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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Lately I’ve given a lot of thought to things we take for granted – among them the tools we use in everyday life.In the overall scheme of things, all of these tools are new. When my great-grandparents homesteaded here in 1894, the things I use every day either didn’t exist or weren’t available to ...
When we built this house nearly 20 years ago we made a few mistakes – things I would change if we were to start over.That said, it’s nearly perfect. I enjoy the floor plan and I love the big windows that look out over the meadow and let me see occasional glimpses of wildlife. We see plenty of dee...
Thanks to Debbie Reynolds for issuing the 12 days of Thanksgiving Challenge. It’s going to be fun to read what our friends here on AR are most thankful for.Since I begin and end each day going over things I’m thankful for, this is an easy one.Right now I’m most thankful for the fact that it looks...
Yes, if you fail to market your services consistently and give up prospecting during busy times, you’re opening the door for two disasters. You probably already know the first disaster I’ll mention: A roller-coaster income. What’s the second one? Bad decisions. I know all the excuses. I was a rea...
Mike Cooper brings us a fun Saturday read. I believe he's right, with a $4 fine for each of these offenses, which all fall under the category of "rude behavior" we could probably pay off the national debt within just a couple of weeks.Here's Mike's list - what would YOU add to it? The local paper...
This isn’t something I’d thought about until yesterday, when I read Bob Bly’s monthly collection of tips and ideas from a variety of marketing publications.This was shared from Target Marketing, a magazine aimed primarily at direct response marketers. However, since so many buyers begin their hom...
Please excuse me for repeating this… But I can’t seem to control my fingers.Lately I’ve noticed again that a good number of real estate agents (and others) don’t know how to form plurals.All it takes is an “s” or perhaps an “es,” but more and more I’m seeing apostrophes used. As in: “Twelve poten...
 Real estate self-marketing isn’t like Madison Avenue marketing – written to promote the brand, with no call to action. It also isn’t like Direct Response Marketing – written to cause an immediate purchase.That’s why, when reading about marketing, you can sometimes come across poor advice. No – n...
You’ve got a “Warm” Internet lead… how do you hang on to them until they’re ready to act? Some of those leads you get from your website (or from paid services) are people who will buy or sell in the future, but aren’t quite ready yet.The way to hang on to them is to stay in touch and never let th...
Over the past century - and even in our lifetimes - some words have fallen out of use. In fact, really young people might never have heard them.I'm thinking of words like "turntable." And of course, few people alive today would know the meaning of words that described parts of a buggy or harness....

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