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New York Music & Arts 113-25 Queens Blvd Suite 107-110 Forest Hills, New York 11375 (718) 362-9887 Life With Wee People: Saturdays Are For Bagels, Sam Ash and NYMA Music Classes This is a great block to have fun with your kids on. We started our morning having bagels, oat meal cookies, carrot ca...
Life With Wee People: From Book Fair To World's Fair With A Smile My kids went to the Book Fair this week at school, so I decided I'd spend the week teaching them about the World'S Fair while we enjoyed reading our books in Flushing Meadows Park by several famous icons. Watching them make their ...
Life With Wee People: A Tale Of Three Phones Stephen, the Minion Blur may be the ultimate wee people electronics tester. There is no screw too small that those tiny hands will not devise some clever manner in which to extract it. A charming deviant of limited vocabulary, what he lacks in diction...
Life With Wee People: Spaceships Require Car Seats And Doritos... My secret button is Hagen Daz. You can get a lot out of me with the right ice cream bribe (LOL). Noah is turning into a Doritos man. As soon as he sees the bag he demands to have "my chips." Doesn't matter that they are MY chips. ...
HR3962 Health Care Bill (PDF) http://docs.house.gov/rules/health/111_ahcaa.pdf 1,990 pages... Geez. I am sitting over here reading this puppy. I have student loans and it appears that the student loan business has now been snatched from private industry into the government fold. What does that me...
How A 3:30 AM Auto Dialer Inspired Digital Mutiny (Do Not Call Registry Update) It's been 32 days... I am giving you a sporting chance to erase me from your data-banks. I guess the community guidelines about not soliciting members and scraping information off the network to badger us has gone unh...
Dear Oldies and Newbies: I Want To Help But I Don't Know How... Maybe You Should Help Yourselves. I remember bragging about you guys like a proud Mama while I was in Albany visiting with a handful of people who help create our laws. I remember introducing them to some of the more tempered politi...
Setting, Circumstance and Decorum: Two Days In The Life Of Lenn Harley I remember the first time Lenn Harley affectionately described her home as "the one surrounded by the moat." Being a Native New Yorker, this was something I really wanted to see (LOL). Lenn was sure that if I started down tha...
Maryland Is Beautiful... The wonderful thing about hanging out with writers who produce Localism posts is the fact that if you read their blogs you kinda know where you want to go and what you want to see when you get there. I had breakfast with Margaret Rome this morning after I checked out of ...
The ActiveRain Open House Was Awesome I was thrilled to be there not only because spending time with the people living in my computer is always a sweet treat but because Lenn Harley went out of her way to attend the first ever ActiveRain Open House. I am star struck and in awe of this woman. I l...

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