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When you choose, it's you doing what you most want to do. When you are duty-bound, much of what you do is automatic, a learned response. However, when you choose, you may do your duty because you really want to. The problem with duty is that most of us were "given" a duty or programmed to think t...
How do you talk to yourself?  No really, when no one else is around how do you find yourself communicating with the person in the mirror?  Do you wake up and great yourself with a celebratory round of applause or do you stumble into the bathroom rub your eyes and bemoan how the scale is not coope...
People often ask me "what are the secrets to success in the real estate game?"  While the answer can be very long if we get into the details, there is a simple and short answer that applies to the cross section of the American entrepreneurial business landscape.  All of the secrets that we can co...
I believe a lot in the "Integrity, Needs, Wants" Model which goes something like: "Put your Integrity first, then your Needs, then go do whatever you Want!" And I say that most Integrity problems start with details/early warning signals that we simply ignore until they become a problem. There's a...
Customers are demanding a perfect fit between what they need and what you offer. It didn't used to be this tough to please customers, but it is now. Good enough isn't good enough. The point here is that you want the details of what you offer to fit 100% with the exact needs (details) of the perso...
Building a PIPELINE of potential clients these days requires more than just post card that says "I'm Number One!" - you need to establish a personal brand to set yourself apart from the crowded marketplace of other REALTORS® who have the same or similar qualifications.What is personal branding?  ...
So, you had a ‘blinding flash' of entrepreneurialism and left the big company to own business? And, now, you are not sure you made the best decision? Even if your best friends won't tell you what they really think, I will. I will tell you what I think about your state of readiness for self-employ...
The point here is that it is EXTREMELY expensive these days to make mistakes. And the other point is that customers are MUCH less tolerant of mistakes. Consumers want the best for the buck and loyalty is an anachronism, as perhaps it should be. In other words, having what you offer to customers w...
Promise Little, But Deliver EverythingWhen you promise less than clients or recipients are asking for and reduce their expectations, you have room to maneuver and the freedom to deliver something different (not just more) than perhaps either you or the client was expecting. You can create and inv...
Just because something is inconsequential or even irrelevant, doesn't mean that it will always be that way. Think of Detroit and how they ignored the Japanese car manufacturers importing to the U.S. in the 60s. Or how CBS's former owner Tisch ignored the synergy of having a cable or Internet affi...

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