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I recently had an appraisal come in low on a property. Loan was pretty much done. Missing appraisal and verbal verif of emloyment and it was set to close. Than..... BAMMM!!!!  Appraisal came in over $8K short! DOH! 8/200 = 4% <== NOT a nominal amount.I had the unfortunate task to tell the borrowe...
I am a founding member of a local charity group that was adopted by  'The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes'http://www.saluteheroestexas.org/   http://www.saluteheroes.org/  I recently have gotten a request that falls a little outside of our expertise.... and would like to see if anyone can he...
So... there is a real estate transaction happening.... who is running the show(who's driving the bus)? A good realtor knows when to let go.......I recently had a transaction go awry.... borrower left out some pertinent information so my approval went south. I had to change loan programs at the la...
start->control panel->add remove programs->at the top check "show updates" radio box->scroll down in the list->you will see IE7 listed, uninstall that, restart and you are on IE6 now you can go back to Mozilla ;-)Don't get me wrong here..... I am all about upgrading to higher security. Especially...
 Prosecutor: Well, Mr Lender. I see that you do a pretty good deal of Fannie Mae backed loans.Lender: Uh-huhProsecutor: We audited the Smith's credit report on their recent purchase transaction. That IS your signature on the 1003, right?Lender: Uh-huhProsecutor: Did you know that they didn't pay ...

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