club chaos: Have you ever heard of the Copyright Royalty Board? - 08/05/08 09:45 AM
Now here is a government sight with some fascinating reading! There is just way too much information to summarize here. The quotes are really hard to choose from because there is a lot of interesting stuff going on, but I will try to get at least three or four facts or trivia to include in this post. I want you to have an idea of what I have been reading. I've been poking around in here all morning. We are talking litigation eye candy here, as well as a wonderful place to get a crash course on royalties. I've already … (17 comments)

club chaos: Oh Horror! HUD might miss another mandatory deadline to help us again! - 08/04/08 10:39 AM
You guys have got to check out the coverage on the new housing Act at! HUD appears to be unable to make it's Oct 1 deadlines and the backlash has already started in Washington -- and I quote: "Most ominous of all: Doubts about whether HUD will be able to complete the operating rules and regulations for the centerpiece of the entire legislation -- the $300 billion foreclosure-relief program -- by the October 1 starting date mandated by Congress." You can read the full article here.
Don't you just love unnamed HUD sources? I found this article to be a … (4 comments)

club chaos: Pending Floroda Proposals: What? They're Raising and Lowering Taxes Again? - 08/02/08 11:57 AM
Here's something interesting for anyone looking to move to Florida (like me with the fam, eventually) or for people already enjoying themselves there:
It is a PDF of proposals regarding potential changes in FL law, so if you are looking for something light to read, this is not it. Nothing humorous here, unless you choose to poke fun at it on your own (it is so dry, there is potential for just about anything to pop into your head while you read these ten pages).
My first quote to highlight in these "hysterically unimaginative" pages, "New homestead property shall be … (6 comments)

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York - 08/01/08 10:01 AM
Today's turtle run showcases The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York. This is my favorite hiding place, where I can go to get away from it all, relax and enjoy some "me time with God." The Cathedral history is pretty cool, it was founded in 1834 after an incident that transpired in 1787. (You can read all about The Allen Legacy here.)
There are over one hundred programs and groups to choose from in the Allen directory and if you ever stopped by to take a peek you would discover that the future direction of the Cathedral is a very … (21 comments)

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY - 07/31/08 07:12 AM
Rumor has it this arch has been standing since 1884. I believe it, for there are signatures on the bronze statues from the likes of William Rudolf O'Donovan and Thomas Eakins 1893 & 1894. According to Wikipedia, "It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1867." It is also reported by Wiki that, "it is perhaps best known for the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Arch, Brooklyn’s version of the Arc de Triomphe." You can read the full article with some very interesting historical links here.
There is nothing to compare the feeling of watching countless newly weds … (26 comments)

club chaos: Localism Success Story - Club Chaos Eye Candy: Citi Field, Shea Stadium, Flushing NY - 07/31/08 12:17 AM
I love being a Work-At-Home-Mom (WHAM) and previously blogged upon that subject. What I didn't know, and could not have possibly imagined, was the fact that my WAHM blog would capture so many people's attention. Turns out it had a very nice following on my outside blogs, which directly resulted in my receiving an informal invitation to venture on-site to record the installation of the new Citi Field sign. It was installed early this morning on the stadium under construction adjacent to Shea. Both sites are in a state of transition, just like some of my close friends.
The construction crews, … (16 comments)

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: Salt Marsh Nature Center, Marine Park, Brooklyn NY - 07/30/08 05:55 AM

If you ever find yourself on Avenue U and East 33rd Street in Kings County, then you must pull into Marine Park and visit the Salt Marsh Nature Center (SMNC) located at 3302 Avenue U, Brooklyn, New York 11234, (718) 421-2021. I absolutely love this place and the kids are wild about it. Where else can you meet up with the Urban Park Rangers, the History Club, do some sketching in the Zen of Seeing and Drawing program as well as participate in Woodworking Workshops, Birding, Yoga, Pilates, Tap and Line Dancing all under one roof?

What … (13 comments)

club chaos: Hello AR Groups: Check Out This NYU Non-Profit Bootcamp (Aug 2008) - 07/29/08 08:16 AM
Hello ActiveRain Groups,
I've been keeping my eye on the Craigslist Foundation because they host interesting networking events. One up and coming gathering has me very excited because I've been working behind the scenes to help create some non-profits with a few of my Club Chaos members (and it would be really nice to see Barbara Ries formalize her ministry work).
There is a lot of research and paperwork involved when one contemplates forming a Non-Profit, so when something useful pops up to help one make an informed decision, I usually send someone off to explore the information on their own. … (19 comments)

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: Welcome To A Jamaica Estates Tour of Homes (Vol 5) - 07/27/08 11:07 AM
This series of residential tours is inspired by my girlfriends Elizabeth Weintraub (of Sacramento) and Poppy Dinsey (of London, UK). The Weintraub Gallery features her favorite Land Park Homes in Sacramento (NY Times,, while Poppy D (Zoomf) takes us on an eclectic tour of her neck of the woods in "A Walk Around Chester, England," and "A Walk Around London England."
In "Home Inspections" Elizabeth asks us, "Where Do You Draw The Line On Repair Requests?" If you haven't been acquainted with her blog, please make it your business to do so, for it is definitely a must read. E's … (47 comments)

club chaos: I Love Being A Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM) - 07/26/08 07:32 AM
There are so many wonderful things I love about being a Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM). At the top of my list is the ability to be there for my learning disabled children. My six year old son, Noah, suffers from Autism. My two year old son, Stephen, suffers from Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). When you are balancing two sets of therapy schedules, three freelance positions, and trying to get a little face time in with your husband, things can get a little crazy in your daily planner. No one really knows what anyone else’s life is like and I am … (58 comments)

club chaos: Florida Felon Mortgage License - 07/25/08 06:04 AM
What madness is this? I had to read through this news article twice before the ramifications of it really started to sink in. They've done a bad, bad thing... This is truly scary business ladies and gentlemen. You must take a moment out of your day to read this. I don't care when you read this. I don't care if you do or don't comment on it. You must read this. If it can happen in Florida, it can happen anywhere...

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: City Hall and City Hall Park, New York, New York - 07/24/08 10:22 PM
This turtle run was inspired by my girlfriends Elizabeth Weintraub, (NY Times, a Sacramento Real Estate Broker for Lyon Real Estate and Poppy Dinsey of Zoomf, London, UK. It is dedicated to a very talented gentleman, Gary Woltal, a Dallas Ft. Worth Realtor at Keller Williams Realty and my dear friend Melody Botting of Melody Botting RE/MAX Empire Realty. Mel gives us a taste of her vacation in the U.K. with her blog entitled, "Subaru Family Bragging Rights."
In "It All Counts," Gary presents some excellent talking points about how we influence people with our words. My favorite thought includes … (20 comments)

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: The Brooklyn Bridge - 07/21/08 04:57 AM
This has been, by far, one of the best turtle runs I have ever been on. It took four visits to collect these pictures and conduct a little research so that I could give an account to my out of state/country friends some history behind one of my favorite spots to enjoy some eye candy. This post is dedicated to my girlfriends Kathy Passarette, L.I. Staging/Decorating, a fellow Club Chaos Brooklynite, Elizabeth Weintraub, Sacramento Real Estate Broker, Lyon Real Estate, Poppy Dinsey ~ Zoomf, London, UK (who inspired this entire project with a delicious piece of eye candy of London's Tower … (47 comments)

club chaos: I Think I Discovered Something New About Localism... - 07/20/08 11:33 PM
I was scrolling through checking out the New York Home Page and realized people were posting Google Maps from the phone book to show where a grouping of items (like hotels and schools) were.  Fascinated, I started checking out their blogs and noticed that everyone's blogs seem to hold ten items in a list on the left so the more you write the more they drop off. I went back and noticed I only had ten articles as well. My listing of recents posts were gone as well.
Was I the only person under the impression that what we post to … (43 comments)

club chaos: Saturday, 07-19-2008 Dear Diary - 07/20/08 02:28 PM

Yesterday, I had a fabulous turtle run photo-shoot by the award winning landmark Brooklyn Public Library.  It's  located right off of Grand Army Plaza, across from Prospect Park (which houses the Brooklyn Zoo and a host of other famous attractions and monuments. The Brooklyn Public Library is also adjacent to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Since I was born and raised in Brooklyn, I love doing turtle runs in my old stomping grounds and have quite a bit of eye candy in store for you. Here is a sneak preview of two Grand Army Plaza shots for my next localism article … (22 comments)

club chaos: Sunday, 07-20-2008 Dear Diary... - 07/20/08 01:18 PM

Today, I did a Turtle Run at Marine Park in Brooklyn...

After my run, I went across the park to the Salt Marsh Nature Center...

They have an atrium full of eye candy... like birds and water views. I shall showcase it tomorrow for Localism...

Writing to my diary may actually be fun... Thank you, Deb.
Here's one last bit of eye candy for your sneak preview:


club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: Welcome to a Flushing Tour of Homes (Vol 4) - 07/20/08 07:08 AM
This series of residential tours is inspired by my girlfriends Elizabeth Weintraub (of Sacramento) and Poppy Dinsey (of London, UK). The Weintraub Gallery features her favorite Land Park Homes in Sacramento (, while Poppy D (Zoomf) takes us on an eclectic tour of her neck of the woods in "A Walk Around London England."
In "A Cactus Flower Blooms For Only One Day" Elizabeth makes some interesting analogies regarding missing your moment if you wait too long to purchase the home of your dreams (while providing a little cactus eye candy). In "Are You As Green As You Can Be?" … (16 comments)

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: Welcome to a Jamaica Tour of Homes (Vol 3) - 07/17/08 08:17 AM
This series of residential tours is inspired by my girlfriends Elizabeth Weintraub (of Sacramento) and Poppy Dinsey (of London, UK). The Weintraub Gallery features her favorite Land Park Homes in Sacramento (, while Poppy D (Zoomf) takes us on an eclectic tour of her neck of the woods in "A Walk Around London England." Her London blog was recently featured at She also poses a very interesting question in her latest blog: "Is it time to get rid of the stigma of being a renter? No matter where we are in the world?" You can read, "UK  Rental Attitudes Are … (16 comments)

club chaos: Club Chaos Eye Candy: Welcome To a Forest Hills Tour of Homes (Vol 2) - 07/14/08 08:59 PM
This series of residential tours is inspired by my girlfriends Elizabeth Weintraub (of Sacramento) and Poppy Dinsey (of London, UK). The Weintraub Gallery features her favorite Land Park Homes in Sacramento (, while Poppy D (Zoomf) takes us on an eclectic tour of her neck of the woods in "A Walk Around London England." If you are into eye candy like me, then I encourage you to bookmark both of their blogs. I promise you, you will not be disappointed... 
Who knew turtle runs could become such international fun? May all the readers enjoy my second selection of favorite homes in … (28 comments)

club chaos: How would you like to take a little stroll around London, United Kingdom? - 07/14/08 09:19 AM
Our very own Poppy Disney has posted some delicious eye candy for you. Active Rain Dudes, you may want to expand Localism to the UK! HUGE HINT BAY-BAY! Run with the ball Jon and do the lovely thing you do so well!
In the meantime, I see a very interesting Club Chaos tradition in the making here. Poppy's a great gal with a wickedly delicious sense of humor. I would love to tap that talent and plan to get my electronic blue prints out for London. I happen to love eye candy and she is surrounded by beautiful historical buildings! … (18 comments)

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