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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
For years, real estate agents have advised sellers to remove all signs that a dog lives there before the home is shown. They’ve said “Hide the dog beds, the food bowls, the toys, etc.” And of course, they want the dogs out of the house for showings.Getting them out of the house is still a good id...
Ron and Alexandra Seigel are THE experts in branding and luxury marketing. Here they lay out a step-by-step plan for finding - and appealing to - the under-served marketing niche in your territory.  Do the research - make the plan - and reap the rewards!   We are often asked how does one find th...
Want your email opened? Avoid saying “Learn…”Bob Bly’s monthly collection of marketing tidbits arrived this morning – and of course contained items worth sharing.For instance:***Words to use and avoid in subject lines*** A recent British research report tells copywriters which words in subject li...
Do you owe it to clients to prevent them from making dumb mistakes?Do you owe it to them to correct their easily correctible mistakes? Or should you just ignore it, thinking "It's their money (or  reputation)."This was my question today when I viewed a sign on a business we passed by.It was a sep...
For some reason, this morning I got to thinking about surnames - and colors. We meet people named White, Black, Gray, Brown, and Green, but I've never met anyone named Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red, Pink, or Blue.Have you?There was once a shadowy would-be mountain man here who went by the name of B...
Real estate marketing grammar – is it farther or further?Does that one ever confuse you? It did me, and not long ago I read that it even confused master marketer Bob Bly.Today, while writing my Thursday newsletter, I needed to use one of those words. So – I went to my old trusty source, Grammar G...
Gina McKinley offers a wise list for cutting down the number of homes you need to show before a buyer can make a decision.I especially like her "don't want" list. When was the last time you showed buyers what felt like an endless number of homes?  Showing property after property to indecisive buy...
We all want more traffic to our websites, right? The more people who see what we have to offer, the more customers/clients we’ll attract.Usually articles about increasing SEO leave me feeling “helpless and hopeless.” When the instructions get beyond using good keywords and creating more and more ...
A successful businessman I once knew often said “You don’t have to tell everything you know.” He was, of course, referring to giving too much information to those who might use it against you in the future – either personally or in business negotiations.You follow this advice when you tell your b...
 A client sent me this link today with a note: "I love this list."I agreed with him - this site has several good lists to prepare homeowners for their photo shoot.However, there are two important pieces missing.How many minutes will it take you to spot them?

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