buyers: Walking the land - 07/26/16 05:51 AM
My husband looked at me funny as I dressed yesterday.  He said I thought you were going to a listing appointment.  I told him my clients had acreage and I might be walking the land.   So I dressed in sturdy shoes and pants with a hat to keep off the sun.
We took the papers to list the property.  Our clients wish to sell their home and buy something for cash from the sale that also has land.  My partner had found them something they liked.  As we were talking about what to offer they expressed a desire to see the home.  We … (3 comments)

buyers: Lets talk about home warranties - 07/20/16 10:29 AM
When I list a home I place a home warranty on it.  It's free for the listing.   I usually leave it up to the buyers on whether they wish to continue. 
The first thing to consider is the obvious.  Not all home warranties are created equal.  Recently I have been using  Summer Sweeny of Landmark Home Warranty.
She has really cute ads but that is not why I use her.  I use her because she seems to know the contractors doing the work.   I have had other home warranties from other companies but I decided they were not worth the hassle.
For 10 … (1 comments)

buyers: Paperwork Monday - 02/09/15 02:19 PM
We all have it.  Paperwork.  Our profession generates vast amounts of paperwork.   It gets worse if you do property management.  We have contracts to deal with.  Deals to keep straight.  Loan officers, title officers, buyers, sellers and inspectors to deal with.  Tenants and landlords.   Bills to pay.  Repairs to keep track of.   Year end staements. 
Plus when it is early February you know taxes are right around the courner.
I am ADHD.  I think in real estate it helps.   I can go from project to project and back again.   So today I have done most of my paperwork.  I am taking … (0 comments)

buyers: Single level townhouse! Easy living - 11/10/14 09:20 AM
This is a wonderful townhome centrally located.   All the updates have been done.  New cabinets, redone bathroom, tile floors and laminate throughout.   Vinyl windows with a beautiful side yard and covered patio.   Floor to ceiling bookshelves in second bedroom.  Small  Gas heat and air conditioning.  Small office.  Split bedroom design.  Lots of storage.   Catherdral ceilings.   Just a great home!
 See the Tour


buyers: Real Estate Agent Seeking Clients - 02/18/14 04:53 PM
Every so often it happens.  I settle all my buyers and all my sellers.  This is actually a really good thing.   After a bit I realize that all my clients are pending.  That is when this real estate agent is seeking clients. 
I am pretty sure I could handle 4 transactions a month without needing assistance.  I haven't quite figured out how to keep the pipeline full. 
So at this moment clients wanted!  Really great real estate agent seeking clients!  I will get the job done!   

buyers: Couple reminds me of us when we bought our first home - 02/11/14 06:19 PM
I talked to them a couple of years ago at a math party when prices were very low.  They could qualify but they were not ready yet.  Fast forward to December 2013.  John works with my hubby.
I am in DC for my brother's 50th birthday party when John calls.  They want to buy a home.  We talk about what they want.  I ask them a  few financial questions and tell them I am out of town and I send John to my loan officer.   I ask if I can share the information with the loan officer and he says sure. … (1 comments)

buyers: The right lender is important! - 02/03/14 07:00 AM
I sell many homes a year.  Many of them are financed.   There are a lot of good lenders out there.  There are also lenders that are not so good.   
I recommend one lender in particular because if she is involved I know exactly how the deal is going to go.  I know that if she tells me that the deal is fund-able, it is.   She takes the time to make sure my client understands the process.  
I know my lender, Dona Jeka,, is not unique.  I know there are other great lenders in the Treasure Valley.  I have even … (1 comments)

buyers: I feel prices are about to rise in Boise - 02/01/14 08:08 AM
Call it a gut instinct.  Maybe it is a little more then an instinct.   I have some buyers and each day their search shrinks by one or two houses a day.  I am getting a little nervous.  This reduction of homes at the low end of the market signals a price rise.  The less homes available the more they will be bid up.   As the selling price rises we all price our listings just a little higher.   
This happened last year.  Eventually people got greedy and the prices dropped a bit.  But a search that started with 90 houses … (2 comments)

buyers: We are closing today. The water heater sprayed during the walk through - 01/30/14 01:03 PM
It's a cash deal without an inspection.  My sellers signed on Sunday.  The buyers were supposed to sign at 11 AM. 
When the call came from the buyers agent I was sure that she was calling to tell me her people signed.   What she called to tell me was that something was wrong with the lights upstairs.....
Not what I wanted to hear.  I called the owner (who had the contractor at his personal home) and explained that something was wrong and I headed over there.   When I got there the other agent was standing in the laundry/water heater … (1 comments)

buyers: Try not to run yourself ragged or else you might lose clients... - 01/27/14 09:10 AM
I was showing houses so much they were running into each other.   I was going all over the valley with my clients.  They wanted to see everything in every community.   I was also handling another client.  By Wed I was exhausted.  I had worked the whole weekend.  
They asked a question before 7 AM in the morning via email.  Like an idiot I answered their question before my morning cup of coffee.   I forgot to mention the word earnest money.  I emailed them back about 10 minuets later.  They sent an email back that indicated they were … (5 comments)

buyers: If you sleep on it you might not sleep in it. - 01/24/14 12:05 PM
Yesterday I spoke to a listing agent about a home my clients were thinking about bidding on.  It was the first one they entered and they really liked it.  We continued searching the area.  It had sat on the market for over 2 months so I wasn't too worried but I didn't like waiting.  When I called to ask about utilities I was told their was an offer on it.  They had countered.   She figured they would be pending but would keep me posted.  
She then used this phrase that someone had told her.  If you sleep on it … (1 comments)

buyers: Highest and Best.... - 01/21/14 08:42 PM
You have been watching a property.   Your clients have been thinking about placing a bid.   They do not have a lot of resourses but they have some money saved and great credit.   You check out their search.  The property just dropped $7000.  They are excited!  They place their first bid in an attempt to buy their first home.  
Its a good bid.  Full price less closing costs.   We feel comfortable.  Unless other people bid the VA will take our offer.  
On Monday I get that email.... We are in a multiple offer situation... Please give … (5 comments)

buyers: Rural Development Homes - 01/19/14 05:26 PM
Today and tomorrow I am showing homes that qualify for rural development loans.  These are zero down loans with no private mortgage insurance.   It is really great for people without much down payment.   What is the catch?  You have to buy in a elegeble area.  How do you tell if the area is elegble?  Plug the address into this website!  
In the Treasure Valley that leaves out Boise, Meridian, Eagle,  most of Nampa and most of Caldwell.   All other areas seem good.  The house has to meet criteria similar to FHA but there is a rehab loan available. … (2 comments)

buyers: Homeless woman called me yesterday - 01/17/14 06:08 AM
I was pretty excited!  I was prospecting and got 2 leads!  Talk about positive feedback.  One was a referral and the other filled out my website referral form.  Wow!
One was legit and we are going out househunting on Sat.  
The other lady started with saying she could only go up to $500/month.  That was odd.  It is really hard to buy a home for that in Boise  She told be she was on disablility.  I asked how much.  $671/month.  I asked if she was on the special section 8 buyers program.  This maches the tenants share and put in … (4 comments)

buyers: Yes I talk to For Sale by Owners! - 01/13/14 11:32 AM
I have been trying to help a nice young couple find their first home. We are doing OK but not great. The few homes they really liked went quickly. They are limited to the bottom of the Boise market. Yesterday they called me about an open house they went to. They seemed excited. They made an appointment with the owner for me to see it.
It was a For Sale by Owner. That didn't bother me too much. I then did a market analysis of the home and realized that the home was $20K to high for the market. The … (1 comments)

buyers: I am leaving. This probably will mean my listing gets an offer... - 12/01/13 01:50 PM
I am going on a short trip to Northern Virginia to celebrate my brothers 50 th birthday party!  It has been a tough 1.5 years for him.   Despite metastatic cancer and some heart desease he will make it to his birthday.   Right now he seems to be relatively healthy.   So I leave on Wed. and come back on Monday.  
Most times I go away business picks up.  I get offers and buyers.  It is a time I would like it quiet but it rarely happens.  It is scary when nothing happens when I am away.   I got an offer last time … (4 comments)

buyers: Lets raise the minimum wage in Idaho - 11/15/13 08:10 AM
I live in of the most beautiful states in the country.   We have majestic mountains, rivers, lots of empty space.  Even our dessert has its own stark beauty.  The biggest problem we have is that many of our workers earn minimum wage or near minimum wage.   That means people are trying to feed their families on $7.25 hour.  Sometimes times 2 for both adults.   These people work very hard for their money.   They qualify for food stamps and their children qualify for free lunches and medicaid.   
These people can be home buyers.  Heck they cant feed themselves without help.   Many work 60 … (6 comments)

buyers: the roller coaster of real estate... - 11/09/13 07:53 AM
Sometimes I feel like I am on a roller coaster.    Yesterday would be a great example. First we can start the day with I had a plan for having 8 for dinner at 6 PM.... 
I go by the home I am trying to list and I see a FSBO sign.   I call the number on it and it is the sister to the person I am trying to deal with.   At the moment my broker is offering 70k and they haven't decided what they want to do.   I am trying to push the broker up to 80K but so far … (4 comments)

buyers: Who has bought market leader leads? What is the result? - 10/17/13 08:16 AM
I have been talking to the market leader representative.  He has been helping me with one of my many websites.   I picked up market leader when I was crazy busy and they had a great promotion.   Now they want to sell me leads.  My first reaction is that I have been there, done that.   Yes you get a few deals once in a while but often the leads I bought were duds.   At the moment I have time (I think I got furloughed with the government employees)....
So the question to other real estate agents is have you bought leads?  What is … (2 comments)

buyers: Rural Develepment loans--- Zero down with no PMI.... - 07/18/13 07:18 AM
I have a great listing.  I checked the map and it in the rural development area.  Why is this important?
It means that buyers can purchase this property with a rural development loan.   What is so great about that you may ask?  How does zero down and no private mortgage insurance sound?  Sounds pretty good to me.   I worked with my loan officer to double check.   There are income guidelines but they are not to limiting.  So instead of going FHA with a PMI of $150 or more per month you can be in the home for less.  You can … (0 comments)

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