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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
Whether you’re sending a text message or an actual letter, stop and think before you use a set of initials in place of words. Even the common ones used in real estate, such as NAR and MLS, might not mean anything to a recent immigrant or to someone who has never paid much attention to real estate...
This quote showed up in my in-box the other day..."The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." --Terry PratchettIt got me thinking about the function of the first draft, and how valuable it is to just write without censoring yourself. When you try to edit as you go, something gets lo...
This tale of my very first showing was inspired by Patricia Kennedy's "First Time" contest...Do you remember your very first showing after you got your shiny new real estate license? I sure do!While we were waiting for my license to come in the mail (showing my age there!), my broker took me on a...
Thanks to Carol Williams for sharing this wonderful excerpt from Jim Rohn. I'm so sorry he's gone from this eartly plane, but his philosophy and wisdom will live on. When I hear his voice on a tape or CD I always start to smile... he had such a wonderful voice and way of presenting common sense a...
Today’s message was inspired by an email from a client. I finished her bio last week and she was happy with it. But then… she showed it to a friend. The friend first said that (at 455 words), it was too long – nobody reads that much any more. Long copy vs. short copy is, of course, the topic of h...
It’s a given that we all make mistakes in our writing. It might be a typo or a misspelling. It might be a word doubled or left out when we were editing.Often we can catch those kinds of mistakes ourselves, but there’s another mistake that we’re less likely to catch when we do our own proofreading...
One of the basic rules in writing self-promotional marketing copy is this: Remember that it’s not about you. A few months ago I wrote about an agent who started sending postcards to my son after his listing expireds. Now we've gotten ten of them, and every one violates the basic rule...Every card...
Do you beat yourself up for hours or days when you lose a listing? Since we humans are our own worst critics, the first thing you probably do when you realize you didn’t get the listing is replay the whole presentation. Then you start beating yourself up, thinking “Why did I say that”? “Why didn’...
Have you ever read marketing advice from someone whose opinion you usually respect – but this time thought “Oh no. Why did she say THAT?”That happened to me when I read these words: “If you wrote a bad email message they’ll delete you and won’t remember you.”The topic in question was “How often s...
How many times have you seen this line or a variation of it?“Your home may be the most expensive purchase you’ll make in your lifetime.” It appears in dozens (Hundreds? Thousands?) of real estate websites across the country – perhaps in every country.Why?Do the folks writing that line think their...

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