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Just my observations of the Crystal Coast vacation rental market. Also some SEO, IT, and computer stuff.



Okay here it is my FREE SEO tip exclusively for the AR folks. Do you know what a robots.txt file is? Does your website have one? What should you use it for? These are all too important, and often overlooked questions. Your website (not your AR blog) should have a robots.txt file. Why? Well EVERY ...
I like to think of myself as a truly red-blooded American and hold close to my heart all of the freedoms we get to enjoy in our FREE country. My favorite freedom would have to be free speech. In other countries people can be put to death for things they say. This is really hard to imagine. I'd li...
Given its ease of use and free availability, I am surprised more Crystal Coast area agents do not have Wordpress blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love my AR with its robust SEO and promotional features and awesome link juice, but Wordpress remains my favorite. I'm not talking about the joeschmoe.word...

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