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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Common knowledge (and common complaints) among real estate agents is the fact that buyers and sellers refuse to take sound advice from them.Some take advice from their brother-in-law, their car mechanic, their child’s first-grade teacher, or a news report before they listen to the professional th...
Yesterday we had to make an unplanned trip into Spokane. One of our stops was at Lowe's, and on my way back to the car, I spotted something that made me stop and look twice.Then I went to the car and got the camera...This was a discount heating, plumbing, and cooling company truck... and I'm gues...
Today's visit to Craig's List got me thinking - how often do misspellings tell the truth? I've seen poorly written MLS comments that may have accurately represented an awful house. I've read descriptions of people with misspellings that really did describe them, too. But today I once again saw an...
How can a bank be so utterly stupid? A few months back my son started getting emails and phone calls from Wells Fargo, urging him to refinance his rental property. Finally he returned one of those calls. The Wells Fargo representative assured him that the process was oh so simple. He wouldn't nee...
What's the purpose of a real estate flyer, a brochure, or a blog post about your new listing?   To gain attention, of course. To get that potential buyer or buyer's agent to stop, look, read, and become interested enough to make an appointment to view the house.   Because more than 90% of homebu...
What Could YOU Do With This?Looking back through 2011 posts on my old, little used website, I came across this story from Bob Bly's newsletter. I enjoyed it then, and still do. So – thought I'd share.***Buy one, get one free***“You’ve got to know how to merchandise if you want to ...
Every now and then an agent tells me that my conversational prospecting letters just won't work for his or her clients. They're too rich, too highly educated, and too sophisticated to respond to words written the way ordinary people speak. That's fine. Everyone doesn't need to use my letters, and...
This morning's e-mail brought a message from a company that sells instruction in both copywriting and photography. The letter was selling a class and emphasizing the fact that you don't have to be young to learn new things and be successful.It gave several examples, including one about a gentlema...
This week Melissa Zavala posed the question: "What is the actual value of a real estate education?" Her post takes a serious look at how agents use the alphabet soup of designations and what that means or doesn't mean to clients. I agree with her – the education means a lot, but it needs to be de...
One of my favorite marketing experts - Bob Bly - sent his monthly roundup of marketing tidbits this morning, and one of them struck me as particularly relevant to real estate agents. It really is strange how just one little word can change response rates. It's all in the psychology, and how our b...

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