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  Like a lot of people my working career began in retail. I learned that good retail is hard, and bad retail will soon go out of business. I learned people skills in retail that have been a huge benifit to me throughout my life. Sadly, a well know and respected retail business in Tracy, DVD 2 Go ...
Had lunch yesterday with a great old friend from what almost seems a past life. We had worked together at a large well know international corporation. We worked together for over a decade and both had achieved a great deal of success. Circumstances had changed for both of us, but for different re...
I have never procrastinated with anything regarding a clients needs. Never. Sometimes though in my personal life I do. My ex was 4 months prego before we married. Ok, I should have done better and not got my mom so ticked at me. The car battery was 7 years old and I knew I should replace it and n...

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