real estate marketing: Write more compelling property descriptions - 04/25/18 10:33 AM
You write a property description for every one of your listings, and when you're writing for MLS you're often limited to what I think are too few words. You’re also confined to one long paragraph, which stinks, but there it is.
That means you need to make every one of those words count. After all, those descriptions could be the key to more showings and faster offers.
In some markets today, I suppose it doesn't matter, but in others, every bit of marketing matters.
So why do so many agents repeat what's in the details section – such as the number of bedrooms and … (27 comments)

real estate marketing: The best real estate agent in the city of... - 04/20/18 04:07 PM
Real estate agents make all sorts of claims about their listings and about their services.
Some of those claims - like saying that  your waterfront listing has the finest beach or the most beautiful view on the lake - are classified as puffery and are largely ignored by the general public. (That's one reason why adding those statements to your property descriptions is a waste of time and space.)
Everyone knows they're a matter of opinion and not a statement of fact. No one is going to simply take your word for it and come back to sue you later if they … (20 comments)

real estate marketing: Why are all those agents hiding? - 03/26/18 03:08 PM
No, I know they aren’t really hiding. After all, they have their own websites.
But they’re not allowing themselves to be found by potential buyers – and certainly not by individuals who may want to relocate to their area.
They’re also not asking to be found by those in their community who might want to list a home.
So how are they hiding?
By not revealing their location on their websites – or in their email signatures.
This morning I had a note from an agent who asked if I could give him a quote on re-writing the “canned” pages on his site. He also … (27 comments)

real estate marketing: Old School vs Digital Marketing - Don't make that choice! - 03/24/18 12:20 PM
Have you shunned old-school methods of self-promotion in favor of social media and email?
Do you think that staying in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence can be accomplished by posting regularly on Facebook or Pinterest?
Do you think that having a web site with a search function and a “What is my home worth” application is enough to bring new clients to you?
Are you happy to think so because those methods take little time and are virtually free?
And if so – do you have as much business as you want and need to sustain a good living?
OR … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: Persistence is good - peskiness is not! - 03/18/18 11:06 AM
Are there businesses in your life whose emails, letters, and phone calls make you react with "Not that again?"
There are in mine. The two that come to mind first are Consumer Reports and Sirius.
We've discontinued subscriptions with both of them, but they won't give up! I get mail or email from Consumer Reports at least weekly. If I wanted to re-subscribe, I'd have done it!
Sirius is even more persistent - they also call on the phone. This is in spite of the fact that it took me many calls to finally end that subscription. It was my son's, but since … (6 comments)

real estate marketing: Real Estate Marketing Advice From My Wastebasket - 03/13/18 12:26 PM
It all started when I tried to find a particular book on copywriting… I have 5 different book cases and I’m ashamed to say, they haven’t been sorted into any reasonable order. So, I decided I would attempt to do so.
In addition to making a good start on putting copywriting books with copywriting books, gardening books with gardening books, etc., I’ve found all sorts of things that I could toss to free up space and make room for – more books?
Do I really need copies of Consumer’s Digest from ten years ago? Probably not. Do I need a copy of Idaho real … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: Email Marketing That Sells - 03/03/18 01:12 PM
If you're marketing, pay close attention to this post. Nadine really lays it out for us in ways that most real estate agents don't even consider.
So far we’ve walked through what it takes to get an email opened, and then to get someone to actually read it.
Great! But there’s one final step – getting the person to do what you want them to do. Pick up the phone and call you, reply to your email, or set up a consultation.
Once someone is reading your email, how do you get them to actually buy? The secret is the Ladder of Persuasion.
What’s Persuasive … (3 comments)

real estate marketing: It pays to pay attention… - 02/26/18 04:05 PM
It pays to pay attention…
This morning I uploaded my Thursday newsletter and set it to go out mid-day on Thursday, March 1. At least that’s what I thought I did.
Imagine my surprise a few minutes later when I got a reply from a reader. What? How did he get that now?
I soon found out.
For some reason, the calendar on my program went from February 28 back to February 1 – and I didn’t notice it - so the system hurried up and sent it immediately! After all, it was late!
The interesting thing is what I learned.
For a long, long time … (20 comments)

real estate marketing: Why Professional Copywriters Use Simple, Common Words - 02/23/18 09:31 PM
You’ve heard it before: When writing to prospects, use simple, common words that everyone can understand.
If some of your clients are highly educated, they’ll understand what you’re saying. If some are not so well educated, they’ll understand it too. If you aim to impress with your vocabulary, you'll confuse - and lose - part of your audience.
The only reason to write even a word of marketing material is to communicate. You want prospective clients to recognize your worth to them and to choose you among the dozens of others who also want their business.
That means you want your … (13 comments)

real estate marketing: As a marketer – things I won’t do - 02/22/18 02:34 PM
You may have a list of things you won’t do to market your services, even though you know they work for other people.
That might include cold calling, door knocking, or holding open houses. You might also be unwilling to spend hours a day on Facebook and the other social media sites.
If I was still an agent, those activities would be on my list of things I wouldn’t do, simply because I would not enjoy a minute of it.
There are other things I won’t do even though I love to write. When other people do them it makes me delete their emails, … (28 comments)

real estate marketing: Why English Majors and Journalists Have Trouble Writing Marketing Copy - 01/28/18 04:06 PM
Our spoken language and our written language are not exactly the same thing. When we talk, most of us say things that would make our English teachers cringe. We are not “proper.” We even speak in incomplete sentences now and then.
But unless we’re prone to delivering long monologues, we’re usually interesting – not dry and dull. One reason is that most of the time we speak in active voice, rather than passive. We’re more likely to say “Jane, Sue, and I all had fun” than “Fun was had by all.”
I’m not suggesting that you should throw out all the rules of … (30 comments)

real estate marketing: Are you using your business cards to full advantage? - 12/08/17 01:03 PM
I know, there are a whole lot of agents who are so caught up in today’s technology that they believe business cards are about as relevant as buggy whips. They say that they don’t use them – choosing instead to trade contact information with their smart phones.
If that pleases them, fine. I won’t argue, but I do think they’re missing opportunities.
Will the waitress who served your dinner, and for whom you left a generous tip, pull out her phone and take down your contact information? How about that favorite grocery store checker? Would the store manager appreciate it if she (or … (36 comments)

real estate marketing: More on marketing for a super 2018 - 12/01/17 10:24 AM
Nadine Larder wrote a wonderful post full of suggestions for winter marketing, but for some reason the system won't allow me to reblog it!
I got a message saying "You're not allowed." (How rude)
So, to heck with the system; here's the link:
I especially like her suggestion for holding a winter event. Not right now, perhaps, but late in January, when the excitement of the holidays is over and the winter blahs begin to set in for those of us who live in snow country.

real estate marketing: 31 days to the New Year - will you use them well? - 11/30/17 11:08 AM
Wow – only 31 days to a new year. Only 25 to Christmas. I think that means I should start thinking about doing some shopping!
It also means we all should be thinking about how we’ll ring out the old and ring in the new from a business standpoint.
What can we do now to assure a strong first quarter in 2018?
What can you do now to set yourself up for closings in January? How about new listings?
Is it still possible to start and finish another home purchase in 2017? (Sure, if you have a cash buyer or a really speedy … (16 comments)

real estate marketing: I think “Giving Tuesday” is misplaced - 11/28/17 12:51 PM
For the past week we’ve been getting ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and today my mail is full of extensions of those sales.
Now, after we’ve been urged to spend every last dime and then some, along comes Giving Tuesday.
It seems to me that it might have been wiser to put the giving day ahead of the multiple spending days.
Hopefully, we all have a little something left to give to our favorite charities. And hopefully, we’ll all give wisely. I’ve eliminated a few “causes” after visiting sites like Charity Navigator and learning that the bulk of the money they … (10 comments)

real estate marketing: What two disasters result from failing to market yourself? - 11/11/17 02:27 PM
Yes, if you fail to market your services consistently and give up prospecting during busy times, you’re opening the door for two disasters.
You probably already know the first disaster I’ll mention: A roller-coaster income.
What’s the second one? Bad decisions.
I know all the excuses. I was a real estate agent myself for 19 years, remember, so I’ve used them myself. But excuses don’t lead to commission checks, so they do us little good.
Consistent marketing, even during busy times, leads to a consistently full pipeline of new business. It gets you off that roller coaster and into a steady … (6 comments)

real estate marketing: Is a voice search different from a typed search? - 11/03/17 03:05 PM
This isn’t something I’d thought about until yesterday, when I read Bob Bly’s monthly collection of tips and ideas from a variety of marketing publications.
This was shared from Target Marketing, a magazine aimed primarily at direct response marketers. However, since so many buyers begin their home search on line, it seemed worth considering for real estate.
Here’s what Bob shared:
“***Optimize your website for voice-activated search***”

“Comscore predicts that half of searches will be done through
voice by 2020. So you may want to take these steps to do voice
SEO for your site:

>> Rewrite your site copy … (16 comments)

real estate marketing: You’ve got a “Warm” Internet lead… how do you hang on to them? - 10/16/17 04:09 PM
You’ve got a “Warm” Internet lead… how do you hang on to them until they’re ready to act?
Some of those leads you get from your website (or from paid services) are people who will buy or sell in the future, but aren’t quite ready yet.
The way to hang on to them is to stay in touch and never let them forget you, but if you begin sending them sales letters saying they need to use you, pretty soon they’ll see your name and hit the delete button.
I’ll never forget one agent who wrote me every few days to tell me … (20 comments)

real estate marketing: Would this ad prompt you to buy? - 10/06/17 01:29 PM
What constitutes a “Good” ad?
Is it an ad like you’ll see if you watch the Superbowl? No, not really. All too often those ads leave you laughing – but forgetting the name of the product.
A good ad is one that reinforces the name and prompts you to action. Like the restaurant ads that leave my husband wishing that it wasn’t a 60-mile drive to get there for lunch. (That’s the trouble with living in the woods.)
Looking through old posts, I found this story about an ad that was running on TV in 2009. You may still remember it. I do.
It was … (35 comments)

real estate marketing: Are you afraid to blog because you think you don’t “Know enough?” - 10/05/17 09:31 AM
Are you afraid to blog because you think you don’t “Know enough?”
Perhaps you’re new to real estate, so think you can’t give advice to buyers and sellers because you haven’t gained enough experience. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new community and are afraid you don't know enough to write about its amenities. Bob Bly’s letter this morning reminded me of a simple truth: If you’re interested and paying attention to the subject matter, you know more than most people. He quotes master marketer Fred Gleeck as saying “If this is your area of interest and you’ve been studying, you know … (25 comments)

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