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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Think about it - when you can see that someone is working hard to sell you something, don't you shut down? Even when you agree to an appointment with someone to hear all about what they had to offer, don’t you set up a shield of resistance? Most of us do. Why? Because we want to make our own deci...
Successful real estate prospecting demands consistency – so put it on autopilot.Whether you’re trying to gain dominance in a geographic area or a niche market, the key to success is consistency.Just one letter might get you a response – if you send enough copies of that one letter – but don’t cou...
This morning I got a second call from "Emily," who informed me in a cheery, chirpy voice that she and her company could reduce or eliminate my student debt.Isn't that wonderful, since I don't have student debt?The first time she called I didn't realize she was a recording so spoke to her. Our num...
As usual, Bob Bly’s monthly letter offered up some useful tidbits – some of which can apply to your own marketing efforts.Do you use photographs of people on your brochures? Then consider this advice from Bob:“Show a photograph of your target market on the cover of your brochure. The first questi...
Is "Need" a negative word?Last week my son sent an interesting article about the word “need.” The message must have sunk in, because when I wrote this week’s newsletter, I caught myself replacing it with something else.Now I’ll offer the question for your consideration.According to that article, ...
Are your eating habits making you sick? Maybe it’s the endless TV ads for prescriptions; maybe it’s the difficulty of finding a parking place at a hospital or any kind of medical facility; maybe it’s overhearing so many people in restaurants and stores telling each other about their many ailments...
Today everyone seems to be talking about content marketing as if it were a brand new concept, just discovered as the way to reach new customers and build brand recognition. That simply isn’t so.At least two companies were already using content marketing in the late 1800’s.  Dr. Oetker: In 1891, D...
Writing by hand isn’t very popular these days – and that just might be the reason why our students seem to know less and less. (Do you ever watch Jessie Watters when he interviews college students? Ouch!)Some time ago I wrote about one of the exercises I did when I first began to study copywritin...
The battle between long copy and short copy will probably still be raging when our great-grandchildren are adults.Some say you MUST have 2,000 words if you expect Google to find you. Others say that web visitors won’t read more than 200 words. Both theories have been proven wrong – over and over ...
Debe Maxwell wrote this post to explain how members can add graphics even when the Active Rain "upload" function isn't working.I didn't get in on the upload problem a few days ago, but I do get annoyed when I want to use something I uploaded a year or two ago. It may be my computer and it may be ...

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