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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Have you ever read something that “should” be good and informative, but it was so boring that you just couldn’t keep your mind from wandering?  You can probably blame passive voice. If you’re like me you probably forgot all those grammar terms from High School. After all, you don’t exactly go aro...
Denise's three simple words can make all the difference between being seen as "just another salesperson" or as a caring, helpful individual. This post is about converting open house leads, but could be used in almost any situation. For instance, when you're speaking with a new acquaintance who ha...
How not to attract expired listingsAfter the listing expired on my son's duplex a couple of weeks ago, he got one postcard. As I may have mentioned before, folks around here don't do much prospecting.Here is what that postcard said:"We noticed that your property was listed for sale and that listi...
Not all writers agree… This morning's e-mail brought a message about how to write an effective on-line profile.  The sender was writing about profiles in general, not just real estate, but I still disagree with much of what she advised. Her first point was "Be friendly," and of course your bio sh...
Most of the time I write copy to promote an agent. It might be their bio; it might be a web page for buyers or sellers; it might be a custom prospecting letter or perhaps a brochure.This morning, something unusual came my way. My good friend and client Loretta Maimone called to ask me to write a ...
This morning's mail brought a note from a name I didn't recognize, instructing me to "Please review the attached invoice."I deleted it, thinking that maybe it was a newsletter subscriber and auto fill had simply entered a wrong address.Twenty minutes later I got the same message, but from a diffe...
It's been a year or so since I've mentioned dogs on my blog. That's because it was a year ago that we lost our dearly loved Murphy - age 20 months. He was apparently born with bad kidneys, and no matter what our vets tried, we still had to let him go. It hurt too much to talk about it for a long ...
What a Monday morning surprise! I was working at my computer this morning when a Pay Pal notification came in the email - thanking for me for using my card this morning to the tune of $104.95. Wait a minute... I did not! And since I'm in North Idaho, I sure wasn't buying groceries at a store in S...
Every now and then I hear that someone is afraid to blog because they might make a mistake in spelling or grammar or word usage. I'd like those folks to know that they should simply do their best, ask for help when they need it, and carry on. Because ... errors will happen, no matter how good you...
Yesterday we went to town for breakfast and errands, and spotted an unusual sight going down the highway... We stopped so I could take a picture and as he went by he hollered that he was on his way to Michigan!Now that's a really, really long way from North Idaho, so he might just be passing thro...

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