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Hi all, I promised to post when the show will air for the set 2 Hounds Design did. It will air tonight (Monday 13th) and again Thursday night the 16th. Both airings will be at 10 P.M Eastern on BET. I'd love your feedback! UPDATE: I now have a copy of the show. I have no clue how to upload it or ...
Hey all in Ontario! I'm clearing out some of my contemporary inventory. I've got beautiful Italian Leather pieces for sale. I am selling these at WHOLESALE PRICING. Versitile Sofa with Ottoman or Chaise...depending on your mood! (Soft Grey as shown) Product Description: Sofas with cubic geometry ...
There is a new formula to stain concrete. This is a 0-VOC, LEEDs credited approved product which contains an acid. The acid reacts with the minerals in the concrete. The finished product can look like just about any stone finish for much less of a financial investment. Be sure to check out KEMIKO...
Autumn Picks To Elevate Your Home As Selected By Toronto's 2 Hounds Design & Home Staging  There are so many inventive products coming on to the market and design plays just as important a role as function...perhaps more important than function! This will be the first in an on-going series from T...
Durham Region, Municipality of Clarington, Courtice, Ontario Canada. Small town bedroom community real estate meets The Big City Toronto Home Stager. When we put our house up for sale mid-July this summer we were confident it would sell and fast for our area. While a house like ours down the stre...
Far too often, Realtor's with a listing will suggest reducing the price if it hasn't moved. The Realtor's job is to sell the house. If they have priced it right for the neighbourhood and current market yet they are suggesting you take a price reduction it is time to ask them a very important ques...
UPDATE: The poll ended (or was taken down) with a resounding NO! We Do NOT Support a Ban On Pitt Bulls! having the MOST votes! Thanks all for taking the time to vote! ----------------------------------------- The Toronto Sun, a large newspaper in Canada, is doing a poll today about the pit bull b...
For those of you who attended our first RT and those hoping to attend any upcoming RT I wanted to assure you I am working on getting one organized for November. I'm excited and looking forward to seeing everyone again and also to new faces! I will announce our location ASAP I promise! Hopefully b...
Beautiful are they not? LOL, Ok well the colour is. They are a good reminder to me that a person can be 'rough around the edges' and still be a beautiful person. Still sometimes you get what you see...and a rose does have thorns! BTW, when selling a house or condo the buyer is aware they get wha...
Ok, I have 1 photo of the set but it was taken right AFTER the show so the pillows, throw etc are all over the furniture and the coffee cups and tray the 'talent' (LOL well if you are going to work with the industry you have to talk the talk! LOL) used are on the coffee table still. There were 5 ...

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