agent bios: Sometimes it’s good to “talk too much” - 07/21/17 10:26 AM
A successful businessman I once knew often said “You don’t have to tell everything you know.” He was, of course, referring to giving too much information to those who might use it against you in the future – either personally or in business negotiations.
You follow this advice when you tell your buyers or sellers not to speak with the agents or principals on the “other side” of the transaction. They might reveal information the other side doesn’t need to know – like the reason for their move.
Wise people also follow it when they refrain from indulging in office gossip. Even if … (7 comments)

agent bios: No, web visitors won’t read a whole page of copy – unless… - 04/20/17 02:14 PM
The battle between long copy and short copy will probably still be raging when our great-grandchildren are adults.
Some say you MUST have 2,000 words if you expect Google to find you. Others say that web visitors won’t read more than 200 words. Both theories have been proven wrong – over and over again.
I sent a bio to a client a week or so ago and he wrote back to say it was way too long (at 400 words) because people only have a 9 second attention span. I disagreed, but "The customer is always right."
The truth is – there are … (34 comments)

agent bios: Why you should get personal in your agent bio... - 09/29/16 09:15 AM
Today’s message was inspired by an email from a client. I finished her bio last week and she was happy with it. But then… she showed it to a friend.
The friend first said that (at 455 words), it was too long – nobody reads that much any more. Long copy vs. short copy is, of course, the topic of hot debate among both experienced and inexperienced marketers.
“Everybody” says they don’t read long copy, but … tests show that long copy sells more products than short copy. My opinion is that it depends on the quality of the copy and … (41 comments)

agent bios: Not all writers agree: Online Profiles - 05/04/16 07:34 AM
Not all writers agree…
This morning's e-mail brought a message about how to write an effective on-line profile.  The sender was writing about profiles in general, not just real estate, but I still disagree with much of what she advised.
Her first point was "Be friendly," and of course your bio should show you as a friendly, approachable person. However, I think the best bios/profiles are written in 3rd person, so her advice to begin with "Hi, thanks for visiting" is not something I'd recommend.
She also recommended using a bit of humor, which is generally a poor idea, because it can backfire. I'd … (10 comments)

agent bios: Wow, Copy by Marte is in REALTORMag - 05/15/15 05:38 AM
And if you can't guess... I'm pretty tickled to have that kind of exposure!
Back in February I got a call from Melissa Dittmann Tracey, a writer for REALTORMag. She asked if I would talk with her about agent bios, and if she could use quotes from me for an article she was writing.
Of course I said yes!
We talked and she said the article would be published in April. She was about to go on maternity leave, so was in a hurry to get it finished and turned in.
April came and I tried to find the article… with no success, because I didn't … (25 comments)

agent bios: Yes, you ARE special! - 02/07/13 08:08 AM
Every real estate agent is different, and while I'll be among the first to admit that some are non-agents and some are simply lazy louts who let other agents do their work, none of that variety hangs out at Active Rain, so I know I'm safe in saying "Yes, you ARE special!"
 What brought this on?
 Once again I find myself writing for an agent who simply doesn't believe it. I know he's doing something right because he's got the credentials and the production to prove it, but he doesn't believe that he does anything more or different than any other … (8 comments)

agent bios: Why You Should "Get Personal" With Blog Posts and Agent Bios - 06/22/11 10:07 AM
Today’s Daily Drop brought a thoughtful post by Donna Harris about blogging. She related how her personal blog posts bring her just as much (or more) business as her real estate posts.
Donna contends that people want to know who you are – and I couldn’t agree more.
That’s why, when I write agent bios, I encourage my real estate clients to let me share something about their personal lives.
Many are concerned about security, and I understand that. There’s no way that I’d post a picture of my beautiful little grand-daughter and give out information that would … (7 comments)

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