foreclosures: Franklin County, Ohio Foreclosures Priced $200,000 to $300,000 - 04/03/12 06:07 PM
Franklin County, Ohio forecloses priced from $200,000 to $300,000
Foreclosure or REO or HUD homes. The Real Living HER search on my site is for REO / HUD.
What's a HUD home?  Read  HUD Homes Jeopardy... on my Columbus Ohio real estate site. Thanks to Angie who wrote the article that I "Re-Blogged." Angie is an expert on HUD homes.
The majority of the Franklin County, Ohio homes in the searches are not all actually HUD Homes... most are REO (real estate owned... bank owned homes.) Our brokerage IDX (what allows consumers to see the MLS or multiple listing service) lumps … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Worthington, Ohio Foreclosures - 04/02/12 11:21 AM

I'd like to call them HUD and REO homes because that is what the Real Living HER search calls the homes.  The search field is HUD homes and REO homes...  I see lots of REO homes but no HUD homes in the search results , today. 
Worthington foreclosures priced under $100,000
Worthington foreclosures priced from $100,000 to $200,000   Worthington foreclosures priced from $200,000 to $300,000   Worthington foreclosures - HUD and  REO homes   What is a "HUD home"? I learned a couple of years ago locally to NOT to call HUD homes "foreclosures." Here is … (1 comments)

foreclosures: Bank of America to resume foreclosures - 10/19/10 01:47 AM
Back in business?  I believe reading Chris's post Ohio is one of the states where Bank of America will again be back in business foreclosing?  We are a judicial foreclosure state?
Thanks to Chris in San Diego for allowing a Re-Blog of the news.  Chris is a real estate agent?  I can not find his companies name.  His ActiveRain profile says:
"Hey Everyone! Short sale savvy agent working in San Diego. My goal with each client is to make them feel like they have a tangible level of care provided to them. "  

Say … (8 comments)

foreclosures: Foreclosure Frustation - Information Please... - 03/19/10 01:04 AM
Foreclosure Frustration - Information Please...
Trulia Voices

"I have resorted to looking up property owners"  Barefoot said on Trulia Voices.  Barefoot a Home Buyer's question could just as likely be asked on Zillow, ActiveRain or other online real estate sites.   You as a consumer have lots of places online to get information about Foreclosures... but are they Foreclosures?  Are the properties on the list for sale now or ever?
Barefoot Home Buyer wrote "I found a property I would like to make an offer on"
Is the property for sale?
I seldom answer questions on Trulia, Zillow or … (5 comments)

foreclosures: - good news for Columbus home sellers - 02/07/10 07:07 AM - good news for Columbus home sellers brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER
Recently published a white paper about foreclosures.  I Re-Blogged the information shared by Sara Bonert a Zillow employee,  Foreclosures sell at 72% of market price nationally
Columbus is one of the markets in the report.  There is a table showing figures for Columbus and other national real estate markets. good news for Columbus home sellers / bad news for banks / good news for buyers 
Only 19% of Central Ohio sales were foreclosures Bad news for sellers  (the seller is … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Foreclosures in Columbus good news for buyers - 02/04/10 02:07 AM
Foreclosures in Columbus good news for buyers brought to you by Maureen McCabe Real Living HER
*  did a white paper on Foreclosures Nationally...  I shared Foreclosures sell at 72% of market price nationally which was a Re-Blog of Sara Bonert a Zillow employee's post, which came from the white paper.
What's the point?  The study was to see if there two separate markets?  Are foreclosed homes one market and the other homes a separate market?  Or is it all the same market?
In the table on Sara's and thus on my Re-Blog of it, it shows the figures for various … (3 comments)

foreclosures: Buying a bank owned home - 10/09/09 05:42 AM
Buying a bank owned home 
Real estate in 2009 !
I wanted to Re-Blog Lisa Wetzel's post... How to buy a bank owned home! in fact I did but the size of the video infringed on my sidebar on my outside blogs.... This is too good to just laugh about with those in the real estate industry... the "end users" deserves to laugh about it too...
National Foreclosure Search

foreclosures: May I Cut your Grass Mister? - 09/25/09 03:40 AM
This is a Re-Blog of a post from Jim  with Real Living in Florida...the problem with vacant homes is national...   some areas more than others.
Ah, memories of a young lad walking from house to house, looking to make a little pocket change. Fast forward to present day and many neighborhoods are looking shabby and homeowners are up in arms at the appearance of their neighbors houses due to foreclosures and bank owned properties.
A simple solutions. They can just cut the lawn for them (as noone else seems to want to) and make it look presentable. There's only … (3 comments)

foreclosures: Columbus foreclosure..."Is this home still available?" - 06/22/09 11:52 PM

"Is this home still available?" is the question this particular buyer has asked more than once on Trulia about Columbus foreclosure properties that are advertised by Realty Trac on Trulia.
They are properties which were slated for auction at sheriff's sale,  Those she's inquiring about now  the sheriff's sale auctions were in May.
Answers about Sheriff's Sale of real estate are on the Franklin County sheriff's website. One of the properies she inquired about yesterday is in MLS as a short sale listed four days before the foreclosure auction...Yet the sheriff's sale site shows it sold at sheriff's sale...

foreclosures: How do I find a great foreclosure deal? an email inquiry - 06/22/09 05:32 AM
This is a "Re-blog" of a post from Guy Adams a Real Living agent in the Cinci market about finding "foreclosure deals" in his market. 
On 06/19/09 1:52 PM, Melanie wrote:--------------------I notice that your profile says you have experience in foreclosures. I have a friend who is interested in purchasing a foreclosure property. How does one go about finding and purchasing these properties?
Feel free to message me on LinkedIn or send an email to me directly at ****** I also can be reached by phone at ********
Thank you!
Melanie,While there are certainly no lack of websites offering … (2 comments)

foreclosures: Ohio Home Foreclosures "the sun will come out tomorrow" - 03/12/09 03:57 AM
I was reading the latest news about national home foreclosures from Realty Trac online. Well skimming the article is more like it...  I skimmed "Realtytrac Feb forclosures rise setback market"  anyway...
I skim for Ohio...  my eyes caught the state and regions in the headlines.
I saw California, Nevada, Florida... over and over as I skimmed.   I saw Arizona but I did not see Ohio... as I skimmed... when  "Sunbelt cities post top metro foreclosure rates" I was thinking the news was not that gloomy for Ohio and they, those sunbelt cities... have sun... we sometimes don't see it for … (4 comments)

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