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Have you had a major life event such as an illness or a divorce that has made you stop to think about your financial future? If something were to happen today, do you have a plan in place to make sure your business can operate with or without you? If it is necessary to completely exit real estate...
Whatever you are doing right now will affect your business in 90 days. If you are busy prospecting two hours a day, you will have fantastic results in 90 days. If you are busy with paperwork and allowing it to consume all your time, then 90 days from now you are going to be in the doldrums becaus...
Creating a powerful plan to capture baby boomers Here's a statistic that can solidify your job security as a agent for the next 20 years - 8,000 people a day, in the United States, are now turning 60 years old. I'll give you a minute to wipe the drool off your chin. Those 8,000 people a day repre...
Home sales have begun a slowdown in many markets throughout the country. As a real estate agent, you must contemplate your future actions very carefully. Rather than be afraid of a slowing real estate economy, in order to be successful, you should view these changes in your market as an opportuni...

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