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Real Estate Investing can be taxing – Know What Type of Investor you are (Part 1) There are four separate real estate investor definitions for IRS tax purposes. Real Estate Investor Real Estate Dealer Real Estate Developer Real Estate Professional Each of these classifications has different tax c...
  Las Vegas is hosting REBlogworld/Blogworld Expo event and one of our fellow bloggers is looking for help in getting there. Please read his post to get so additional information.   photo courtesy of nodomain1 I love blogging. You may have noticed before, but it's a fact, I love to blog about rea...
Need help starting a Blog? Susan Gunelius, offers some great advice on starting a blog, growing a blog and monetizing a blog. She is a marketing expert and is the President and CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc. She has been blogging for more than a decade and writes marketing related blogs for seve...
Preparing for 2009 Income Taxes In earlier blogs I discussed how to document mileage, meals, and travel expenses. Having good documentation to support these deductions is a good first step in being prepared for the coming tax season. Other things you will want to consider:   Life Changes Have you...
  John Novak has shared a great resource for blogging.  I think it is well worth sharing this with as many others as possible.   Is it just me or is 2009 flying by? This Thursday marks the beginning of the fourth quarter! If part of your year-end plan includes learning more about blogging, here's...
IRS Using Sophisticated Programs to Catch Tax Evaders     The IRS is using sophisticated computer programs and information returns to catch tax evaders.  In order to attempt to reduce the tax gap the IRS is implementing new procedures and audit techniques.  When questionable information is found ...
State tax survey shows New Jersey as least business friendly   The tax foundation recently completed a survey ranking states based on the amount of tax that businesses pay.  This survey doesn’t take into consideration non tax factors or quality of life factors.  Businesses sometimes do take this ...
Free Photo Editing Tool with Many Features I came across a photo editing program that uses very useful and is free. It is recommended by PC World magazine in there October 2009 issue.  The name is Fotographix and can be found at the following link.,79361-...
Commercial real estate delinquencies up 7% over last year The economy is proving to be tough on businesses as well. MSNBC reports that the Federal Reserve is investigating small and large banks holding commercial real estate loans. Apparently commercial delinquencies are up 7% from last year and ...
Documenting Business Expenses – Part 3:  Travel   Travel expenses can be deducted when they satisfy a legitimate business purpose and meet the ordinary and necessary test.   Legitimate Business Purposes The type of business you are in makes a difference.  Here is a short list of purposes that may...

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