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Tenleytown Main Street MembershipWith all the media hype encouraging holiday shopping each year, most people know that the Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. And with all the Internet ads you're probably aware that the Monday after Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday. Did you k...
I woke up to my alarm clock flashing 12:00. I walked down the hall to make sure my daughter was getting ready for school.  "School's cancelled, Mom" she said.  As I sit listening to the wind rushing against my home which backs to very large trees, I'm wondering what has happened to cause school t...
As we hit the spring market in the DC Metropolitan Area, many listings are drawing multiple offers in the double digits. When you're in a seller's market and your buyer has to sell their home to buy a home, it may seem hopeless. There are options, one of them is a Bridge Loan.What is a Bridge Loa...
Curious about how the latest Tax Reform might impact lending,  real estate, and you personally? Worried if less buyers will buy in the higher price ranges if they can't write off the mortgage interest? Wondering if areas with higher state and local property taxes may see an exodus of homeowners t...
Adding it upIf you're like me, you enjoy reading factoids, info-graphics and statistics. Especially when the numbers or results are relevant to you. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Virginia, and are curious to know what has been happening in the real estate market in Virgini...
Even though it's the first week of January and the temperatures are incredibly low, the traffic at properties and the numbers of offers are quite high. Lise Howe does a great job of spelling out some the of the things you can do to battle it out in the Bidding Wars.  From the buyers’ standpoint, ...
I recently heard a discussion of real estate agents focused on choosing the tagline or phrase that differentiates them from all the other agents. It made me think I should explain the process I went through and why I selected the words that make up the Hollish Hill Group tagline.  There are so ma...
Thinking about selling your Bethesda home?If you're like me and live in Bethesda, Maryland, you may be curious about how much your home is worth, how long it will take to sell, and how much you will have to do or spend to get your home sold. As an experienced real estate professional, I have the ...
Curious about the real estate market this month?Here is a quick video that lays out some national real estate numbers and compares them to last month and last year.  As you can see, these numbers are national in focus. They may, or may not line up with the local real estate market in the DC Area,...
I live in an amazing neighborhood. There are so many great things about living in Charred Oak Estates, a tree-lined neighborhood in West Bethesda. I was first attracted to this neighborhood by the large wooded lots. The winding roads, the circles and the hills were also appealing. In the spring, ...

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