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There are many that follow the real estate market through mainstream media and economist's reports and projections. What people don't realize is that most of these real estate market reports are using data that is 3 to 6 months old, if not older. And once they have a rough draft of the article or...
As a real estate agent there are certain topics we are not allowed to discuss with our clients.  Fair-housing laws forbid us from discussing neighborhood demographics.  There are other areas of concern for home buyers such as schools and crime that we as real estate agents are not a very good sou...
Spring is here and the sellers are beginning the yearly ritual of saturating the market.  It usually happens a little earlier than the third week of March but we have had some crazy weather and that has postponed the inevitable.  But with forecasts in the 70's this coming week and an end to the c...
In the last 3 weeks, the number of homes sold in Ashburn, Virginia that were on the market for 30 days or less was almost 40% of total sales.  On the other hand, almost the same percentage of homes sold were on the market for 6 months or more (37%).  Why is this happening?  The short sales cycle ...
To use or not use a Buyer's Agent, finding the right home for you and preparing and negotiating an offer in your best interest. Part two of a three part series. (If you missed Part One, click here )So now that you've finished digging through boxes to find all the necessary paperwork the lender re...
If you're a real estate agent or broker, you've either been on the receiving end or giving end of what I call "Buying A Listing". If you're a consumer and sold a home before, you mave have been presented with it and declined to work with that agent/broker (smart) or fallen for the trap and gone w...
A Balanced Market ContinuesReal Estate activity continues to remain balanced between buyers and sellers in most parts of Loudoun County.  Despite some inclement weather, sales remained steady and listings were tame.  This led to inventory levels staying at around 2050 for the entire county.  Acti...
One of the cool things about typepad blogs is they will show you the referring address for visitors to your blog.  Last week we started seeing referrals from the Washington Post website.  It seems that they have a new blog for Loudoun County.  The author is Tammi Marcoullier, a resident of Loudou...

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