vegetation, this property and those around it had very little vegetation and what … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Think you’ve seen it all? Here is a hot new (to me) trend! - 11/02/15 09:51 AM
I just returned from visiting family in California. My precious niece Courtney mentioned that the top item on her bucket list was – a “she shed.” A what?
Once Courtney explained what it is and showed me some pictures I was reminded of the presentation Virginia Woolf made back in 1928 entitled “ A Room of One's Own.”
The guys have had their man caves, it is high time for more “she sheds.”
While the picture above shows some gardening implements you will find she sheds outfitted an a myriad of ways.
And least you think “she sheds” are just a cute fad, Barbara … (3 comments)

colorado springs: Who is going to do the work and where will they live? - 10/27/15 12:37 PM
The Census Bureau tells us now that 36% of people between the 65-69 work, and about half of those are working full time.  That percentage drops to 12.4% of people 70 and over, who continue to work.
The states where people are more likely to work later in life than the national average include:
Washington DC
New Jersey
Rhode Island
New York
For some of these states the high cost of living is an easy explanation. But some of these are not high cost of living states.
Do you think more and more people will work later in life?
How will that impact where they live and the type … (2 comments)

colorado springs: One really big and accurate weather man!!! - 10/23/15 12:09 PM
I am not talking about the gentlemen and ladies on our local TV. They are wonderful but unfortunately are human.
Sometimes, if you want a really accurate weather forecast, you need a really big, non-human weather forecaster.
Fortunately for those of us in Colorado Springs we have just that.
He is big, over 14,000 feet tall and easy to spot from anywhere in town.
You guessed it, Pikes Peak.
When Fall comes and we see a mantle of snow on ”Mr. Pike,” as my grandkids call the mountain, we know we will have our first snow here in town within the next couple of weeks.
Goodbye Summer, … (6 comments)

colorado springs: A super easy trick to get their attention! - 10/22/15 03:40 PM
Visuals are crucial when you are presenting to a group. For all the grief they get, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. make it easy to look good on screen.
But sometimes you need a momentary break in your slide show.
If it is at a planned place you could put in a plain black or white slide.
But often we want to take a break when someone asks a question or brings up a good point.
Going to a black or white screen without losing your place gives you a chance to take the focus off the screen and have it return to you.
This can be especially … (3 comments)

colorado springs: What 3 things in your life, do you next expect to become automated? - 10/22/15 02:55 PM
At our house we have the usual automated appliances.
The ice maker works around the clock and stops when the bin is full.
The dishwasher washes the dishes in the middle of the night.
Our DVR dutifully records TV shows for us to watch when we want, not when they were broadcast.
The sprinkler system does its’ thing.
And our robot vacuum cleaner cleans up the grandkids crumbs.
So what are the next 3 things that you think we may see in our lives?
Here are some I can see becoming reality sooner than later.
# 1 Driverless cars. I know, I know. You are saying to … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Will the US migration to the west / northwest states continue? - 10/18/15 07:28 PM
With the exception of North Dakota (shale), Washington DC, the Charlotte to Atlanta corridor, and Florida, there is an ongoing migration to the west / northwest states in our country.
Some only move as far west as Texas, while some go all the way to Washington state.
Many of those migrating to the west / northwest states are younger people or those attracted to the STEM employment opportunities these “western” states offer.
Do you see this trend continuing indefinitely?
If not, what might reverse it?

colorado springs: Sellers, does your house have enough “Green” points to be appealing? - 10/16/15 12:00 PM
Each buyer has their own set of values and preferences.  And as a seller, sometimes it can be hard to differentiate your house from all the similar houses in the subdivision.
One area that most sellers ignore could be an opportunity for you to catch the eye of a “green” oriented buyer.
The following “green” checklist is used by appropriate inspectors to evaluate how green your house is and whether it might qualify for green certification.
Even if you choose not to go through the certification process you might want to point out the various green features your home has.

colorado springs: Before you buy a home automation system – read this. - 10/16/15 11:47 AM
The world of the Jetson’s comes closer to reality all the time. (That aerocar is going to be a blast!!!)
Home automation systems are becoming more popular but they have run into a possible conflict with requirements that houses have Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI’s).
Consumers are complaining about having spent thousands of dollars for home automation only to find that it is not working well with AFCI’s.
Before you buy a home automation system do extensive due diligence on the Internet to get a feel for whether or not you may encounter a problem.
The issue is compounded by the fact that a brand … (0 comments)

colorado springs: You may have been “back stabbed” and not know it. - 10/16/15 11:34 AM
“Back stabbing” in the electrical world is when the installing contractor is allowed to stab wires into small holes in a receptacle or switch instead of fastening them under a screw head. Most (if not all) electricians have stories of problems caused by back stabbing.
While it would be ideal to replace all of the cheap builder grade receptacles and switches in your house with quality parts and have the wires securely fastened under screw heads there are at least four receptacles in particular that you should ask your electrician to change out:
# 1 Any circuit that has a motor or compressor … (0 comments)

colorado springs: What defines a luxury home in your market? - 10/06/15 03:44 PM
As an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) I make it a point to look online, and in person when possible, at luxury homes across the country.
A luxury home in the Northeast typically varies greatly from one in the South, the mountain states, or California.
One of our luxury listings here in Colorado
If a relocation buyer was coming to your area and asked to see luxury homes, (and you couldn’t quiz them about what that meant to them) what would your minimum criteria be?
Is a good view crucial in your area?
What about minimum square feet?
Are there particular cabinet woods in your area most … (2 comments)

colorado springs: The person showing you this house is going to rip you off BIG TIME! - 09/21/15 08:44 AM
Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live. We are nestled just under the majestic Pikes Peak and have forests, and meadows galore.
We have 5 military installations and a conservative voting record.
Gangs are seldom seen or mentioned.
And we have great weather with less snow than people imagine.
An ideal to place to live.
Which is why you would never suspect that we have rental scammers.
Without publicizing just how to do it, it is very easy for a scammer to gain access to vacant houses. They do it even if the owner lives here in town.
So the number one caution I give anyone looking … (2 comments)

colorado springs: Comstock Village in the west side aka Rockrimmon, of Colorado Springs - 09/20/15 05:25 PM
One of the larger neighborhoods in the west side Rockrimmon area is Comstock Village. A mature community of 595 homes nestled in the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Comstock Village has large trees and abundant indigenous wildlife.

Homeowners in Comstock Village enjoy a wide variety of views. These views include thickets of trees, hillside views, mountain views, which in some cases include Pikes Peak.
In keeping with Colorado Springs heritage of parks, trails and open space, there are forty four acres of common areas and trails encompassed within the boundaries of Comstock Village.
Before deciding to buy in the … (1 comments)

colorado springs: Woodstone in the Rockrimmon area (west side) of Colorado Springs - 09/20/15 02:56 PM
With houses built in the mid 80’s to late 90’s, Woodstone is a subdivision of 270+ homes in the west side of Colorado Springs which goes by the general description of being the Rockrimmon area.

Floor plans vary from ranchers to 5 level homes. Square footage varies from 1,273 to 4,889.
These homes are just a few miles west of I-25 but the mountain views can make you think you are miles away from the city.
The houses in Woodstone are zoned to Academy District 20 schools.
Just north of Woodstone is the Air Force Academy so you will see plenty of pilots training. While … (0 comments)

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