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Did anyone see the Texans game on Sunday? Talk about the agony of defeat. You taste the victory and some knuckle head show off just snatches it right from you. Looks like another losing season. I can't believe the whole outcome and now we are the laughing stock of ESPN. Well, there's always next ...
I am an Ike survivor here in Missouri City, Texas. As many of you know, we had lots of fences and trees bite the dust. Due to these recent issues, I have a friend of friend who is asking if she can cancel a pending home sale because a huge, very old tree that provided privacy in the backyard is n...
As an agent, how  far will you go to get the job done? Will you go above and beyond? Will you do what it takes? Even if it means sweatin' the small stuff? Sweatin' the small stuff seperates the little league from the big league. I know there are a number of folks out there that subscribe to the o...
Missouri City, TX April 1, 2008  Courtney Fontenot has successfully completed the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHERTM certification to join an elite group of real estate professionals who have earned the prestigious certification offered through the National Institute of Webographers, LLC at www.Webographe...
I just got back from a 5 days and 4 nights vacation in Sieverville, TN. I stayed in a cabin and just vegged out. It was so relaxing. The only draw back is that I want to do this a lot but Tennessee is just too far for a weekend jaunt. Anybody got any ideas for cabins in the woodsie type places no...
A great suggestion came from Ken Stampe, one of our members here at the All Things Texas Group. He suggested that I take a response to one of blogs and expand upon it, sharing why the All Things Texas Group was created. I created the "All Things Texas Group," and I enjoy the posts that are writte...
Glad to see the IREAA group here at Active Rain. Both groups are pretty cool by themselves but together.... oh my goodness, how much better can it get. I hope that IREAA doesn't forget about us part-timers when it comes to trainings and what not. Sometimes, evenings or weekends is all I have avai...
Do any of you experienced real estate professionals have any advice or suggestions on how to dispute property value increases? I know it's a good thing most times but it can get a little scary for those first-time home buyers who may have just purchased their home, especially when they get that b...
I have not had the opportunity to read this book but would possibly be interested in checking it out. What have other agents thought of this book? I am an inactive licensed real estate agent, and I focus my business on assisting real estate professionals in operating and running their business.  ...
Happy New Year's Everyone! It's the second week of January and some folks still haven't set their goals for 2008. Have you? One of my goals is to increase my marketing efforts and that should be easy to do just by blogging more here at Active Rain. Where else can you blog and increase your visibi...

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