It has been known that I am NADOTA Not a Duplicate of the Average.I used to have fun, calling and sending everything I could find to my sister, when she was alive, a few years ago.After a few days and about 20 pieces of junk mail, she figured out it was me that started this kayo.Well someone sign...
Have you had a rough day? Did the week not start out great for you? Just click on this: and your day will change. If you are like me, listening to it once, requires at least three more times.This has something funny to watch and a song that can get you ...
Are you interested in giving it a try? Right Now? Drop that busy word, you have as much time as everyone else in the world each day.Come on let’s give it a try, especially if you are feeling average or below average right now.Ok? This will help you move up a few levels.First list the negative, an...
ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISTAKES UNEDUCATED REALTORS MAKE CONSTANTLYOver the last number of years, I have seen this happen many times.It is so unfortunate real estate agents are either ignorant, lazy or both.Just today, as I have many times in the past, I received five offers on one of my listings. Tw...
  Talk With a Legal Immigrant Like I DidRecently. I have noticed in one of the three Toastmaster clubs I am a member of in Phoenix, Arizona about half of the members are from some other country, Last week I invited one of those members to our home for dinner, as I had offered to mentor him, in hi...
----------------------------------------in less than 7 minutes and 30 seconds----------------------------------------------------click below and follow the audience....... on my award winning humorous speech in District 3 Toastmasters Nov 4 ============...
How often are you in a disappointing, or negative experience?I believe most all human beings experience that situation almost every month, or even every week, or even every day.Understand it is simple but it is not easy, for you to make a positive change in your life, and improve your life, wheth...
Here is also an opportunity to learn something about audiencesas well as enjoy some humor.The first speech is an audience of about 120 peopleThe secondd speech is an audience of about 260 people Humorous Speech Contest in Toastmasters Divison Level  Humo...
When I need a good laugh I watch Nora Gonzales Roast me from 8 years ago
When I have a day wih issuesinstead of getting tissues I justrewatch the Roast Nora Gonzales did of me 8 years ago 

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