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(not so) Speechless Sundae...     While rummaging through some of my digital archives in order to write today's post, I had to go back no further than September to find a bright, warm, cheery photo so as to chase the winter's doldrums away...     I hope that your Sundae is relaxing and enjoyable...
A Business Isn't Built in a Day...      Going through the motions of building a business can be a daunting task. There are websites to build, social media sites to construct, images and business cards to create and oh yes, get shake the trees in order to get the phones ringing too.        Slowly ...
Self Confidence...     I am a huge believer in affirmations. I also believe in leading by example.          There are many who are paralyzed by lack of self confindence. There is nothing wrong with this fear. Fear can be a great motivator if used in a postitive manner.      While reading "Think a...
     Now that I am officially on my very strict, very low calorie diet, I have been going crazy trying to decipher which are smart carbs, power foods and what have you. Thankfully, my beloved raspberries are allowed and follow under the category of SmartCarbs. While preparing my daily rations, I ...
Take Me Down Country Roads...     Looking at photos while rummaging through my hard drives and recent drives down some of the "Back Roads" here in Williamson County, TN awakend me to the fact that, what used to be a pleasant country drives along farm strewn lanes, is quickly becoming more helter-...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...      Let's take a few moments to see the world differently by changing our minds about what we want to see not only in ourselves but in the world around us...      Change is inevitable and the world around us is constantly evolving.  The simpler...
No Time to Kick Back...     The old year is behind us and a new year has dawned. So now what? Many of us, filled with renewed enthusiasm and hopes that this year will be OUR year, recapitulate our business plans that have undoubtedly been revised for the umpteenth time.     This year, I am doing ...
New Year ~ New Concepts...     Yesterday sure zipped by like Superman on a mission to save the planet. And I too was on a "mission from the gods". With so much to do before the "season" hits my mission seems to streamline and make the business run more efficiently.        Because time is a commod...

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