seller representation: Picture Shopping for a New Home - 01/11/12 09:47 AM

I was excited that a new listing had come on the market.  It was a home I had listed and sold a couple of years ago and actually had resold just months later when that buyer was quickly transferred again.  So when it came up for sale I just knew it was a match for my client who has been looking on and off for the last year for that special home. 
I quickly sent the listing information and Customer MLS information via email to my client and explained how wonderful of a … (9 comments)

seller representation: Are You An Average Realtor? - 10/24/11 11:09 AM

Many Realtors when determining the value of a property utilize the Average Cost per Square Foot Method.  Simple enough.  You pull up the neighborhood on MLS, pull the sales for the last six months or so.  Do the math to determine what the average price per foot for the sales comes to then you apply that number to the square footage of the home .. Bingo you have the answer. A third grade mathematics exercise that Realtors trust to be the best way to determine the price a home is worth.
What if I were to tell you that … (15 comments)

seller representation: Do Appraisers Have You Running Scared? - 08/21/11 04:35 AM

I heard it again yesterday from a potential seller - Appraisers are just suppressing our home values!  The word has finally reached the more informed public, there are challenges in selling the home and now the blame is being aimed at the appraisers. The thought of appraisers can bring a chill up the spine and a big gulp, will I have a valuation issue?
Finally, the difficulty of the home value challenge has shifted some from the agent onto the hurdle of the appraisal.  It use to be when I delivered the message about the value estimate of the … (50 comments)

seller representation: The Lender Letter - Helpful or Harmful? - 03/16/11 02:34 AM
The letter that a buyer's agent provides with an offer to demonstrate to the seller that they are well qualified for the property.  The handhold that the seller relies upon to give insight as to the buyer's qualification and first impression concerning the offer and financial strength they bring to the table.
I love to receive these lender letters and comb through them for varied elements of information.  Dear Mr. & Mrs. Buyer,  Congratulations, you are pre-approved for a loan amount of $200,000 with XXX terms.  Yea, they can afford above a $200,000 sales price.  Yet my listing is priced for … (15 comments)

seller representation: When Do You Disclose Death on a Property? - 03/04/11 12:08 AM
The duty to disclose.  The seller's disclosure is a critical part of selling a property.  The seller has a responsibility to reveal pertinent facts that a buyer would want and need to have knowledge about the property.
I had an interesting question posed to me by an associate in our office.  In the case of suicide what responsibility does the agent who knows intimately about the event and heirs have to disclose the information?
In the State of Texas Seller's Disclosure document it addresses death on a property.  It asks - Has there been a death on the premises … (14 comments)

seller representation: The Practice of Relaxed Real Estate - 02/28/11 02:38 PM
The good old boy approach of working a transaction with another agent.  Especially found in small communities where the real estate agents know each other well.  Big cities are filled with agents that are just as guilty.  A mutual trust to verbally work things through and trust the other agent is holding up their part of responsibilities on their side of the transaction.
I call that kind of real estate practice - relaxed real estate.  Unfortunately in real estate one cannot afford to be loose on their responsibilities and ignore proper procedures.  The best way for a contract offer to … (8 comments)

seller representation: When Do You Share the News about a Possible Offer? - 02/25/11 12:16 AM
You get that call we love to receive ... my client is going to make an offer on your listing!  The question - when is it appropriate to share this news with your sellers? 
Why hesitate or when do you  launch that call to paint the happy picture of the offer soon to be in hand?
Hesitation- wait, wait, no offer.  Follow up, excuses. Tick, tock and then no offer.  If you have been in the business for even a short time you would have experienced that awful wait and then disappointment.  Your listing of course has had no … (17 comments)

seller representation: How Does An Appraiser Measure This? - 02/21/11 09:30 AM
I am very fortunate to have this gorgeous home to look at everyday as it is near my office building.  It took a couple of years to build and as you can see has substantial living area. 
As a certified appraiser I am often asked what will contribute to living area on a home as it is often confusing and a source for liability.  Some key tips on how living area is defined and view by an appraiser.
The area must be finished and is vented for heating and cooling.  (At least in Texas we have weather extremes so … (9 comments)

seller representation: Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride - 02/15/11 11:30 AM
Your listing has been shown and the interest is high.  You receive the exciting call, second, third showing with the same buyer.  You follow up with the buyer's agent and are told your home is one of the top 3 under consideration.  Then the news ...
Your home was the second choice for my client and they have moved forward on an offer on another property. 
The same scenario repeats itself again and possibly again.  What can you as a listing agent do to make your home the one that becomes the bride?
Pricing - At this point … (17 comments)

seller representation: You Spoke with Heart - 02/13/11 02:50 PM
I answered a phone call and was excited to hear from a client I had represented as their listing agent about 2 years ago.  They were moving back to the area as a job position became available with his company and they missed our community. 
I was honored that they now were wanting to work with me as their buyers agent to find them their new home.  I expressed appreciation for the opportunity and told them I was very flattered that they kept me in mind for this very important task.  The response is one that I will always remember … (9 comments)

seller representation: What Clients Have Invested In You - 01/20/11 09:38 AM
When we get the call to go on a listing appointment, we prepare a great presentation.  Aspects of our service are covered from our commitment for marketing to how our experience will enhance their selling opportunity.  The conversation continues to explain that at our risk we assume the costs for varied promotional pieces, staff, etc. all to make this a exceptional experience for them. 
Did we ever step back to consider, if the shoe were on the other foot, what do you invest as a seller to your Realtor? 
Faith that they will perform as they have committed. Commitment … (7 comments)

seller representation: Can We Have the Keys? - 12/29/10 04:18 AM
"Placing the cart before the horse" is what I refer to when asked that question. 
Before a transaction closes the anxious buyers request the keys to the home to move items in, maybe just to the garage area.  Surely there is no harm in just placing a few things in the home before it officially closes. 
Your heart strings will be tugged to varied reasons and circumstances that the keys should be yield over. We have heard them all.
Movers will be there and we thought it would be closed by now. Just a little delay from the lender but … (117 comments)

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