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  Patricia was kind enough to make this available for a re-blog.   Inman News has just reported that the House of Representatives has passed a stand alone bill that would extend the settlement deadline on the $8000 Federal tax credit for first time homebuyers.  The bill must now go to the Senate ...
Paralegal 101: When Brokers Are Heirs Handling Family Estates Get an attorney, get an attorney, get an attorney... (LOL). This is not legal advice, it's just a few points of order you need to keep in mind because the death of a loved one can be emotionally numbing. I am going to quote and cite a ...
This was fun. The wee people were a trip dragging and dropping files with me. Seems they like the visual time line even if they can't read (LOL). Will it be useful? Hmm... Maybe... I have five more of these to do so lets see if I improve as we go along. Someone asked me to do a stick figure anima...
  Evaluating A Start-Up For the last two weeks my gal pals and I have been evaluating the business models of 30 businesses for my column. We are trying to figure out which would be a great work at home job of the day to talk about. It's a bit tricky because some entail participating in surveys wh...
  My girlfriend Inna was kind enough to make this post available for a re-blog. They have a wonderful reputation within our social media circles. You may want to check out their website if you are looking for a great on-line print, design & marketing service.   Judging by lots of comments on Barb...
Freelancer's Union Is Free... So Is This Information For Independent Contractors... http://www.freelancersunion.org/index.html I have been having fun here all moring. Very interesting website. I discovered a "deadbeat client bill" was introduced and I'm on my way over to the Senate's website (ht...
Kudos to all the students at the 6.15.2010 Awards Ceremony The wee people were very excited to be there and chattered away for the entire event. Here's approximately 10 minutes of over an hour of digital film. Noah gets his first award approximately 7 minutes in then, a second certificate after ...
Gorgeous Day... Too bad I can't upload a picture from Starbucks. For some reason my simm port just isn't working (could it be the green tea bath Stephen gave it this morning?). The boys dressed themselves in matching button down shirts and my guy pies are exceptionally cute today. We had chocolat...
Life With Wee People: Green Urine... Talk about a colorful distraction... The weird thing about being sick is if your body does something strange you sort of instantly chuck it up to your illness without thinking twice about it. Then one morning you wake up to discover one of your kids left Lepr...
Make sure your documents match when you contract a listing... Agency designations matter. If NY agents contract a specific commission with a seller, advertise a split, not file as a dual agent when working for both the buyer and seller on the same transaction, there is a distinct possibility one...

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