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I might be wrong about this but our industry seems almost void of young people. What I mean is the young people walking off the college campus and directly into a Real Estate career. My office, at Crown Key Realty has an average age of about fifty (50). I say about as some of the members would no...
My Broker and I have a great relationship and I have blogged about her in the past. Recently another side of her personality reared its head. The competitive side. I should have known, her husband is a baseball coach and all of her boys are skilled athletes. Susan, has been blogging longer and fa...
I received a call from a friend asking for help selling their condo. It is a short sale and the hardship is DIVORCE! Shouldn't have answered the phone. Both husband and wife want to sell, but they have declared war on anything that is mutual. They won't sit down together or apart to sign document...
Not long ago I received an emal from a good friend. The email include the name and phone number of a person looking for an agent to list his home. Nothing better than starting the day with a referral. I called and made an appointment to meet with the home owner and see the home. The owner told me...
Like most of you when I started my RE career I was told by everyone, "its all about relationships". I am in my sixth year now and I have long since been convinced that all of those well minded people were and are correct. I would like to speak briefly about some of the strongest relationships tha...

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