1% Down Financing is a possibility with Home Loan Mortgage!  Hard to believe there is a conventional loan program with ONLY 1% down!  Just closed on one and it really is out there to open doors to home ownership! A limited number of lenders have access to this progressive NEW loan program.  Think...
The question on every ones mind is.. how will the post election impacts change my life?Change is always exciting and something we can embrace and prepare for when we have the right resources to help direct our journey.The Transition Living Real Estate Team™ is always looking to provide informatio...
Have you been thinking about how to start healing hate in your individual communities?Have the events of the recent past been bothering you?Has your community started to do anything to dissolve the anger?  Join us this coming Tuesday, August, 9, 2016 10-11 am at the "Chic Chat Club"  in the Herit...
Cow Tips to start planning a transition MOOVE into a location that allows aging in place. It is NEVER too early to start thinking about transitioning in life!  Whether you are processing it 1 year or 5 years in advance the Transition Living Real Estate Team™ is here to help with valuable ideas an...
Reverse Mortgage is Not a Bad Word!  Did you know that MANY things have changed in the Reverse Mortgage world in the past 7 years? Come find out how POWERFUL this financing tool can be with financial planning for those who are experiencing some retirement changes. The world is evolving and combin...
Do you have the loan qualifying BLUES?Are the increasing home prices kicking you out of the market?  Do you feel like you are throwing away your rent money? Have you been told you just can't qualify to buy a home? Do you have roommates that help with rent now?Been turned down for home loan?Now an...
How many times have I moved this box?...... you may ask as you pack one more time!Would clearing clutter help you with balance in your life?Do you think transitions in your own thoughts could be helpful?The Transition Living Real Estate Team™ firmly believes, outside resources can help "manage th...
Need help with thinking about transitioning to different Care Option Living Environments:  Independent, Assisted Living or Memory Care communities?Would you like to live in a place to "age gracefully" without drama while you are feeling good?Is selecting where you go in the future important to yo...
Taking the FEAR out of a major Transition Move in Real Estate is not as hard as you might think!  As a seller and a buyer making a change in life, you can be protected, contractually by specific clauses in the listing, the sale and the buying contract to make a transition.That means the three doc...

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