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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
A successful businessman I once knew often said “You don’t have to tell everything you know.” He was, of course, referring to giving too much information to those who might use it against you in the future – either personally or in business negotiations.You follow this advice when you tell your b...
 A client sent me this link today with a note: "I love this list."I agreed with him - this site has several good lists to prepare homeowners for their photo shoot.However, there are two important pieces missing.How many minutes will it take you to spot them?
Have you ever started reading a long sentence or paragraph and suddenly become lost? It happened to me today when I was reading bios on a company’s website. I thought “Why am I getting so confused here?” Then I realized – many of the sentences were missing either their subject or their verb. Or, ...
Do you publish a weekly or monthly newsletter and send it via email to your clients, past clients, and members of your sphere?If so, what do you call it? Is it a newsletter, an ezine, or ??This morning I learned a new term for these email messages, and I think I like it. It’s Inbox Magazine. Thin...
For some reason, I started getting "Late Night Jokes." They're terrible jokes, taken from TV "Comedians" with little brains (in my opinion).After reading one email, I've been deleting them when I see them. But today I decided to take a minute and tell them to quit sending this drivel.I hit the un...
From the outside looking in, a career in real estate looks like a walk in the park. You get to spend your days looking at houses, making new friends, and taking time off whenever you want to meet friends for lunch or goof off with your kids.Once you’re in the trenches, you realize that while some...
Whether you're talking with your spouse, your child, your best friend, your boss, or a real estate prospect or client, there's a phrase you could do well to avoid.What is it?"I didn't get a chance to..."You might get away with it if someone made a request of you within the last hour or so and you...
Tonight's message comes to you courtesy of an email I just received.It was a message from the Sheriff's department notifying subscribers of a grass fire and saying that "Currently the fire is under control at this time."I've heard the same thing on message machines: "Sally is currently out of the...
Thanks to Beth Atalay for laying out simple and creative ways to make yourself the most popular agent in the geographic area of your choice. Although I provide farming and prospecting letters for agents, I believe they're only one part of a comprehensive overall marketing plan. Beth's "Back to Sc...
A message on my answering machine this morning reminded me once again of the importance of leaving clear messages.I’ve lost count of the number of times I could not return a call, simply because the person either mumbled, spoke so softly that I couldn’t hear what they said, or talked so fast that...

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