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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
You may be using Facebook and Twitter as a business tool.You're posting your listings, announcing your sales, and sharing information for buyers and sellers. You're also staying in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence.But what about the people who use these sites for recreation?Wh...
Thanks to Smart Zip Analytics for creating a webinar recap filled with ideas you can use.If you're looking for a boost, try one or more of these...   Did you attend our recent webinar with Bob Stewart on ActiveRain? In just under an hour, we covered seven top ways that agents make an indelible im...
Did you know – there are even more kinds of copywriters than kinds of real estate agents.The overall term “copywriter” encompasses a great many specialties, and only some of them are related to making sales.Copywriters create catalog product descriptions, inserts in prescription medications, inst...
From my Thursday newsletter - thanks to a suggestion from a reader... When you’re dealing with other people’s money – especially when it’s a great deal of money – the threat of liability is always there. Sometimes all parties have good intentions and something goes wrong, but once in a while ther...
No, I know they aren’t really hiding. After all, they have their own websites.But they’re not allowing themselves to be found by potential buyers – and certainly not by individuals who may want to relocate to their area.They’re also not asking to be found by those in their community who might wan...
Have you shunned old-school methods of self-promotion in favor of social media and email? Do you think that staying in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence can be accomplished by posting regularly on Facebook or Pinterest?Do you think that having a web site with a search function ...
Dozens of experts are telling us that we need to write at least 1,000 words in a blog post if we want Google to notice us. While a whole lot of us don't like to read them, let alone write them, there's that little nagging thought: "But I should."That's why an agent asked me how to write a 1,000 w...
Are there businesses in your life whose emails, letters, and phone calls make you react with "Not that again?"There are in mine. The two that come to mind first are Consumer Reports and Sirius.We've discontinued subscriptions with both of them, but they won't give up! I get mail or email from Con...
When you’re selling real estate (or providing any other service), you naturally want to do a little better each year. After all, your living expenses do rise each year. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Sometimes you get stuck. Your income might not go down, but it doesn’t go up, either...
If you’re a new real estate agent, your broker or manager has probably told you to contact your sphere of influence and let them know that you’re now an agent.Your first thought might be “My sphere of influence? I don’t have any influence!” I know that’s what I thought the first time I heard it.A...

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