fall foliage: When Rainbows Melt Into the Hills! - 10/25/14 11:58 PM
The firmament clears, devoid of storms
To merge upon deciduous forms,
O’ rapture rife with boundless thrills
When rainbows melt into the hills!
                                (R Weisser 2014)
I traveled to Connecticut last week and had the pleasure of enjoying my “First Fall” of the year.
Now I can travel to the higher elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains for my second dose of the season.
In a week or two, Autumn will exhibit its full manifestation here in Middle Georgia.
I have always enjoyed “chasing” leaves. I have my favorite … (8 comments)

fall foliage: Drenched by gold and crimson drops! - 10/13/13 12:19 AM
Drenched by gold and crimson drops
From high upon the mountain tops,
Sweet feathered, wispy, blazing strains
Deluge the hills with Autumn’s rains!
        (R Weisser 2013)
It’s the middle of October, and the evidence of Autumn is working its way South.
I love the leaf season for so many reasons. I love the fleeting nature of it. I love the way it varies from year to year and place to place.
There are so many variables that affect the changing of leaf color that’s it hard to predict exactly where and when the “best” leaves will be.
I am often asked: “when is … (10 comments)

fall foliage: What month is this anyway? Autumn leaves in September. - 09/19/12 10:09 PM
I live in Georgia. This is not Minnesota, Maine or Massachusetts!
And in the forty years that I have lived in Georgia, I came to realize that the leaves changed color late here. There has been many an October where the leaves remained green and tightly bound to the trees.
In my area, the leaves typically change the last week of October and peak around the first week of November. I have actually photographed good Fall foliage as late as December!
But the twinges of color began appearing here in late August, unheard of in these parts. And some of the … (8 comments)

fall foliage: Fall is fleeting. Take time to enjoy it! - 10/09/11 02:17 AM
O’ take me to my mountainsWhere crystal rivers flowAnd tumble past electric leavesThat emit October’s glow.
Sweet smells of Fall’s disrobingAwaiting Winter’s blasts'Tis nature's hued full gloryThat merely weeks will last.               (R Weisser 2011)
The fall leaf season is my favorite time of year. There is something exquisitely exciting about the finite nature of the season.
One cannot put off leaf-gazing as every day more and more tie-dyed tree feathers are dislodged by the first wafts of Winter’s onset and flitter to the earth.
So there is a sense of urgency that compels one to … (17 comments)

fall foliage: It’s October and you know what that means: Fall Color! - 10/05/10 01:36 PM
Scalloped wings aflutter on pillowed wisps.In acrobatic flips and twists adriftUnfettered, free to soar aloft‘Til calm prevails o’er Autumn’s waftsAnd flight succumbs to Newton’s strainsNew carpet on the floor is lain!                            (R. Weisser 2010)
It’s October, and it’s time for nature’s most fabulous show of the year. There is nothing like the brilliant colors of fall foliage on a bright and sunny Autumn day.
But just like fireworks that burn the brightest just before they fizzle out into smoke and dark, the showy deciduous  leaf display is fleeting and … (13 comments)

fall foliage: When will the leaves change color in the Great Smoky Mountains Nation Park? - 09/26/10 02:06 PM
The question that I am asked most often about the Great Smoky Mountains Nation Park is: When will the Autumn eaves be at their peak color?
There is no easy answer because there are many factors that affect fall leaf color in the Great Smoky Mountains Nation Park. Temperature, rainfall, sunlight, elevation and species call all affect not only when the leaves begin to change, but how intense the colors will be and how long they will last.
But what I have learned over the thirty years or so that I have been taking photographs in the park is that you … (12 comments)

fall foliage: Some personal thoughts as the 2009 fall season is drawing to a close. It’s a great time of year! - 10/29/09 11:58 AM
The flame upon the candlewickOn draughts aflutter pirouetteAnd waltz and reel to tempo quickThen lay in wait for Winter’s breath.
                        R Weisser Oct. 2009
As another Autumn foliage season comes to a close, I begin to look back to all of the falls of my past with fond remembrance. It’s always been my favorite season.
Full of color, and football, and the smell of leaves and the tastes of apples and pumpkins! It’s the last hurrah of temperate weather before winter sets it, a time of warm days and cool, crisp evenings. A most pleasant time of year for both … (16 comments)

fall foliage: Getting ready for the busy week ahead … but I’d rather look at leaves! - 10/25/09 11:28 PM
I admit it. I’m a leaf lover. When nature turns on the color machine, I can’t think of anything else.
I think that part of the allure comes from the fleeting nature of the phenomenon. The length of time between peak color and brown leaves is brief, requiring prompt action if you wish to attempt to capture the show with your camera.
And while it’s true that some years are better than others, I’ve always been able to find “pockets” of leaves willing to pose for the lens.
So this year I am adding to the collection of thousands of fall … (24 comments)

fall foliage: The most often asked non-real estate related question that I get asked every year. Can you guess what it is? - 10/10/09 11:39 AM
Flutter and flurry and winter's chillToss fire-hued petals aloft untilThe caress of earth,  then lay in placeFor one last show of nature's grace!
                               R. Weisser 2009 
The one question that comes up the most this time of year is this: "Will it be a good leaf season?"
There are many scientific factors that affect leaf color. The amount of sunlight, recent rainfall, temperature and elevation can all affect leaf color.
But if there is one thing that I have learned over all of the years that I have been taking fall foliage photos is this: There is always good … (18 comments)

fall foliage: To everything there is a season...Fall foliage photos from North Georgia. - 10/15/08 10:33 AM
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:
                                    Ecclesiastes 3:1
Fall has commenced its annual color display in North Georgia. It's always been my favorite time to take photographs. We have had a few years of drought so I am not sure how good the color will be this year, but I always like to get out and experience the change of the seasons.
These are some of my first Autumn shots for 2008. In the south, the leaf period can be very long because we rarely experience early hard freezes. I have taken … (25 comments)

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